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Zinus Green Tea Mattress

Zinus Green Tea Mattress Memory Foam (6, 8, 10, 12-Inch), (Twin, Queen, King) Review

Sleeping is the best meditation. Comfortable and peaceful sleep is an essential part of your life.  Dreaming your goals and future on the perfect mattress is the key to achieve your targets. 

Zinus Green tea mattress, 12 inches memory foam is the best for sleeping in the market. It comes with a soft, Polly jacquard cover. The particular type of ingredients is used in the layers of this foam to make it more comfortable and satisfied.

The highest achievement of this foam, it is US certified for its durability, performance, and content. Let’s explore more details to have a peaceful good night’s sleep. 

Zinus Green Tea Mattress Memory Foam Review

Quick information!

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  • Brand: Zinus
  • Model: Green tea memory foam
  • Size: Queen, Short Queen, King, California King, Full, Twin, Twin XL
  • Styles: 6″,8″, 10″, 12″
  • Colour: White
  • Weight: 50 pounds
  • Dimension: 74″×59″×12″
  • Warranty: 10 year



Zinus green tea foam is made up of three layers. The cover is made up of knitted jacquard, which means it’s an intricate design that integrates directly into the fabric weave, making it stretchy and stable.


There are three layers in the foam. The first layer is 2.5,” foam that offers pressure relief. It is made of green tea extract, natural castor seed oil, and active charcoal. 

The second layer contains 2″ with pressure relief high-density foam design to improve airflow and temperature regulation.

The third layer is 5.5″ high-density structure look that allows passing the air quickly and makes the foam cooler. This layer is the bed’s primary source of support. 

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Zinus Green tea mattress is available in different styles and sizes. Twin, Twin XL, King, Queen, short Queen, California King, and Full to satisfy the customer needs. The available methods are 6,8,10 inches and 12 inches in thickness, which can easily fit into your bed.  


It’s the masterpiece of comfort level. Not all the materials absorb motion quite like memory foam, the 2.5 inches on the top of all this foam construction should keep you sleep peacefully even if you share your bed with other folks. No trigger can disturb you now. 

Pressure relief

Zinus Green tea foam is designed to hold your body in a sincere hug so that it can easily contour your whole body and eliminates pain.

When you sleep over one area, your body may cause pressure to lead to pain, the best job of this mattress is to conform to your body positions, alleviating stress, and anxiety. 

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Price and warranty

The price of Zinus green tea is obviously an excellent price. The beginning is from $145 for Queen with free shipping. The mattress doesn’t feel like a budget matters in this.

It’s very affordable with ten years warranty. Yes, this ten years satisfaction makes the user happy. 


  • 7th high-density base support foam.
  • It is compatible with every type of bed in the box, including 6,8,10 and 12 inches sizes.
  • It contains BioFoam and seed oil plants.
  • It has a cooling effect and relaxes three multiple layers.
  • Zinus Green tea mattress is antioxidant-rich which keeps the bed as fresh as a daisy.
  • Comes with ten years warranty.

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My Opinion

[su_note note_color=”#f9f9ac”]Zinus green tea is worth it foam, which gives us the most peaceful and comfortable sleep ever. It’s cushy, somewhat supportive with a cooling effect, and excellent motion control.

It provides your relief from pressure points and eliminates all your body pains. To enjoy the beautiful dreams on the dream bed, grab your crop now![/su_note]


Does this mattress afford heavy people?

Yes, it can easily bear the weight of up to 270 lbs. The 3-4 layers of this material make the foam powerful and durable. 

Is the mattress hot?

No, in the very first hours, it may be, but after the use, it’s a comfortable dream bed with the third layer cooling effect. 

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