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JINGWEI Full Mattress

JINGWEI Full Mattress, 10 inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress

Getting enough, quality nighttime sleep is associated with benefitting your health and boosting your immune system with a lot of perks that are often neglected because of anxiety, stress, and poor sleeping habits to tackle your workload in this fast-paced world.

The mattress used in your home influences your ability to enjoy a peaceful sleep. This JINGWEI MATTRESS is more than just comfort and need of every luxurious home that reduces your stress level which can cause an abrupt increase in blood pressure, avoid dust mite allergic symptoms and develop good and healthy body form and inclination towards good sleep.

JINGWEI Full Mattress

Quick Information:

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  • Brand Name:   JINGWEI
  • Comfort  Layer Material:  Gel Memory Foam
  • Size:  Full, Queen & King
  • Full Size Mattress Dimensions:   75”L,54”W &10″T
  • Queen Size Mattress Dimensions: 80″L,60″W & 10″T
  • King Size Mattress Dimensions:  80″L,76″W & 12″T
  • Construction Type:  Foam Construction
  • Item Firmness:  Medium
  • Full-Size Item Weight:  52.9 pounds
  • Queen Size Item Weight:  74.8 pounds
  • King Size Item Weight:  81.8 pounds
  • Color: Blue
  • Age Range:  Adult


Let’s have a detailed description of this Memory Foam Mattress.

Standard mattress Sizes:

JINGWEI Memory Foam Mattress is available in three sizes, Full, Queen & King. These mattresses have three luxurious layers of 5.5″ HD base support foam, 2.5″ comfortable foam, and 2″ gel memory foam. This medium-firm mattress is made of gel memory foam combined with comfortable foam, plus HD foam underneath to support the comfort of every part of your body for luxurious sleep.

Weight limit:

Different mattresses have different weight capacities to provide luxury at an affordable price. But GINGWEI Mattress is a sponge mattress that comes back to shape every night and is lighter than other traditional mattresses. This medium foam can withstand 250 to 350 pounds and works perfectly for plus-size people.

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Ergonomic Support:

GINGWEI Medium Firm Mattresses contain high-density foam underneath which makes you stay away from back pain problems. This Gel Foam mattress is helpful for your spine alignment and relieves your pressure points by dispersing your body weight.

This light and soft mattress supports your body by providing bounce and features responsive comfort layers for a more refreshing and hassle-free sleep.

Simple Setup:

Shipped in a vacuum-sealed package for simple setup, easy to handle, and fits through narrow hallways and staircases. GINGWEI mattress fits in all frames such as box spring, flat platform, or adjustable bed and hospital bed.

Knitted Jacquard cover:

The comfortable and satisfying GINGWEI mattresses carry knitted jacquard upholstery. This jacquard cover is designated with a zipper and can come off for washing while the cover inside is made of glass fibers and cannot be removed and is not recommended for washing. This gel foam mattress doesn’t smell any chemical odor.

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Rejuvenating design:

This cozy Memory foam is not too soft nor too firm and is apt for all sleep positions. GINGWEI mattresses are specifically designed with gel-infused memory foam to keep you cool without trapping your body heat so that you stay comfortable all night long. The upper and middle layers of the mattress are designated certainly like airflow channels to enhance the 30% breathability rate.

Warranty based Product:

JINGWEI mattresses cover a 10-year warranty limit after purchasing them and do offer 30 days money-back return policy. But, in case, the mattress is accidentally stained by users,s the warranty is void.

CertiPUR-US Certified foam:

This JINGWEI Memory Foam Mattress is certified by Certi-Pur-US for meeting the standards of durability and being polyurethane foam. JINGWEI Mattress doesn’t contain any flame retardants such as PBDEs or TCEP(” Tris”) that might cause cancer or genetic defects and may also be detrimental for fertility or unborn child. Mattresses certified by Certi-PUR-US contain low VOC emissions for salubrious indoor air quality and are manufactured without pernicious chemicals such as formaldehyde, mercury, and heavy metals.


  • This soft ventilated foam puts in breathability factor to your mattress without disrupting your sleep.
  • All the fabrics used in this mattress are skin-friendly without any noxious material like mercury, formaldehyde, and other harmful materials.
  • This cloud-like sleep-inducing mattress support your body weight spares you from the trouble of shoulder or backache and is perfect for spine alignment than other mattresses.,
  • Unlike other mattresses, this advanced sleep technology mattress doesn’t smell any chemicals.
  • This JINGWEI Gel Foam mattress doesn’t trap heat inside the layers and helps you enjoy a cool, zero pressure surface for superior quality sleep.
  • Jacquard Cover of mattress is washable for customer’s ease.

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Final Thoughts:

[su_note note_color=”#f9f9ac”]JINGWEI Gel Infused Memory foam mattress is an economical and the finest option for a stress-free and wholesome sleep having spectacular facets to ease your life. As per the requirements of the user’s choice, this mattress does support your posture and natural curve of the spine by absorbing the disturbing waves if your partner turns over or gets out of the mattress. This memory foam spares you from the inconvenience of sagging, you might face other mattresses by reducing body pain getting severe with time.[/su_note]


Which JINGWEI mattress is up to par for plus-size people?

The Kingsize 12 inch JINGWEI Memory Foam Mattress works perfectly for plus-size people by maintaining their body shape for a contented sleep. This mattress can withstand about 250-350 pounds weight.

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Does this mattress fit on a full box spring?

JINGWEI mattress is spongy and does fit in all kinds of frames such as box spring, slatted base, and flat platform.

If the mattress gets wet any suggestion of how to dry it out?

Since it is a gel-infused mattress, it might get wet. To cope up with such a situation, stand it up against the wall and run a fan over it for a day.

How long do these mattresses take to inflate to their expected size?

JINGWEI mattress takes at least 72 hours to be of its required full size.

Does this mattress come with a box frame or just the mattress?

Just the mattress, and if you get a platform bed you won’t need a box spring frame.

Does this mattress need a protective cover?

It’s better to put your mattress in a dustmite allergen and waterproof cover. This mattress does have a zip cover over the foam, but it is not a cover to protect it from dust mites.

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