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Pull Behind Fence Line Mower Buying Guide

A beautifully mowed yard or ranch with a weedy fence isn’t as appealing as it should be. Besides giving your farm an aesthetic appeal trimming your fence line ensures that you get easy access to the fence during repairs, extending your fence’s life expectancy.

Building a new fence can be expensive, and anything that helps make it last longer is a worthy investment.

Your regular lawnmower can be ideal for even grounds with no obstacles. However, not all portions of your yard will be even or without obstacles. To give your yard or ranch an even clean shave, you must use a pull-behind fence line mower to clean after your ordinary mower.

A pull behind fence line mower allows you to clean up along walls, fences, ditches, under trees, and other areas inaccessible by your regular lawnmower giving your yard or ranch an even smooth finish.

Before deciding on the best pull-behind fence line mower for your needs, you will need to know some of the available options in the market and how they differ.

This post highlights the main options for pull behind fence line mowers available in the market and their suitability based on their make. Please keep reading to learn more.

Pull Behind Fence Line Mowers

Dr 7.25 All-Terrain Tow-Behind Trimmer

This tow behind fence trimmer allows you to effectively trim weed and grass growth under your fences, along walls, and roadside verges.

It is a versatile all-terrain tow behind trimmer and can be used as an ATV fence line mower. The DR7.25 lawn mower can also be attached to your garden tractor using the pin hitch.

When attaching, you can use any of the three angle hitches available depending on the side you wish to offset or even tow it in line with your mover for regular mowing.

This makes it ideal for regular mowing as well. The mower is packed with over five times more power than your ordinally handheld trimmer and can effectively clear tall grass and thicker weeds with little effort.


Some of the main features of the DR 7.25 All-Terrain Tow-Behind Trimmer worth noting include:

  • quick-lock trimmer head- the new quick-lock trimmer head fitted in the DR7.25 pull behind fence line mower makes replacing the cutting cord super easy and quick. You only need to slide the chord in, and it will automatically lock in place.
  • Heavy-duty DR trimmer line- The DR7.25 tow-behind fence trimer uses the DR trimmer chord as the cutting blade, making it safer to use than steel blade mowers.  It is ideal for grass and relatively thick weeds.
  • Briggs & Stratton 725 Series engine- The line trimmer is powered by the Briggs & Stratton 725 Series engine that is easy to start and reliable.
  • Spring-loaded trimmer head- This trimmer head allows for easy deflection around trees and obstacles, allowing  for a close cut around obstacles like fence posts, rocks, and trees.

Wright Fence Mowers

The wright fence line trimmer tow-behind mower takes the hard work out of fence line trimming irrespective of the nature of fence line undergrowth.

On top of cutting tough grasses and weeds, the wright fence tow behind fence line mower also effectively cuts small shrubs and unwanted small trees that can grow under your fence line owing to its powerful steel blades powered by your tractor’s PTO.

The following are some of the wright fence pull behind fence line mower features you should know

  • Mounting and power- The mower can be mounted on any tractor using the standard three-point hitch and is powered by your tractor’s PTO. It can, therefore, not be pulled by an ATV.
  • Retractable swing arm- the mower’s deck is pushed on the tractor’s right side by a swing arm that retracts as the mower pushes into an obstacle. For example, a post and moves back into position as soon as the mower passes the obstacle. This mechanism enables the mower to cut within half an inch from the obstacle.
  • Interchangeable blades- the mower comes from the factory fitted with a removable standard grass blade which allows for switching depending on the vegetation you are working on. The mower operator may need to back over small trees to cut them because even a tree as thin as 1.5 inches will activate the swingarm.

Write fence mowers come in two versions: The FM 30 and the FM 60, depending on your tractor’s wheelbase.

The FM 30 is designed for use with tractors with a wheelbase 48-66 inches, while the FM 60 is ideal for tractors with a wheelbase of between 68 and 92 inches.

Ways to adjust pull behind bush hog

Fs Swisher Postmaster 22″ 6.75hp Pull Behind Atv Mower/Trimmer

This mower has a simple light built, making it suitable as an ATV fence line mower. Alternatively, you can mount it on a tractor. It has a total weight of 227.0 lbs and a cutting width of 22 inches. It is ideal for cutting grass and the not-so-tough weeds along your fence line.  

The mower uses the heavy-duty 0.255-inch trimmer cord for the cutting blade, which is much safer than steel blades. Because of its narrow cutting width, the mower may not be ideal for everyday yard mowing but is perfectly suited for fence line finishes.

Here are some of its most distinguishable features.

  • It is self-powered- the mower runs on a 6.75HP brigs Debris Sheil Engine making it ideal to use on an ATV
  • Foldable for convenience in transportation- this ATV fence line mower has a pivot that makes it easy to fold it in a travel position, offering a lot of convenience during transportation.
  • Spring-loaded trimmer deck- the pull behind fence line is built with a spring-loaded trimmer deck that allows the mower to cut close to the post and around it.
  • Easy to replace cutting blades with no tools needed
  • 360 degrees cutting shield for increased safety
  • Adjustable trimmer height with its radial tapered wheels
  • An adjustable right or left hitch that enables you to trim on both sides

Pull Behind Plows for Lawn Mowers

Best Pull Behind Fence Line Mower Buying Guide

Your options for consideration when shopping for a pull behind fence line mower are not limited to this list.

It would be best to look at it as a guide, but you could research other market products. However, it highlights some of the best options in the market that you may need to give a thought.

There is never a one fit all porpoises pull behind fence line mower. Your choice of tow behind fence line mower can be dependent on a couple of factors:

  • The size of your property
  • Your budget
  • Your properties topography
  • The type of weeds and grass along fence
  • The durability of the equipment
  • Warranty
  • Towing machinery available
  • Operational cost
  • Availability
  • Ease of use

There are other alternatives to pull behind fence line mowers. If you are dealing with a small space and are a little under the budget, you can consider buying a walk-behind string trimmer that can be ideal for small yards and cheaper.

Alternatively, you can try using herbicides around your fence to keep it clean. However, this option has many disadvantages because the toxins found in most chemicals can be harmful to the environment and could contaminate your ranch and affect your livestock if you have any.

Pulling a wheelbarrow behind a riding mower

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