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How to Tell When Water Filter Needs Replacing

How to Tell When Water Filter Needs Replacing? Vital Signs

Homeowners install water filter systems to eliminate heavy metals and chemicals such as chlorine, copper, lead, zinc, calcium, and mercury, which are known toxicants capable of severely affecting your health. They also remove awful tastes and bad odor to give you fresh and healthy water.

You should strive to make sure that your filtration system works as desired. At some point, you will need to change the filter cartridge to continue receiving clean water. But how can you tell when your water filter needs replacing?

Well, I have experimented on different water filtration systems for a while now, and I must say that the tell-tale signs indicating a faulty water filter are clear.

Are you ready to understand some of these signs? Here is how to tell when water filter needs replacing.

How to Tell When Water Filter Needs Replacing

1. Strange water taste

We did say that one of the water filter functions is to eliminate bad taste from water. A failing water filter will clearly exhibit this as one of the signs.

But it doesn’t happen all at once, the process is gradual, and you will have quite some time to make things right before the situation gets out of hand.

2. The awful odor emanating from the water

You dispense half a glass full of water, fill it up with your favorite concentrated drink and raise it to your face. But before you can even settle to quench your thirst, you smell a sour odor coming from your glass.

Of course, you are certain it is not your favorite drink, but still, you doubt whether it could be the water.

Another glass to confirm your suspicions, and it turns out your water has a strange odor. Alas! One more sign you need to replace your filter.

How to tell When Pur Water Filter Needs Replacing

Pur water filters are among the most dominant brands of water filtration systems. But the filters also get worn out and require replacement regularly. So how can you tell that the filters need replacement?

1. Indicator lights turn to red

If you are using a Pur water filter pitcher, an indicator on the lid alerts you when you need to change the filter cartridge.

When the indicator blinks green, the filter is working perfectly. Yellow indicates that the filter is nearly wearing out, while red shows that you need to replace it as soon as possible since it is not operational.

2. Awful water taste and odor

If you wonder why your water suddenly tastes terrible and has an awful smell, it could be because algae have accumulated on the filter. The taste is slimy; you can’t certainly contain it in your mouth, however thirsty you are.

Also, Sulphur in the filter produces the smell of a rotten egg. The water may also have a metallic taste due to the accumulation of zinc, chlorine, and Sulphur compounds. This calls for an immediate replacement of filters.

3. Slow water flow

When you are thirsty, all you hope for is to quench your thirst with a gulp of fresh water. But it can be pretty annoying when the pressure from the pitcher is slow. For one, it could be a sign that your filter is clogged and needs to be replaced.

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How to tell if Fridge Water Filter is bad

Isn’t it amazing to always have access to fresh cold water and ice from your fridge whenever you need it? It certainly is a convenience anybody would wish for. But things can go down south real quick if you ever fail to replace your filters on time.

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How to Tell When Water Filter Needs Replacing? Vital Signs 7

Here are some signs to tell if your fridge water filter is appalling.

Method 1: The indicator light turns on

Technology is taking everything by storm, and now you can easily tell if you need to replace your filter. For instance, new fridges come with led lights and a timer to alert you when the filter is doomed and can’t filter anymore.

Even better, some indicators are linked directly to the filter and can give the actual status of the filter, which to me is convenient since not every household consumes the same amount of water in a day.

Method 2: Decreased water pressure

A clogged-up filter will gradually decrease water pressure from the fridge’s dispenser. It usually occurs when you are using hard water from wells or taps. The primary cause of clogging is limescale build-up in the filter alongside sand and gravel.

If you notice the water dispenser is taking longer to fill a glass, it could be that your water filter is bad and needs replacement.

Method 3: Cloudy Ice Cubes

A lousy filter is not what you want when trying to make ice cubes. For one, you will end up creating cloudy ice cubes because of minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Worse is you end up with no cubes at all or gross-tasting ice.

When to Replace Refrigerator Water filter

Often we get so occupied with outside routines that we forget some critical household activities such as replacing water filters in our refrigerators. Without a proper schedule, there is no doubt you will drink dirty water at some point, thinking it is filtered.

If you fail to notice smelly water, cloudy ice cubes, or gross-tasting water and that the required time for filter replacement has elapsed, chances are you are unknowingly drinking dirty water or just about to.

That is quite unfortunate, and it gets me asking, when should you replace a refrigerator filter?

Manufacturers recommend replacing the filter after about every six months. However, it also happens that we have some bustling households such that six months becomes quite a long time. Other smaller families will use filters for a much longer time.

When that time comes, be sure to purchase quality filters for your refrigerator.

How to Tell When Brita Water Filter Needs Replacing

Brita filtration systems are among the most common brands of water filters precisely because of the high quality and healthy water they produce. But at some point, the filters get worn out and start dispensing weird-tasting water. Don’t even mention the gross odor.

But before this happens, there are tell-tale signs to show your filter needs replacing.

  • A high amount of dissolved salts in your water

There are only a few people who actually test the quality of their filtered water. This is one method to tell if your Brita filter is functioning correctly. If you test and find out that the amount of dissolved salts is more than the required amount, chances are your filter is exhausted and needs replacing.

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  • Presence of black mold

You’ve just filtered your water and are about to take a gulp, but suddenly you notice some floating debris in your water. It could be black mold which is a fungus capable of causing various health complications. You need to clean the filtration system and change the filters as soon as possible.

  • Slippery water

If you filter water and still remain with the slippery feel in your fingers, it means there is a high concentration of sodium and potassium ions. Yes, they penetrated through the filter, which means you need to change the filter fast.

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How to Tell When Water Filter Needs Replacing: FAQs

How long do water filters really last?

Most manufacturers recommend changing water filters after every six months. It would be correct to say that they last only six months; however, some, such as most Brita filters, can go for only four weeks.

How do I know if my refrigerator water filter is clogged?

When you try to fill your glass with water and the pressure is lower than usual, your filter is likely clogged. Also, your ice cubes will gradually become smaller and cloudy, a clear indication that your filter has surpassed its usefulness.

How much water should I run through a new filter?

While it is not a must to flush your new filter, most manufacturers recommend that you run the new filter with about five gallons of water.

One way to achieve a healthy lifestyle through clean and healthy drinking water is by having filtration systems in our homes. But the systems require us to replace the filters regularly. For this, it is crucial to learn how to tell when the water filter needs replacing.

Some have indicators that will send alerts when the time is due, but others will start exhibiting symptoms such as smelly water and reduced pressure from the filtration systems.


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