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Novilla Memory Foam Mattress - Twin, XL, Queen, & King

Novilla Memory Foam Mattress – Twin, XL, Queen, & King

“The worst thing in the world is to try to sleep and not to.” Scott Fitzgerald 

After surviving a long hectic day, getting a comfortable sleep is the only thing you desire that is possible only on a satisfying and soft surface. The right choice of mattress depicts the clear difference between sound and peaceful sleep on your Novilla Memory Foam Mattress and a sleepless night.

Novilla gel memory foam mattress is made considering your comfort level to spare you from the hitches of backache, shoulder ache, and especially for arthritis suffering individuals by providing you a pressure supportive surface adjusting your body posture.

This well-known gel-memory foam mattress is a blessing for plus-size people as it also supports them by dispersing their weight. The overall features of this mattress like fluid resistance, anti-bacterial resistance, and removable zippered cover make it a satisfying option for users who are skin-sensitive to give them such Certi-Pur US certified and skin-friendly product mattress.



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  • Brand Name:  Novilla 
  • Size:  Queen
  • Color:  Grey
  • Item Weight:   approx. 51.1 pounds
  • Item Firmness:    Medium
  • Comfort Layer: Gel Memory Foam
  • Package Dimensions:  80 x 60 x 10 inches
  • Construction Type:   Foam Construction
  • Age Range:   Adult
  • Batteries Required:   No


Let’s get into a detailed description of this gel memory foam mattress.

Odorless & Certi-Pur US certified:

Novilla mattresses are manufactured with CertiPUR-US Certified foam having no toxic off-gassing and noxious substances like ozone depleters and other heavy metals. This medium-firm mattress doesn’t smell any specific odor that is unbearable and causes hassle to the user in the way of wholesome sleep.

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Standard Dimensions:

This Novilla gel-infused memory foam mattress is flippable and is designed in keeping view of different buyer’s needs in different sizes, such as twin and full size having a thickness of 10″, queen( 60″x80″), King(76″x80″) and ultra-large California king(72″x 84″).

Efficient Support:

This memory foam mattress is structured not too soft nor too firm by making it apt for side sleepers. This mattress is made of gel memory foam layers combined with comfort foam, plus high-density foam underneath which not only benefits your spine but evenly disperses your body weight by enhancing comfort to level the pressure over your weak points to make them pain-free for a cozy slumber.

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Eco-friendly set up:

The gel-infused memory foam mattress is quite easy to be rolled and compressed, easy to handle, and fits through narrow hallways and staircases. It does fit all kinds of bed frames such as slatted base, box spring, and adjustable bed.

Cooling Mattress: 

Gel-infused mattresses are commonly used for their cooling features but this branded Novilla is up to par and allows you to have a sleep at a more comfortable temperature. This memory foam mattress proves helpful to deal with your sweating problems by wicking it and making the top cool, with zero pressure surface.

Tremendous Airflow:

The middle foam layer above high-density foam is designed to generate an airflow channel to increase airflow through all areas of this gel-infused memory foam mattress. Bamboo fabrics in the airflow-designed surface of this gel-infused memory foam mattress enhance 30% breathability. 


  • This gel-infused memory foam mattress is designated with bamboo fabrics to enhance breathability up to 30%
  • The middle foam layer has built-in several air channels to give it a cool soft surface to avoid sweating that may have with other foam mattresses.
  • Rayon fabric utilized in this product is heavenly soft and is skin-friendly.
  • This cozy gel-foam mattress does take in wicking versatility.
  • Novilla gel-infused memory foam is Certi-Pur US certified.
  • This mattress spares you from the hassle of off-gassing and doesn’t smell any harmful chemicals.
  • Provides a healthier and cloud-like experience for superior quality sleep.
  • Its comfortable texture gives you a flee from backache and shoulder-ache by relieving your pressure points.

Final thoughts:

[su_note note_color=”#f9f9ac”]The way we sleep is crucial for the health of our body, and so is the sleeping surface. If you are amongst those people, who do care about their sleep, then having the right mattress must be your priority. As per these prerequisites of the customer, Novilla Gel Infused Memory foam mattress is the all-in-one option for a hassle-free and salubrious sleep with astonishing aspects to ease yours.

This mattress promises a plushy and comfortable surface to support your posture and is equally beneficial in aligning your spine by relieving your pressure points. This mattress is a balanced bed for two sleepers and provides motion isolation by absorbing the disturbing waves in case you or your partner needs to turn over or get out of the mattress.

This memory foam doesn’t sag in the middle that is quite common to have with other traditional mattresses.[/su_note]

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FAQs Foam Mattresses

Does the Gel Memory Foam Mattress work perfectly for a hot sleeper?

I am a hot sleeper as well. I have not had any issues with this mattress.

Is this recommended for Plus-Size people?

I would recommend it. I am a plus-size person and have slept very well on this mattress.

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What if you can’t wait 72 hours before using?  Will it harm you on the mattress?

Waiting the 72 hours makes the mattress get completely firm which will make it lasts a little bit longer.

Does it come in a twin extra long?

Yes, it does come in twin extra long sizes.

Is this mattress firm or plush?

It’s more plush than firm. But, it does also have fine firm support.

Is there any fiberglass in this mattress?

Yes, it does have fiberglass. So, be sure not to take the cover off for any reason if you do that, fiberglass will be all through your house and make you itch and burn.

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Does it come with a cover?

Yes, this Mattress comes with a removable and washable cover.

Does this mattress produce off-gassing?

It gives off a slight paint thinner smell but I don’t think so that It is so strong that it’s unendurable.

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