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Molblly Hybrid Mattress

Molblly Pocket Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

To support your sleeping surface with a stylish and healthy foundation for comfortable sleep, Molblly designed your foundation with elegant quilted side panels to easily coordinate with your comfort. The smooth nonskid surface can carry every style of mattress in place.

The Molblly Hybrid Mattress is an excellent choice for users who want to get in and out of bed comfortably. Moreover, if you prefer a plush-top mattress with the non-sagging feature, this is the base foundation for you. The hybrid comfort layers of pocket innerspring and gel make the surface capable to get compressed to body curves by alleviating pressure.

This gel Infused mattress with the spring material help to dissipate body heat to maintain an advanced comfortable temperature. Beneath the comfort layer, a 4-inch layer of high-density support foam offers the optimal anatomical support without disturbing tossing or turning to wake you up refreshed.

This hybrid mattress has a low profile, so it is a perfect option fit for trundle beds and bunk beds. The soft, skin-friendly, and breathable fabricated mattress comes with a 10-year warranty and 30 days money-back policy from the manufacturer.

Molblly Hybrid Mattress

Quick Information:

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  • Brand Name: Molblly
  • Size: King
  • Color: Lake Blue
  • Item Weight: approx. 98.8 pounds
  • Item Firmness: Medium
  • Package Dimensions: 80 x 75 x 12 inches
  • Construction Type: Hybrid
  • Age Range: Adult


Let’s have a detailed description of this hybrid innerspring mattress.

Orthopedic Design:

The excellent ergonomic design allows the mattress to conform and adapt itself to the sleeper’s natural spine and body curvature apt for all sleeping positions and give it the plush medium-firm touch. The gel memory foam mattress with inner pocket springs is featured with temperature management and does provide a cool feel throughout the night.  It relieves core pressure points is ideal for side and back sleepers and is suitable for all stomach sleeping positions. Excellent shock-absorption and resilience aligns your spine and support your backache.

Environmentally Conscious:

The molblly mattress is as per the demands or standards of Certi-Pur US certification because it is without ozone depleters, mercury and formaldehyde, and become unhealthy for heavy gravid women and aged immunodeficient people with severe orthopedic problems.

Efficient delivery and set-up:

This king size mattress is easy to compress and pack in an eco-friendly box for easy transportation and set up. It does fit through narrow staircases and hallways and is adjustable in all kinds of frames, such as box springs, slat bases, floors or flat platforms. It takes almost 72 hours to expand to its full size. It is recommended to check compatibility before purchasing the mattress with electrical plugs that may require an adapter for use in your destination because outlets and voltages differ internationally.

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Advanced Breathability:

This gel-infused memory and pocket innerspring foam mattress does have a jacquard cover along with three efficient layers that are dura flex layer, memory foam layer, and convoluted high-density layers with built-in airflow ways that present it as a comfortable mattress with enhanced breathability rate. The last egg-crate type convoluted base layer does offer a ventilation system between the different layers eschewing moisture buildup.

Hypoallergenic Cover:

Unlike other mattresses, the molblly adopts an elegant one-piece cover with the jacquard craft that makes it from trouble-causing bugs. Moreover, the salubrious fabrics in the mattress make it a skin-friendly choice for you to sleep on. This branded Molblly is endeavored to give the healthy product to the rooms of children and family.

High Resilience Foam:

The molblly mattress takes in the efficient function of edge reinforcement under the hybrid design of independent pocket springs and memory foam to ensure the life of the mattress. It is highly resilient and doesn’t sink even after the usage for several years.

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  • The premium quality, the high-density top layer does conform or adapt itself as per the body shape for a more comfortable sleep.
  • The independent pocket springs are featured to spare you from the trouble of disturbing waves causing hassle to your partners during tossing or turning over the mattress.
  • This molblly hybrid mattress doesn’t trap heat inside the layers and supports you to enjoy a cool, zero pressure surface for side sleepers for superior quality sleep
  • It does provide stronger edge-to-edge support to plus-size people.
  • All the fabrics utilized while manufacturing the product are credible to meet the safety requirements of Certi-Pur US certification.
  • The outer jacquard cover is hypoallergenic and offers a solution to sweaty people by featuring in the moisture-wicking support.


Final Thoughts:

[su_note note_color=”#f9f9ac”]As an exceptional global household brand, Molblly aspires to bring exceptional comfort to everyone. The perfect top layer of hybrid foam mattress supports your body weight evenly and maintains your body’s natural posture to rest in the best condition.

Usually, the gel memory foam layer is conducive to continuous air channels & breathability. Moreover, its skin-friendly fabrics adapt themselves to the environment to keep the surface of the mattress at an ideal sleeping temperature. The high-density base foam layer relieves pressure points of various body parts by conforming to your body for a deeper hassle-free night’s sleep.[/su_note]

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FAQs on Mattresses

Is the mattress supportable for latex-allergic people?

The mattress is latex-free and does allergic symptoms to users because of hypoallergenic fibers.

Can I put the mattress on the box spring?

Yes, the mattress is adjustable in all kinds of frames.

Do the edges sink for side sleepers?

No, the mattress has firm edges and don’t cause sagging hassles that you may have with other traditional mattresses.

Does the mattress have a trial period?

No, the mattress does offer 30 days money back return policy in case of any hassle.

Is this mattress usable over a futon?

The mattress is firm so it’s not easy to fold it up to use over futon and as well to cut it.

Does the mattress is functional for hot sleepers?

Yes, the mattress does provide a thorough ventilation system to hot and sweaty people.

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