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Petrol Generator Problems and Solutions

Petrol Generator Problems and Solutions

Petrol generators are widespread on campsites and at home use.

Problems, which may occur during the generator service, are mostly related to electric technology parts. What follows is typical problems of petrol generators that may hamper safe operation or cause damage to the equipment.

This article will look at some common petrol generator problems and solutions for these issues.

Common Petrol Generator problems and solutions

1. Petrol Generator Problems with Closed Shutoff Valve

In this case, the engine is running, but petrol doesn’t get to the carburetor.

The problem is not in the fuel flow regulator because it’s open and working correctly. Many people think that a blocked fuel filter is a reason for such a situation.

Check whether the filter is clogged and clean it if required. Don’t forget to reset the filter after cleaning.

The second step is to remove the air from the fuel system – this prevents flooding of the carburetor by petrol when you open the shutoff valve.

Remove the cork from the fuel line and carefully pour a bit of petrol directly into the carburetor – it will leave through all fuel systems. If petrol flows out, put everything in its place and start the generator.

If nothing happens, remove the top cover on the side of the carburetor first and check whether you can turn the pinion on it with your fingers. If you can’t, some foreign object is stuck in it – clean this part and check the fuel system once again.

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2. Petrol Generator Problems with Coolant Leaks

The generator is heating and dying out after a few minutes of usage.  The water leaks may be the reason for this situation. Coolant liquid gradually leaks from a crack in a cooling system or hose connection.

To check it, you should let the generator cool down and disconnect the radiator hose from it. If there is no coolant in a radiator, but there are only air bubbles – probably, your problem is not in the cooling system.

But if there are liquid or solid particles inside coolant leaks, you need to fix this problem before starting the generator again.

To do it, you’ll need to:

  • Close a radiator valve or disconnect a hose from the radiator completely
  • Drain the coolant system by removing an overage of water
  • Check whether there are no leaks in the radiator and other parts of the cooling system; if the problem is not found, you need to replace it.

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3. Petrol Generator Problems with Petrol Pump

The generator won’t start or runs very slow – there may be several reasons for such a situation. The engine is flooded (caused by incorrect fuel flow adjustment), which requires careful cleaning of its parts.

If the generator works at a higher speed than usual, you need to check for a malfunctioning petrol pump.

Check whether a petrol pump fits tightly with a generator and if there is no air in the fuel system. If everything is ok, replace a petrol pump or contact the service center for assistance.

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4. Petrol Generator Problems with Engine Speed

If the generator starts and then runs higher or lower speed than usual, you may need to check the petrol pump first. If the engine speed doesn’t change and stays too high – it requires careful cleaning of carburetor parts.

The next thing is to check whether there is enough petrol in the fuel tank. If these things don’t help and there is an electrical problem – try to contact the service center.

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5. Petrol Generator Problems with Voltage

This is the most common problem in petrol generators. But don’t worry, there are several easy ways to deal with it.

The generator voltage fluctuates and doesn’t match the standard value. This happens when the generator is overloaded or the voltage regulator doesn’t work correctly.

There are two options to fix the situation:

  • Adjust the voltage regulator and check whether it works correctly
  • Clean the carburetor and then contact a service center

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6. Petrol Generator Problems with Engine Overheating

You turn on a petrol generator, and it starts the engine immediately without the ‘start’ button pressed. Moreover, it doesn’t provide enough power and runs at a low speed. In this case, the generator can’t cool down quickly, and it starts overheating.

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To resolve this problem, you should:

  • Put a small amount of water into an empty bucket.
  • Take off the front part of the generator housing to get access to cooling system components.
  • Remove the radiator by unscrewing the bolts.
  • Pour water into the liquid tank until it spills out of it.
  • Wipe liquid tank clean and close bolts.

7. Petrol Generator Problems with Stator Coil

The generator runs at high speed, but voltage is low. A malfunctioning stator coil may cause this. The first thing you need to do is check whether it’s a secondary coil responsible for voltage regulation.

The next trick is to remove the secondary cover and check its wiring. If the problem isn’t found, you may need to replace a stator coil or contact the service center.

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Preventative Maintenance & Best Practices

It is important to remember that all petrol generators are complicated machines. Therefore, they can’t function properly without preventive maintenance.

Moreover, if you don’t follow the instruction manual, the generator may become damaged or broken.

This is why it’s necessary to take care of your petrol generator and practice these things:

  • Check whether the oil level is appropriate.
  • Adjust carburetor by turning on a generator and then switching it off.
  • Read the manuals carefully before you start servicing the generator.
  • Check the air cleaner filter every 100 hours of work.

Petrol generators are perfect devices for home use, but they also need special attention. When you encounter some problems with your petrol generator, don’t rush to throw it away.

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Did You Solve Your Petrol Generator Problem?

If the machine doesn’t turn on, check that it’s plugged into a working power source. If this doesn’t solve the issue, your generator or cord may have an electrical problem.

Try everything out separately before calling for help if you don’t have experience repairing these types of machines.

Other Petrol Generator Problems are likely due to issues with its fuel system—the most common being dirty air filters and faulty spark plugs (as discussed above).

These can usually be fixed without too much trouble, though, so go ahead and get started.

Remember that the sooner you take care of things when they happen, the cheaper it will be to avoid wasting time waiting around for repairs or buying new parts.

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