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Wooden Loft Ladder with Handrail

Wooden Loft Ladder with Handrail

If you prefer a wooden ladder – they’re much cheaper to buy and lighter than fiberglass. If you’re looking for a more secure way to get into your loft, we recommend a wooden loft ladder with a handrail.

You probably know why: With handrails, you’ll certainly be a whole lot safer when entering and exiting the loft because you have somewhere sturdy to hold on to.

No idea where to start and you really want to make use of the spare storage space up there? Not to worry.

Our round-up of the best wooden loft ladders with handrail on the market will point you in the right direction. Deal? Keep reading.

Wooden loft ladder with handrail – the 3 best models to choose from

There are more great ladders available to homeowners today including folding wooden loft ladders with handrail but the best type will largely depend on three things:

  • The available space.
  • Your personal preferences.
  • How often you plan to be using it.

To help you save time, our team looked around and narrowed down to these three amazing models. There were over ten other compelling choices but the following choices swept us off our feet..

1. Deluxe Twin Handrails Wooden Loft Ladder-1100 x 700mm Frame

BPS Access Solutions has been supplying top-quality ladders for a decade, and the Deluxe Wooden Loft Ladder is no exception.

While it’s going to cost you a considerable chunk of change, it is brilliant in its functionality. The floor-to-ceiling height reaches up to 2.8m and is super strong – it can actually support someone weighing 150kg (330.693 lbs) comfortably!

For the greatest safety and maximum comfort in use, it comes with extra wide (340mm) and deep (80mm) nonslip treads. And to minimize heat loss, the 36mm thick, fully insulated ‘trap’ door has been reinforced with rubber seals around its opening.

The product is easy to fit thanks to the easy-to-follow directions though a helping hand is necessary when easing it into place.


An exceptional value sturdy ladder for the loft space.

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  • It folds up and stores compact within the space of the loft hatch.
  • Solid, cute red handrails.
  • Assembles in no time.


  • Heavy to lift.

2. TB Davies EnviroFold 3-Section Wooden Loft Ladder with 2 handrails and Hatch

If you’re looking for the next best thing in loft ladder tech, look no further than TB Davies EnviroFold 3-section ladder. This easily folding loft ladder truly brings the ultimate loft climbing experience home with no compromise between security and quality.

Like its BPS Access Solutions rival, the maximum height (from floor to that ceiling) that this fits is 2.8m -it supports users weighing 150kg (330.693 lbs) too. The 18mm thick frame size is 1190 x 540mm and features a continuous air seal to keep cool drafts out.

The rungs are sturdy while the slip-resistant feet (you get dovetail treads) shore up your safety.

In addition to the two handrails- that you can fit either side or both for optimum security – it comes with a useful operating pole (with a special hook) to help you quickly open/close the loft hatch.

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  • Deeply insulated trapdoor for least heat loss.
  • Very, very strong.
  • Easy to use.


  • Not fire rated.

3. Aurora Thermo Folding Wooden loft ladder with hand rail  & Insulated Hatch

This sleek, wooden loft ladder is all about innovation-The ladder has a well-thought-out spring-fitted mechanism that makes opening and closing the unit a walk in the park.

Other than the special way it opens, it stands out with the distinctive locking system that easily clicks into place to safely close the hatch door/lid.

Size-wise, it measures 55cm x 110cm and the maximum storey height is still 2.8m here. It offers a maximum loading capacity of 160kg (352.77 lbs), which is slightly more than its peers.

Construction-wise, this particular model is made of high-grade lumber and has all its metal components powder coated for improved durability and, of course, a premium appearance. 

Like the rest, this 3-section wooden ladder will be supplied with protective feet (tread depth is 8cm here), a safety handrail, and an opening rod. Please beware that some architrave trims may be needed to make your final fitting look nicer and tidy.

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  • Fantastic price.
  • Comes completely assembled.
  • Easy to fit.


  • No major issue.

Wooden loft ladder with hand rail- buying guide

Choosing a wooden loft ladder with hand rail that will please you is easy as long as you know the essentials to look for.

Here are the most invaluable considerations when shopping for this vital piece of equipment:

a) The measurements

The first step when buying a ladder that will make nipping up and down to the loft quick and less awkward is obtaining the dimensions of the space you’ll be fitting it.

This will help you work out the accurate height of your ideal loft ladder. Simply measure the distance from the floor of the landing all the way to the top (of the roof joints) and to your loft’s floor.

Also, take the measurements of the loft hatch. Note these dimensions down and select a ladder that suits your space.

You can even enter the information into an online loft ladder finder tool (some sellers integrate this on their websites) for help in identifying a ladder that is guaranteed to fit. 

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b) The type of loft ladder 

For wooden loft ladders, the two most practical choices are:

  • Sliding wooden loft ladders
  • Folding wooden loft ladders

Now, sliding loft ladders typically come in two/three sections and work for most homes today. Some sliding-style loft ladders, in fact, feature spring-locking catches to securely hold them in place when fully extended/closed.

On the other hand, folding loft ladders- and these are perhaps the most straightforward to use- fold up mostly into two/three sections, when you close the loft hatch (they stack on top of one another).

These ladders always come with a hatch since it would be impossible to operate them without them. The two ladders are similar in that you release them (and return them to your loft hatch) using a unique pole.

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Further considerations – weight rating, insulation properties,  and your preferences

There are other points worth considering:

a) Weight rating

Although no specific load classifications apply to loft ladders, each has a load limit listed.

The best way to be sure it will meet your needs is to add the weight of the items you plan to be carrying to your loft storage to your weight when comparing the load ratings.

b) Insulation property

When it comes to insulation, some loft ladders are tested for thermal efficiency.

The smaller the recorded U-value (U values indicate how well the insulation resists heat flow), the lower the heat loss.

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c) Your preferences

There are things you may want too including wider steps for extreme comfort and an aesthetically pleasing finish. That pretty much sums it up as far as shopping for the best wooden loft ladder with handrail is concerned.

But before I go, here is something that is extremely important: loft ladders should be used only when you want to access your loft to utilize if for storage –  you may stash a couple of boxes or empty suitcases up there. 

Otherwise, many building regulations require that you install permanent stairs if you intend to use your loft as a guest bedroom, a reading room (for bookworms), or a regular living space.

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