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PrimaSleep Top Foam Mattress

PrimaSleep 6 inch Smooth Top Foam Mattress

“The last refuge of the insomniac is a sense of superiority to the sleeping world”  Leonard Cohen

To have a restful and feel sleep every night is the dream of every insomniac individual but “how” has always remained a question mark for him. The sleep you enjoy depends greatly upon the surface you use.

PrimaSleep Top Foam Mattress is a well-known and leading brand that has pioneered comfort sleep for many years. Its consumer-centric approach makes it a distinction over other traditional mattresses. With this responsive featured mattress, you can wake up cool in summer with its thermal-regulating technology.

Prima sleep mattress is more than just comfort and is the proven stress-tested product that eases your pressure knots, supports your weight without getting sunken and is subjective to your comfort sleep preferences with its multiple requiring features.

PrimaSleep Top Foam Mattress

Quick Information:

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  • Brand Name: PrimaSleep
  • Size: Twin
  • Colour: White
  • Item Weight:   approx. 22.71 pounds
  • Item Firmness: Firm
  • Comfort Layer: Gel Memory Foam
  • Package Dimensions:  75 x 39 x 6 inches
  • Construction Type:   Foam Construction
  • Age Range:   Adult


Let’s get into the detailed description of the ins and outs of this foam mattress.

Targeted Spinal Support:

The middle memory foam is designed with a curved shape as per your body shape and give you targeted support to keep your spine aligned in a neutral position. The primasleep mattress helps you to wake up with enthusiastic energy instead of a troubled body with aches.

Odourless and Skin-friendly Cover:

The stainless knitted jacquard cover above the dura memory foam is free from the hassle of off-gassing. It does have a peculiar chemical smell after unpacking but it soon fades off within a few hours. Moreover, all the synthetic fabrics utilized in its design are resistant to skin-allergic problems.

Breathable & Removable Knitted Fabric:

The cosy knitted jacquard fabric carry a zipper for cleaning purpose considering the customer’s ease. The built-in airways caused by its technically advanced design do increase breathability than other mattresses and has moisture-wicking properties as well specifically designed for sweaty people.

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Product Dimensions:

The mattress is available in four different sizes such as twin(75 x 39 x 6 inches), twin XL(80 x 39 x 6 inches), full(75 x 54 x 6 inches) and queen(80 x 60 x 6 inches) as per the needs of users.

Responsive Isolated Motion:

The convoluted base layer limits bounce and absorb disrupting motion waves between partners. It is perfect for enabling individual partners to enjoy sleeping comfortably. Now getting out of the mattress and turning over the mattress will not disturb the sleep of your partner. This gel mattress is featured to have the function of noise reduction and helps to improve the quality of sleep.

Nonskid Top Foundation:

The combination of sturdy convoluted and dura HD foam supportive layers of the mattress and well-built foundation is just what you need for a restful and trouble-free sleep. Its smooth and firm nonskid edges hold the weight of side sleepers and don’t let them slip and cause no sagging problem.

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Cooling Technology:

Gel-infused memory foam mattresses are commonly known for their cooling properties creating an ecstatic cool feel during summer but this up-to-par primal sleep lets you have a comfy sleep at a reasonable and comfortable temperature. The top cool, zero-pressure surface efficiently buffers your body movements.

Certi-Pur US Certified:

This primal sleep memory foam mattress is low in VOC emissions for clean indoor air quality (less than 0.5 PPM) and doesn’t contain nocuous phthalates and pernicious substances like formaldehyde and heavy metals regulated by the Consumer Safety Product Commission. This certi-Pur US certified foam mattress is provenly tested to meet safety standards regarding emissions, fabric and its performance.

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  • The top convoluted layer is designed with a plush feel to support your backline by relieving your pressure points.
  • Its knitted polyester jacquard cover is not noisy or disturbing and is skin-friendly.
  • The dense foam core is structured to support heavyweight or even pregnant women without causing any sinking issues to the users.
  • Its dua memory foam layer does build in an advanced ventilation system possibly comfortable for asthmatic patients with enhanced breathability factor.
  • This advanced cooling mattress is specifically soothing for hot sleepers by drawing their body heat with instantly cooling fibres.
  • It is the perfect solution for kid’s bedrooms, college dorms, and guest rooms.
  • The primal sleep mattress is as per the safety standards of certi-Pur US certification.


Final Thoughts:

[su_note note_color=”#f9f9ac”]The efficient dynamic layered prima sleep mattress creates a healthy cushion that relieves not only your pressure points with orthopaedic support but also makes you pain-free and enthusiastic at every wake-up.
This is an affordable investment with its additional perks to ease you if you are not in a financial condition to afford an expensive mattress by letting you feel the comfy touch more than traditional mattresses and health benefits that enable you to distinguish this product from others.
The overall salubrious features of the mattress like the removable zippered cover, fluid resistance, moisture-wicking properties, and anti-bacterial resistance make it a unique and satisfying option for potential users. Moreover, it is the best product for those who are skin-sensitive because of its competency due to Certi-Pur US certification that is salubrious and skin-friendly.[/su_note]

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FAQs on Mattresses

Is the mattress cover removable?

Yes, the cover of the mattress has a zipper and comes off for washing purposes.

Does this contain fiberglass?

No, the mattress doesn’t contain fiberglass considering the safety of users and is skin-friendly.

How long does the mattress take to get fully inflated?

The primasleep mattresses gets fully inflated within 24 hours to use it.

Does this mattress cause any off-gassing issues?

No, the mattress doesn’t cause any foul odor but it has a specific packaging smell that fades away within a day.

Does it give any relief from body aches?

Yes, the high-density layer gives you orthopedic support and is also friendly to use over hospital mattresses.

Is the mattress Certi-Pur US certified?

Yes, it doesn’t contain any harmful substance and is made without phthalates and ozone depletes.

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