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Sweetnight Breeze 10 Inch Full-Size Mattress

Sweetnight Breeze 10 Inch Full Size Mattress – Memory Foam Mattress For Back Pain

A sound body has a sound mind. Good sleep plays an essential role in achieving a healthy body. An excellent comfortable bed is the only thing that helps in getting a peaceful sleep.

The Sweetnight Breeze 10 Inch Full-Size Mattress understands the worth of that sleep. Sweetnight mattress is specially designed ergonomically to contour your body and support your body curves by equal weight distribution.

Its three ozone layer technology is specially built to target the pressure points and release that pressure by providing a perfect body alignment.

Its smooth, comfortable gel-infused memory foam adjusts according to your body weight and temperature. Now you don’t have to wake up tired every morning because this mattress is a real game-changer. Say goodbye to sleepless or trouble sleeping nights.

We are here for your comfort because we care.

Sweetnight Breeze 10 Inch Full-Size Mattress

Product description

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  • Brand name: Sweetnight
  • Size: full
  • Dimensions: 75 x 54 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 55 pounds
  • Model number: SN-M004-F
  • Material: Gel memory foam
  • Colour: white grey
  • Construction: foam construction


Let’s get an accurate idea of that product!

Ergonomic design

Sweetnight mattress is specially designed with three ozone layers to target the pressure points and maintain the regular spinal cord’s normal alignment by equal distribution of body weight.

This mattress has unique infused gel technology to regulate body temperature to overcome your sleep problems.

Breathable material

This mattress is made of skin and environment-friendly breathable high-density memory foam.

It has no harmful cancer-causing materials like formaldehyde, mercury, or other heavy metals because, along with yours and your family’s health, environmental health is also our priority.

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Structure and design

The mattress is covered with a luxurious, breathable Rayon cotton fabric blend that gives it a sophisticated look. This mattress has three layers of different foam to ensure maximum comfort and quality.

The top layer of this mattress is made of 1.97″ Gel-infused memory that adjusts to the body weight and temperature. The middle layer is made up of 3.94″ air-flow comfort foam that avoids the motion disturbance.

The bottom layer consists of 3.94″ supportive high-density foam to give it maximum structural integrity and durability and helps prevent sagging of the bed.

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Comfortable sleep

Comfortable sleep is what everyone wants. Our gel memory foam mattress made it possible for you to enjoy the luxury of restful sleep. This mattress is especially suitable for people suffering from back pain, night sweats, or getting disturbed with their partner’s slight movement.

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Its exclusive technology helps relieve the pressure and eliminates the possibility of muscle spasm and back pain by giving proper support to the body.

Its unique temperature regulation technology helps in maintaining the ideal body temperature. Its ventilated comfort foam layer helps in avoiding motion disturbance and gives proper support to the body.

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[su_note note_color=”#f9f9ac”] Sweetnight 10 inch full-size mattress is a game-changer for all of those people having sleeping problems. Its unique gel-infused technology helps keep the perfect alignment of the body and maintain body temperature.

Its unique feature of equal weight distribution helps prevent back pain and is also a blessing for people already suffering from back pain. Its perfectly structured design ensures the stability and durability of the mattress.

With its triple layers of different foams make it sure to eliminate any factor that will because of sleep disturbance. This Sweetnight mattress is a must-have product for you to enjoy your rest time in its maximum capacity.[/su_note]


  • Its ergonomically designed structure helps in avoiding back pain.
  • Its temperature regulation feature keeps the body temperature regulated during sleep.
  • Triple layers support the bodyweight well and release the pressure on pressure points by equally disturbing weight.
  • This mattress is good for people who get disturbed with movement as it eliminates the movement disturbance.
  • The best quality of this product is the absence of carcinogenic components like formaldehyde, mercury, and heavy metals that are bad for the environment also

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FAQ’s on Sweetnight Mattresses

Do I have to deflate this mattress to move it?

No, it does not deflate, but it is light enough to move it easily.

Does this mattress require a special frame?

No, having a particular frame for this mattress is not necessary. You can put it on the floor or can lay it on the standard bed.

Is this mattress Greengold certified?

This foam is Certipur-US certified.

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