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Sweetnight Hybrid Mattress in a Box - 12 Inch Plush Pillow Top Mattress

Sweetnight Hybrid Mattress in a Box

Your future depends on your dreams, so go and sleep! Sleeping is the essential factor for mood swings; an uncomfortable, disturbed sleep leads you towards bad moods and attitudes.

Sweetnight Hybrid Mattress in a box, 12 inches plush pillow top hybrid mattress comes with a cooling effect, wrapping coils, motion transfer control, and many other features. For waking up fresh and reborn, you need quality sleep.

The sleeping hours of daily routine would be up to 8 hours. These eight hours makes you a boasted person with enthusiasm. Sweetnight is the most popular brand in the market, making the user fall in love with the product. Let’s explore more information.

Sweetnight Hybrid Mattress

Quick information!

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  • Brand: Sweetnight
  • Model: Hybrid Queen mattresses
  • Size: Queen, King, and Full
  • Styles: 12″
  • Colour: White
  • Weight: 100 pounds
  • Dimension: 60″×80″×12″
  • Warranty: 10 year


Let’s print more details!  


Sweetnight hybrid mattress made up of 772 coils wrapped by innerspring. These could reduce the sensation of the movement, and packed separately, provides the target support to our whole body.

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Gel Memory foam

The gel memory foam is the layer of the hybrid mattress, which contains g beads for cooling effect. This gel memory foam provides support, pressure relief, eliminating body part pain, and tossing and turning. This Queen mattress is perfect for sharing the bed with your partners.

Motion isolation

The motion isolation coils help to reduce motion transfer. There are no outgasses from the mattress. The partner sleeping next to you can easily change his side without disturbing or creating any noise.

Pillow top

Sweetnight quilted knit plush pillow made up of quite luxurious material. The hypoallergenic material wicks away all the harmful substances like mold, bacteria, and dust mites. Also, it’s 100% polyester.


The mattress contains two sides of surfaces. One side is firm, and the other is plush. Both teams are medium firm and comfortable in supporting and pain-relieving. You can use both according to your needs.

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The cover is made up of cloth for the softness and heat dissipation. The sheet of the foam is specially designed in such a way that the air can flow through the fabric. It also allows the moisture to disappear and gives us complete relaxation.

Edge support

Sweetnight always tries their level best to give the best products. But this hybrid foam has no strong edges support. Though the users can feel excellent support in the corner. Still, they can maintain the user’s shale and prevents the person from sliding down from the bed


This brand comes with three-zone pocket spring. This new innovative spring helps the foam to keep the body in balance and distribute the weight correctly. You can even jump on the foam or feel bouncy through this spring technology. It assists excellent support to your body.


Sweetnight is made in the USA, which attained remarkable achievements. This product is CertiPUR-US certified. This makes the crop more authentic and satisfied with the user.

Price and warranty

The mattress is perfectly packed in a box and comes at your doorstep without any mess. The price is quite affordable with ten years warranty and 30 days trail makes the crop excellent.


  • Easy to use.
  • Lightweight and can take less space.
  • It can get fix into frames.
  • Gel memory foam gives a cooling effect.
  • Eliminates pressure points and body pain.
  • Ten years warranty with a certified guarantee.
  • The particular type of spring gives the body more balance.

Final print

[su_note note_color=”#f9f9ac”] Sweetnight is happy to serve us with a comfortable price and warranty. The Queen mattress is $$$ with ten years guarantee card. That makes the customer super delighted. The plush side is excellent and feels like flipping and rolling at night.
The gel methodology eliminates the warm heat and provides relaxed sleep. The mattress works week with both deep and regular pocket sheets makes me happy a lot. I love my sleep nowadays due to this fantastic product. Go and book yours now![/su_note]

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Is the hybrid version is flip able?

No, the hybrid version is not flip able. It’s called hybrid due to the layers between memory foam and traditional spring mattress.

Which side is more comfortable?

Sweetnight comes with two sides’ surface. The firm side is a little hotter than plush ones. So folks who need the cooler side are recommended to use the luxurious side.

What about the high-density support layer?

Sweetnight in a box mattress contains a five-inch thick layer of high-density support while the bottom layer is of three inches. This layer gives generous support to the body.

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