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Tips on How to Use Cake Pan with Removable Bottom

If you love making your own cakes, removable bottom pans are a handy piece of cookware to have in your kitchen.

We love them because the removable base makes it so easy to remove your freshly baked cakes to the cake server.

If you have just got your hands on this wonderful baking arsenal, read on to learn how to use cake pan with removable bottom to cook your favorite cake.

How to Use Cake Pan with Removable Bottom

These types of cake pans come in 2 pieces: the cake pan plus the base that’s pushed out via the top (mostly).

And they’re great for baking all sorts of cakes: apple cake, chocolate cake, vanilla pound cake, cheesecakes, crumb cakes, delicate tortes..…you name it.

However, the design is not without issues. For example, the pan may leak cake inside the oven.

Luckily, you can easily overcome such problems once you learn Tips on How to Use Cake Pan with Removable Bottom.

Here now are the steps and the tricks:

How to use a cake pan with removable bottom – step by step

We’re assuming that you’ve your ingredients all set so we will go straight into baking….

Step 1: Prepping the pan

Your first step is to lock the two parts- the band and the bottom – together.

To do this, open the spring on the band and place the part on a kitchen table or even a countertop.

Next, you place the removable bottom in your band.

The final thing to do here is close the spring (simply pull it closed) to have the two pieces lock together.

Step 2: Test for leaks

Leaks can mess everything and you want to test your pan for any leaks before you start baking.

This is quite simple: just fill the pan with water and check if there’s water spilling from the pan (hold it over a sink).

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How to prevent a removable bottom cake pan from leaking

If you’ve leaks with this type of cake pan, you can take simple measures to prevent it from leaking your cake/butter during baking.

You simply take a leaf out of conventional pans book: line your removable bottom cake pan with regular parchment paper before pouring in the butter.

It will never leak if you’ve done it right.

Besides, in most cases, the bottom fits snugly against the cake pan’s walls, preventing the butter from escaping so this is not something to really dampen your enthusiasm for the pan.

Tip: If no water leaked out, it may not be necessary to wrap in the parchment paper.

Step 3: Time to bake

Prepare the crust in the cake pan then add the batter.

Now proceed to bake your fav cake as instructed on the recipe so you’ll have a beautifully finished product.

Step 4: Remove the cake from the Pan

Now that you’ve finished baking the cake, take the pan out of your oven and onto a cooling rack.

Step 5: Let the cake cool

Now let the cake cool for between 10 to 20 minutes.

This time should be enough to have the cake set perfectly.

Step 6: Prepping the pan for cake removal

Place your pan on a suitable raised surface- a cake stand works best (it should be on a countertop or low kitchen table).

This makes handling the cake pan easier.

Step 7: Unlock the pan

Now release the spring you had previously locked on the pan. 

Here is how to do this:

With one hand, hold the band and use the other hand to slowly release the spring until it opens.

You’ll have separated the removable bottom and the band with that.

Step 8: Remove the band

With your two hands, grip the band and lift it off the cake pan’s bottom.

Lifting it through the top is less taxing though you can still lift it in a downward direction.


Your beautifully baked cake should come off smoothly and cleanly, ready to serve.

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How do you keep a cake from burning on the bottom?

Over-burning the cake spoils the taste and appearance.

The good news is that it’s pretty easy to prevent the cake from getting burned on the bottom with a couple tricks.

Here’s how:

  • Create a paper “wall”- Add a sheet of tin under the cake pan to protect the cake from browning. You can even double up and add two layers of the paper to establish a stronger barrier.
  • Smooth the cake– A smoother surface, made for instance with a spatula, can help prevent uneven browning. Flatten it before adding the cake to the oven. 
  • Use a deeper pan– You’re more likely to end up with a burned cake if you’re baking in a shallow pan. Check that it’s deep enough for your cake before you start to bake.
  • Reduce the baking time– You may also need to knock some minutes off the suggested baking time to protect your baked goodies from burning or browning.

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Frequently Asked Questions on cake pans with removable bottoms

How do I remove the bottom to put my cheesecake on the serving plate?

Start by placing a dinner plate on top of your cheesecake (facing down).

Next, hold this plate against your cheesecake then flip them upside-down. You can now set them onto a counter.

Then, carefully lift the cake pan bottom off the cheesecake and place the serving plate (again facing down) under the cheesecake.

Lastly, grip the two plates tightly then flip them over.

Your cheesecake will be on your serving plate as soon as you lift the dinner plate off.

Are there types of cakes I cannot bake in a cake pan with removable bottom?

Nope! You can bake all the cakes you cook in normal pans as long as you follow the recipe recommendations.

Follow this guide next time you want to enjoy a savory cake out of a cake pan with a removable bottom.

The steps are really simple: prep the cake pan for baking, follow your recipe’s instruction to bake, and cleanly remove your cake from the pan.

Remember that a removable bottom is also handy if you’re longing for other authentic-tasting foods including a Chicago-style deep dish pizza!

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