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Serweet Cool Memory Foam Pocket Innerspring Hybrid Single Mattress

Serweet Cool Memory Foam & Pocket Innerspring Hybrid Single Mattress

“If you want to have a good sleep, you have to have a good mattress” Jonathan Scott

Having a peaceful sleep every night is just like reviving your soul and body each passing day. This comfort demands an optimal requisite sleeping surface like this Serweet Cool Memory Foam Pocket Innerspring Hybrid Single Mattress.

But being concerned after getting ripped off by different namely-branded, unaffordable, and low-quality mattresses, the fear of trying on another mattress wondering whether it would work or not is the thing that you are fed up with or need to deal with.

Having a wholesome mattress is a rudimentary requirement for a salubrious sleep that refreshes your mind and body instead of making it more tired than before.

Serweet is an exceptional brand that has been incessantly striving to make you use optimal mattresses for years so that you can have relaxed and peaceful sleep free of backache, shoulder, and pelvis pain by adjusting itself according to your natural body form. After its 100-night trial, its perfect competency doesn’t let you go astray casting about for another one.

Serweet Cool Memory Foam Pocket Innerspring Hybrid Single Mattress

Quick  Information:

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  • Brand Name: Serweet
  • Size: Twin
  • Color: White
  • Item Weight: approx. 49 pounds
  • Item Firmness: Medium
  • Coil Type: Pocketed coil
  • Package Dimensions: 75 x 39 x 8 inches
  • Construction Type: Hybrid, Foam construction
  • Age Range: Adult


Let’s have a detailed look at the features of the Serweet memory foam mattress.

Product Dimensions:

This Serweet cool memory foam mattress is flippable and is manufactured in different sizes considering different customers’ needs, such as twin size having the dimension of 75″x39″x8″ inches and full size(75″x54″x8″), and queen(80″x60″x8″).

Pocketed Spring Design:

This Serweet twin mattress is made from about 392 pocketed springs. These inner springs do work independently from each other are capable of effectively absorbing sound and vibration waves. It does evenly distribute your body weight by providing perfect cushioning for pressure relief and bounce to not let it sag. It also reinforces the edge-to-edge support and reduces the motion transfer to your partner to a great extent.

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3D Breathable Fabric:

Serweet mattresses are designed with a 3D breathable knitted fabric cover with a cool memory foam layer which helps to dissipate your excess body heat for a stable sleep. It is designed with an air-flow foam layer that has millions of porous cells that act as airflow channels to built-in breathability factor in this hassle-free mattress.

Convenient Delivery:

For sake of delivery convenience and to save you from excess handling costs, it is technically designed to be rolled, compressed, and adjust in a small box and is easy to carry through staircases and narrow hallways. On top of that, it is featured to get fit in all kinds of frames such as box springs, hospital beds, flat platforms, or adjustable beds, even on the floor.

Allergy Sufferers:

All the fabrics employed in this mattress are anti-microbial and skin-friendly for allergy-sensitive skin. Serweet has taken into use all-natural fibers to make it skin-supportive instead of latex and fiberglass.

Anatomical Support:

The hybrid coil + foam combination in this serweet mattress does work perfectly to give you anatomical support from head to toe by providing bounce whenever you toss or turn over. This is a perfect match for patients requiring orthopedic support for their aching back and joints. It does not give that particular sinking feeling like others do.

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Certi-Pur US Certified:

This trustable Serweet branded foam mattress is recommended for salubrious sleep as it is certified by Certi-Pur-US for accompanying the safety standards of proper healthy sleep.

It doesn’t comprise any hazardous retardants such as PBDEs or TCEP(” Tris”) that might be a potential cause of cancer and are noxious for fertility or unborn child as per Certi-PUR-US certification because it contains low VOC emissions for wholesome indoor air quality and has no chemical such as formaldehyde, mercury, and heavy metals.


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  • The inner-designed hybrid pocketed innerspring maintains a perfect balance between a firm and soft feel.
  • It reinforces edge-to-edge support and is capable to cater isolate motion transfer.
  • Its knitted jacquard cover and inner porous memory foam mattress built-in airflow ways regulate the temperature of hot sleepers along with enhancing breathability.
  • Inner pocketed springs are recommended to support heavyweight users by efficiently dispersing their weight without any innerspring noise.
  • For your complacency, Sweet provides a first 100-day free trial along with a trustable ten-year warranty.
  • Moreover, it is eco-friendly for being capable of salubrious Certi-Pur US certification.
  • Serweet memory foam mattress provides you convenient delivery experience with its smart packaging facility.
  • Serweet is a perfect choice for skin-friendly and individuals devoid of orthopedic comfort.
  • It does not smell any specific disturbing and unendurable odor.


Final Thoughts:

[su_note note_color=”#f9f9ac”]Getting a peaceful sleep isn’t always easy and your mattresses have a lot to do with your comfort. Serweet does allow you to enjoy that very comfortable easy-going sleep considering your hassles. Moreover, its well-crafted materials are skin-friendly and its breathable fabric doesn’t let you get disturbed all night long.

One of its features I am impressed with is its workable inner springs that relieve your pressure points by bounce and rebound technology to disperse the weight of your heavy body parts to avoid sleepless nights. Your satisfaction is its priority that’s why it does give you the first 100-day risk-free trial and 10-year warranty support.[/su_note]

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What is the maximum weight capacity that this mattress is capable to hold?

This mattress has about 300lb weight capacity for an optimal sleep experience.

Does it make you wait for a specific time before using it?

This mattress does take approximately 72 hours to fully expand to get maximized to its advertised dimensions.

Is it required to buy a separate box frame for this mattress?

Yes, it doesn’t come with a separate box frame, you would need to buy it separately.

Is this mattress is Certi-Pur US certified?

Yes, it is made as per the requirements of Certi-Pur US certification.

Can it be used over a futon by folding it?

No, its pocketed spring design doesn’t let it get folded easily.

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