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Molblly Cooling-Gel Mattress Bed

Molblly Cooling-Gel Memory Foam Mattress Bed

” A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in doctor’s book” Irish Proverb

You must have heard that a sound body has a sound mind’, but are you fulfilling the requirements to have a sound and wholesome body? I mean to say that you are enjoying the expected and required sleep!. If not, why?. Having a comfortable sleep like on this Molblly Cooling-Gel Mattress Bed is likely to charge your body and mind to work efficiently for the day ahead.

Insomnia can cause serious repercussions if it becomes a daily-to-daily problem. Sometimes, your tight work schedule, medical condition, and disturbing bedroom environment might be disruptive factors towards comfortable sleep. Besides that, the surface you choose to sleep on also greatly impacts your sleeping patterns.

Molblly memory foam mattresses are designed bearing in mind your comfort and wholesome sleep. This advanced technology bed does provide orthopedic support by relieving your pressure points with skin-friendly fabric. Moreover, its affordability, it’s smart packaging, removable and washable featured cover, and ease to set up make it stand among costly traditional mattresses.

Molblly Cooling-Gel Mattress Bed

Quick Information:

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  •  Brand Name: Molly
  • Size: Queen
  • Color:  Blue
  • Item Weight:   approx. 49 pounds
  • Item Firmness: Firm, Plush
  • Comfort Layer: Gel Memory Foam
  • Package Dimensions:  80 x 60 x 10 inches
  • Construction Type:   Foam Construction
  • Age Range:   Adult
  • Product Care Instructions: Wipe with a dry cloth


Let’s take a look at the ins and outs of this memory foam mattress.

Optimal Combination:

Molblly cooling-gel memory foam mattress is technically designed with three layers, including a 2″ gel memory foam layer that provides a cool zero pressure sleep surface, 2.5″ comfortable layer that supports your body by rebounder, and 5.5″ high-density base support foam layer for stable breathable support.

Ergonomic Support:

This gel-infused memory foam mattress is featured to reshape itself as per your body posture. The cloud-like, extra soft thick high-density base layer does assist your painful pressure points and helps in relieving your backache, shoulder, and neck pain.

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Adjustable Competency:

This memory foam mattress is available in three sizes, full, queen, and king. Molblly designed a full-size bed in a smart package that is easy to carry anywhere and set it up. It is technically featured to adjust in all kinds of frames such as box spring, hospital bed, flat platform, or adjustable bed, even on the floor.

Oeko-Tex &Certi-Pur US certification:

This Molblly memory foam mattress is as per the standards of Certi-Pur US and Oeko-Tex certification because it is tested by the Consumer Product Safety Commission collectively and has no hazardous substance such as heavy metals, mercury, nickel, phthalates, formaldehyde, and ozone depleters that causes skin irritation and is harmful to immunodeficient individuals.

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Washable Cover:

The outer jacquard knitted cover has a soft texture with a supportive orthopedic nature. One of the perks that come along with this mattress is its hypoallergenic and removable flexibility and beyond that, it is also cleanable as per your ease.

Temperature Maintenance:

The built-in airflow channels within the mattress foam layers regulate your body temperature by dissipating your body heat. It does provide a ventilation system by increasing breathability up to 30%. Moreover, it has nothing to do with off-gassing issues but after removing it from the box it has a peculiar packaging bearable odor that fades away within a few hours.

Non-sagging versatality:

Molblly mattresses are peculiarly designed with a high-density base layer to give your body posture ultra-support in all sleep positions without sagging than other traditional mattresses getting sagged within a couple of years after use by plus-size people.


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  • This soft affordable mattress is a perfect balance between a firm and plush feel.
  • Fabrics made use of in this memory foam mattress are breathable and allow a wholesome airflow to avoid off-gassing.
  • A high-density foam base is quite reliable in pressure relief and does provide ergonomic support to body postures.
  • The comfort layer built-in between two layers minimizes motion transfer by absorbing disruptive motion waves.
  • Its outer plush cover is anti-bacterial and is resistant to allergens and dust mites. Moreover, it is removable and washable owing to the customer’s ease.
  • It has strict quality control as it is Oeko-Tex and Certi-Pur US certified, so there is no compromise over quality.
  • This full-size mattress is easy to set up and is easy to carry anywhere because of its small packaging.
  • The gel layer regulates the body temperature by wicking heat away from the body.


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Final Thoughts:

[su_note note_color=”#f9f9ac”]The way we sleep is an inexorable part of the maintenance of a healthy body and a functional brain, so is the sleeping surface. If you are unfortunately amongst those people, who are likely to get confused every time after being ripped off by different brands regarding mattresses, then I would recommend this Molblly gel-infused mattress to move you out of all fears.

Because it is an affordable and high-quality mattress that is technically and functionally designed to meet the requirements of users who are fed up with overripe mattresses. This mattress is all in one option because it is not only orthopedic featured but also skin-friendly as it does hit all the spots of Certi-Pur US certification.[/su_note]


Can this mattress be used with a platform bed?

Sure, this memory foam mattress can be used with a platform bed and at any base.

Is this mattress manufactured with fiberglass?

Yes, it does contain but its main function is its use as a fire-retardant. If you are allergic to this, be careful.

Is this mattress capable to be fold-up?

This mattress is quite thick and firm, so it is difficult to fold it.

How much time does it take to be completely capable to sleep on?

As per the instructions, this mattress takes almost 72 hours to get inflated.

Does the package come with pillows?

No, the whole packed product just contains a mattress, and pillows are not included.

Is the mattress is recommended for heavyweight people?

Its thick, high-density layers are designed to support plus-size people by dispersing their weight.

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