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Quietest Inverter Generator Reviews

Quietest Inverter Generator Reviews

The truth is, a whole range of inverter generators have come out since the very first one landed on the scene. All these machines offer varying capabilities and technical specifications and suit different situations.

This article looks at the virtually silent ones- running below 60 dB (equivalent to normal talk)- for your office, hunting, worksite, and other sensitive environments.

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Read on if you’re looking to buy the quietest inverter generator reviews for camping, RV, boat, your remote home, tailgating, etc.

Best super quiet inverter generator

First, we bring you the quietest inverter generator reviews, selected from what is appearing online as well as on retailer shelves.

All the models appearing in our quietest inverter generator reviews feature advanced sound attenuation engineering and are way quiet compared to regular inverter generators.

Take a look at what these super quiet treasures pack:

1.    WEN 56200i Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

Want the best quiet inverter generator for the money? Then give serious thought to this WEN 56200i model.

Trust us, very few inverter generators in the market beat this model’s 51 decibels.

What’s more, its 2000 watts is more than enough for a sea of applications, from light consumers such as TVs, laptops, and phones to the more serious equipment (full-size fridges, freezers, toaster ovens, C-Pap machines, etc.). Its lightweight nature helps with portability while its super-efficient 1-gallon tank will run your devices for 6+ hours (at half-load).

This is a complete package and even packs fuel-saving technology that slows it down when the load reduces (eco-mode throttle) along with nice safety features such as overload protection. Plus, it shuts down instantly in case oil or fuel volumes dip to dangerous levels thanks to the built-in sensors.

It comes with three-prong 120V receptacles (two), a 12V DC receptacle, and even a convenient 5V USB port. It’s really hard to find such a well-thought-out unit that is this quiet.


  • Invaluable USB charging port.
  • Beneficial gas gauge.
  • CARB-Compliant so it can be shipped to California.


  • We are struggling to find any weak points in this fantastic model.
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2.    Yamaha EF2400iSHC Gas-Powered Portable Inverter generator

We are of the opinion that this is the quietest generator for camping out in the wilderness, whether you’re a newbie or a veteran of countless outdoor trips.

And we have bucketloads of reasons behind our argument. Of course, the biggest one is the lowly running noise (53 dB), guaranteeing an extremely serene campsite environment.

Secondly, it will keep all the essentials going strong –TV, power pack batteries, and tons of other electronic devices- which means more life and fun for you as you touch base with nature. It also runs most 13500 BTUs RV air cons, microwave/convection ovens, and even accessories such as hair blow dryers.

We like its collection of pleasant features – a fuel gauge so you see the level at-a-glance, a fuel petcock to protect the carb, and the electric throttle to reduce fuel consumption.

Like with the WEN 56200i model, the engine is protected and automatically shuts off when a low oil level is detected, helped by the included Yamaha’s oil watch technology.

The other winners are the quick starts and weight-saving construction for easy portability.


  • Quality materials all around.
  • Works smoothly.
  • Trouble-free starts.


  • A bit expensive.

3.    Champion 3400 Watts Portable Inverter Generator

Raise your hand if you can’t get enough of Rving because the final entrant in our quietest inverter generator reviews is what we feel is the quietest RV generator.

You see, at 59 dB, this is even quieter than conversational speech (typically 60 dB) translating to a calm existence in your RV, wherever your adventure instincts take you. Not only is this peaceful, but also pretty lightweight (less than 99 lbs.) not to mention the handy wheels making it a wonderfully portable generator.

That is just the tip of the iceberg because I haven’t told you about its other amazing things. For instance, you can run it on propane or gas based on your preferences and features a low oil shutoff sensor, like the rest, for added peace of mind.

Did I tell you about its awesome electric start?

What of its responsive quick touch panel for easier operation? And its tank which runs for 7.5 hours continuously on gasoline when full?

Remember its parallel ready, for those occasions you have extra appliances, on top of its 3100 running watts (3400 starting watts). In a nutshell, whether you RV only on holidays (and weekends) or you’re a full-time RVer, this brings true freedom and thrill to your temporary home.


  • Functional economy mode.
  • Comes with a standard 50A RV outlet.
  • Friendly controls.


  • Wish they could make the gas tank larger.
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Next, you’ll find a guide with some of the considerations to bear in mind when shopping so that you’ll know how to cut through the clutter to find the quietest generator for your needs.

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Quietest inverter generator reviews Buyers guide

Once you’re done reading this section, you easily find the model that makes the most sense for your portable power demands.

What is its maximum power output?

These handy power sources come in various capacities. You can go below 1000 watts if you just have light appliances to power or go as high as several thousand watts if you’re into more heavy-duty devices.

You’ll notice that the power ratings specify both the peak (surge) output and continuous running power to help you make the correct decision. One thing stands out: the more powerful it is, the louder it is likely to be so look for the right balance.

2000 watt inverter generator comparison

Check the portability (and storage)

Another thing you want to give the highest priority when evaluating if the generator you have in mind fits the bill is the ease of transporting and stowing it away.

Perhaps we can use a mathematical formula to summarize what you’ll be looking for: Reduced size+ less weight= more portability.

As a bonus, you could look out for helpful features (as far as portability and storage is concerned) like sturdy wheels and handles.

How fuel-efficient is your choice?

Like other generators, these require fuel to run and they are, on the whole, more fuel-efficient.

There are, however, some noticeable differences in the maximum runtime you can squeeze from the various models when on a full tank. Select the brand offering maximum fuel savings because it’s good for your wallet.

Other features you may desire

Here are a couple of other things you may like:

  1. Compliance with standards- some states have stringent requirements and permit only certified models. Most popular are the EPA certification and CARB Compliance (for Californian buyers).
  2. Parallel readiness- this is helpful when you have higher energy demands as it allows you to add a second generator creating more wattage.
  3. Economy mode– this is a smart running mode that makes it run for longer, leading to more gas savings.
  4. Straightforward to use and maintain– we all want a unit that is a breeze to operate and maintain.
  5. Versatility- a unit with more outlets offers more flexibility and powers more devices at the same time.

While they’re generally quieter than conventional generators, Inverter generators run at different noise volumes. We’ve done these quietest inverter generator reviews to help you quickly find one that is less of a bother to yourself and those around you.

That makes more sense than buying a louder model that will force you to spend more later, trying to silence it with things like mufflers or padding- you’re not even sure if it will work.

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