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PrimaSleep Gel-infused Mattress

PrimaSleep Gel-infused Mattress

“Happiness consists of getting enough sleep. Just that, nothing more.” Robert A. Heinlein

To have enough sleep each day is the requisite function that lets your whole body and mind recharge and activate, making you refreshed at every wake-up. But this restful sleep is not possible without a comfortable environment like the PrimaSleep Gel-infused Mattress.

The sleeping surface you choose greatly impacts the quality of sleep you are having. If you are looking for a night of restorative sleep, then a mattress with a quality surface over which your spine stays aligned must be your priority.

PrimaSleep is a well-famed brand in manufacturing superior-quality mattresses that ease your aching body parts, often disturbing in way of a wholesome and supportive sleep.

Its climate-adaptive structure stabilizes sudden temperature swings with an everlasting cooling comfort for hot sleepers. No matter you are a side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper, its multiple layers conform to your body shape for a night of better sleep.

PrimaSleep Gel-infused Mattress

 Quick Information:

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  • Brand Name: PrimaSleep
  • Size: Full
  • Colour: White
  • Item Weight: approx. 32.6 pounds
  • Item Firmness: Medium
  • Comfort Layer: Gel Memory Foam
  • Package Dimensions: 75 x 54 x 7 inches
  • Construction Type: Memory Foam
  • Age Range: Adult


Let’s get into the comprehensive description of this gel-infused memory foam mattress.

Multi-layered Design:

The mattress is designed with disparate comfort layers for a refreshing and cloudy sleep. The combination of the gel-infused memory foam layer and convoluted foam layer above the high-density base is not too plushy nor too firm and is perfect for all kinds of sleep positions.

It doesn’t cause any sinking or sagging feel during tossing or rolling for a satisfying wholesome sleep.

Non-allergenic knitted Cover:

All the materials utilized in featuring this cosy mattress keep out pollen and pet dander. This hypoallergenic jacquard knitted cover is a skin-friendly approach for kids or adults who suffer from allergies. Its jacquard fabric doesn’t let dust and trouble causing bugs set in.

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Noise Reduction:

Now getting in or out and tossing or turning over the bed will not disrupt the precious sleep of your partner. One of the gratuities offered by this versatile mattress is its quietness and reduction in noise during turning or rolling unlike with traditional spring mattresses. This peculiarity helps to improve the quality of sleep of your partner.

Standard Sizes:

As per the requisites of the customers, the primasleep is available in various sizes such as:

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  • Twin (75″L x 39″W x 7″T)
  • Full (54″L x 7″W x 75″T)
  • Queen (80″L x 60″W x 7″T)
  • King (80″L x 76″W x 9″T)


Circulating Airflow:

The convoluted base layer beneath the HD base foam layer creates healthy air channels that give it a cooling touch. It builds in a ventilation system that enhances its breathability, and a healthy approach for asthmatic customers.

Its temperature management technology doesn’t trap your body heat inside the layers and the cooling gel gives a refreshing feel to hot sleepers at every wake-up.

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Targeted Therapeutic Support:

This memory foam mattress is quite supportive inputting your aching body parts at ease. Its multiple quality layers distribute your body weight evenly and are helpful to give a restful and non-disruptive sleepy night to arthritis and backache patients.

It is recommended for heavier individuals often complaining about unstable comfort due to their plus size.

Cert-Pur US certified:

Primasleep mattress regulates all the safety parameters for a salubrious and fear-free sleep.  It doesn’t have noxious off-gassing trouble. According to safety standards of certi-Pur US certification, no pernicious chemical is utilized in its manufacturing process.

This provenly tested mattress doesn’t inculcate unbearable odour for potential users. It comprises low VOC emissions, for healthy indoor air quality and this health maintenance makes it a safe option to use than traditional incredible mattresses.


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  • The skin-friendly poly-jacquard cover keeps you away from the threat of dust mites and allergic reactions.
  • The convoluted base of 2.5 inches forms a ventilation system in it that keeps it super cool throughout the night during summers.
  • The combination of memory foam and HD base supportive layer evenly disperses your bodyweight causing no external pressure over your joints and heavy body parts.
  • The primal sleep mattress regulates the safety parameters of certi-Pur US certification with its wholesome fabrics.
  • This branded mattress does offer you a free trial of 100 days and a replacement service.
  • The mattress causes no off-gassing trouble for a night of superior salubrious sleep.
  • The 3D soft knitted poly-jacquard cover is moisture wicker for sweaty people for hassle-free sleep.


Final Thoughts:

[su_note note_color=”#f9f9ac”]As an exceptional global marketing brand, PrimaSleep aspires to build unique balancing comfort and durability in your life. The non-skid top layer of memory foam mattress supports heavy-bodied individuals through therapeutic comfort.
This multilayered branded mattress is an all-in-one product that maintains your body natural posture to rest in optimal condition in all sleeping positions.
Moreover, it is easy to position with its four cosy handles and is environmentally conscious with its skin-friendly materials, tested for safety standards for ideal sleep. If you are looking for an optimal mattress for optimal sleep, then it is made for you.[/su_note]

FAQs on Mattresses

Is this mattress adjustable with a platform bed having metal slates?

Yes, the primasleep mattress is adjustable with all kinds of frames and even on the floor without any effect on its performance.

Is it possible to be used on both sides with the same comfort?

All the designed layers in the mattress are stacked up in one specific direction, so if you intend to flip it, you will have a different feel.

Does the mattress cover comprise fibreglass?

The mattress cover is free from fibreglass or latex, making it skin-friendly.

Does the mattress provide edge support?

The firm sides of the mattress provide stronger edge-to-edge support and don’t cause sagging trouble to the potential users.

Does it have any disturbing odor?

No, the mattress doesn’t cause an off-gassing issue but its particular strong odour fades off after unpacking it.

Is the mattress eco-friendly?

The mattress is the certi-Pur US certified and regulates the safety standards.

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