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3 Best Removable Ladder Racks for Trucks

Nothing beats the practicality and flexibility of best removable ladder racks for trucks.

It will haul your longer ladders to the jobsite and a good amount of other loads when you want it and is easy to install (you don’t need to drill your truck in most cases).

Most importantly, you can easily remove it after coming from the site or your latest tailgate operation.

Question is: which one is strong and tough enough to carry ladders, scaffolding, surfboards, kayaks, and other gear up there while being easy to put together, durable, and stylish on your truck?

Well, that is the subject of this article…

First, we’ve reviewed the 3 removable ladder racks for trucks that stood out from the competition for us below. We have also compiled a list of the key features to look for in a removable ladder rack that will efficiently haul your extra-long cargo.

Read to the end.

Best Removable Ladder Racks for Trucks – Product Reviews

Here are the three removable ladder racks for your truck you cannot go wrong with, in our opinion:

1. AA-Racks Model Extendable Aluminum APX25 Pick-Up Truck Ladder Rack –fits a variety of pickups

AA-Racks’ handy new Extendable Aluminum Pick-Up Truck Ladder Rack is very well made – No blemishes, the welds are professionally done, and it feels very sturdy.

The rack set is 71″ wide while the height is fixed at 28″ making it good for hauling anything large from ladders to canoes and kayaks, up to 800 pounds. This is universally designed and fits a ton of full-size pickup trucks (but for vehicles with Utility Track Systems)

More good news: You won’t be drilling your truck and you can actually install it in 30 minutes (possibly less) with the universal mounting clamps (8 aluminum C clamps included).

The adjustable tie-downs are an excellent addition too. Overall, this can be a very good value for your money.

Above ground pool ladder 400 lbs


  • Extremely easy to install.
  • Works great for a variety of trucks.
  • Very rigid and tough.


  • Perhaps the only thing that could be of concern is the somewhat thin powder coat- just be careful not to scrape it.

2. Apex ATR-RACK Removable Ladder Rack -Adjustable width

Just when we thought we had seen the best with the above AA Racks’ rack set, Apex brought out a well-thought-out removable ladder rack of its own.

The aluminum racks are super sturdy and the top retainer triangles clamp down quite tight to allow you to cruise at interstate speeds with zero problems.

It’s a universal model too and the width can be adjusted (simply extend the cross bars) to fit a sea of pickup trucks up to 66.5in wide (the height is 30in, fixed).

What size ladder for 2 story house

You’ll again savor the quick and easy-peasy no-drilling clamp-on installation.

Using it is a breeze as well- you slide the adjustable tie-downs appropriately to tie down and secure your ladders, lumber, pipes, and other construction materials.

Like the competing AA Racks’ product, this eye-catching truck ladder rack can haul any long objects, up to 800 lbs.

Attic ladder installation


  • Looks nice.
  • Very stable when installed.
  • Comes at a cool price.


  • Be careful of the super sharp edges when installing.

3. TracRac TracONE Universal Ladder Rack for Truck – one size, fits all

Easily transport items with varying widths and lengths with this one-size-fits-all ladder rack for truck. This ladder rack is constructed from rust-resistant aluminum and has been further improved with dual-stage powder coating making it one of the sturdiest and most lasting products on the market.

The design is fully aerodynamic – wind deflectors have been integrated so wind drag and noise will never be an issue with this. To protect your different size loads, the rack is equipped with 4 load stops that you adjust to the required width.

This, combined with the pro-quality retractable ratcheting tie-downs that you use to secure all types of cargo/equipment make this a frontrunner. It keeps up with the trend when it comes to installation and you use the 8 easily removable single-axis drill-free clamps for damage-free mounting.

The best part?

As its name suggests, this 800 pounds capacity ladder rack fits nearly all trucks!

Ladder bar suspension geometry


  • Most advanced construction.
  • Minimal wind resistance and whistling.
  • Works with the highest number of trucks.


  • Some of the bolts don’t screw in smoothly during assembly.

Removable ladder racks for trucks- buying guide

Admittedly, any of the three removable ladder racks for tracks can be game-changing for any truck owner who occasionally hauls accessories such as ladders, pipes, lumber, and more.

But there are a couple of issues that you might need to be sure about before clicking the add-to-cart button.

Here are the potential deal makers/breakers:

a) The haulage capacity

Everything about a ladder rack can be stunning but sadly, you’ll have thrown your hard-earned money down the drain if it cannot carry your super heavy ladders, canoes, surfboards, kayaks, S.U.P.s., etc.

To avoid disappointment, check the load capacity ratings for each product and compare this with the weight of the heaviest item that you’re planning to be transporting.

The models we brought you here are all 800 lbs but there are some fantastic options with lesser capacity such as this 250 lbs ladder rack and brilliant higher capacity models like this 850 lbs. rated model.  

DIY ladder gutter protector

b) Is it a good fit?

The other big deal breaker (and we mean BIG) is the question of the trucks a ladder rack fits. Needless to say, there is no point in looking at a product that will never fit your truck a second time.

I know that you can make modifications but what is the sense in doing that if you can purchase an alternative model that fits in with your pick-up right off the box?

That said, it’s always a bright idea to select a ladder rack with a universal design if you’re unsure whether your most wished-for model will fit the truck bed of your Toyota Tacoma, Ford F250, Nissan Frontier, or Chevy Silverado.

c) Overall construction/engineering

Rounding up our list of the key things to be keen on is the engineering of the unit.

The last thing you’d want is to buy a flimsily built rack because it’s a major hazard to carry gear with considering that it will be hauling bulky equipment.

Here you’ll be on the lookout for a plethora of things:

i) Construction material

To outlast demanding everyday use, the best racks are built from metals such as steel and premium aluminum.

ii) Installation considerations

For this, you surely want it engineered to allow a friendly, damage-free installation.

iii) Support

If your budget is not tight, pick a heavy-duty ladder rack with two (or three) cross supports for maximum stability.

iv) The welds

These must be expertly done to prevent breakage.

v) Can you adjust it

A rack that allows you to move the width (and the height) around depending on the object you want to carry is obviously the best way to go.

vi) Personal preferences

You may have special considerations such as a preference for an easily removable ladder rack that works with your hard tonneau cover.

How to use a ladder on a slope

Out of the three ladder racks for trucks, our favorite choice is the TracRac TracONE Universal Ladder Rack for Truck because it fits basically all trucks.

On the other hand, our best dollar-to-dollar value pick is the Apex ATR-RACK best removable ladder rack for trucks because it’s quite eye-catching when mounted.

Lastly, the most arresting feature of the AA-Racks Model Extendable Aluminum APX25 Pick-Up Truck Ladder Rack is its incredibly easy installation.

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