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How to Stay Dry in the Rain without an Umbrella

How to Stay Dry in the Rain without an Umbrella

Early morning rains can prove to be a disaster, especially when it starts pouring moments after stepping out of your house. Showing up to work late with your clothes wet and shoes soaked up wasn’t what you hoped for the night before.

Rains can be pretty unforgiving; worse is if you haven’t carried your umbrella. You risk catching a cold and having to deal with a runny nose for a whole week or contracting more severe infections such as pneumonia.

So what do you do when faced with such a dilemma? How to stay dry in the rain without an umbrella.

Most would advise getting back into the house until the rain calms, but then they don’t understand how hard-hitting your boss is. You’ve got to get to work but also stay dry.

How to Stay Dry in the Rain without an Umbrella

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How to Stay Dry in the Rain without an Umbrella 10

There are several hacks you can employ to stay dry on a rainy day. However, you might need more than just clothing for this one.

1. Take a Cab

Often this is the first option that crosses your mind. With the advancements in technology, you can easily hitch a ride from one of the digital taxis using your phone.

It is one way of avoiding the rain, but a few drops may get to you as you walk into and out of the car. Getting a cab in remote areas may prove to be a hurdle. In such a situation, asking a friend or relative for a ride won’t be the worst idea.

2. Carry a Raincoat

During the rainy season, you never know when the heavens might decide to open. It would be best if you carried a raincoat just in case Mother Nature decides to pay you a visit.

Raincoats are designed with waterproof material to keep your clothes dry. Some come with a hood to prevent rainwater from getting to your hair and face.

If you are a lady looking to purchase a raincoat, I suggest you check out the Columbia Women’s Switchback Iii Adjustable waterproof rain jacket. The feminine look and the modern classic cut give it an edge over other raincoats available on the market.

The coat is lightweight and designed with 100 percent nylon for the lining and 100 percent polyester. No water can get to your clothing or hair.

For men, the Swisswell Waterproof Windbreaker Rain Jacket is the best gear you can get. It comes in a wide array of colors you can choose from. The mesh lining is included to allow your skin to breathe comfortably.

The 100 percent polyester material gives it a lightweight feel while keeping the moisture away. You can fold it and pack it into your backpack alongside other things.

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3. Walk Leaning Forward

Alfred Wainwright once said that there is no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing. He may be correct, but he probably never knew that walking while leaning forward could also save you from a great deal of moisture.

This method is only ideal if it is drizzling. Trying to use it in a storm or heavy rainfall will leave you super-soaked.

When you lean forward, water hits your back, and your most sensitive parts, such as your face and front, will remain dry. However, you risk tripping over because your eyes will not be concentrated on the road ahead.

What to Use Instead of an Umbrella

An umbrella is usually the first option when going out into the rain. But there are other suitable items of clothing you can use in place of an umbrella.

a) Umbrella hats

Umbrella hats may not give the most appealing look, but they sure get the job done. You can wear them in the sun to protect your skin from UV lights or in the rain to prevent your clothes from soaking up.

It is quite an exciting piece of protective gear because you don’t need to hold it with your hands.

b) Rain Poncho

That one thing that you lack in your wardrobe is probably a rain poncho. Until you have been really rained on, you may never understand how essential ponchos are.

You may find others that are disposable, but this rain poncho can be used more than once. They are lightweight and ideal for hiking and other outdoor activities such as dog walking.

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c) Raincoats

Surviving the rainy season without a raincoat is quite a hurdle. You need at least one raincoat to protect your clothes and body from getting wet. This leathercraft rainwear can fit above your clothes comfortably.

It comes with a hood that you can attach or detach whenever you like. The raincoat is designed with heavy-duty PVC assuring you of durability whenever the skies open.

d) Jackets

Men deserve at least one jacket in their wardrobe. The Columbia men’s waterproof jacket provides irresistible comfort and warmth while still remaining protective from the rain.

It is lightweight and can easily fit inside your pocket. The advanced technology enables it to withstand the harshest conditions, whether it is drizzling or storming.

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How to Stay Warm and Dry in the Rain

People love walking in the rain because it gives them a certain aura they can never find elsewhere. But while satisfying their desires, they expose their health to an array of complications.

When it is raining, you need to try as much as possible to keep yourself warm and dry.

Make use of umbrellas to protect your clothes and hair from soaking up. They are easy to carry around, and some even boast of being wind resistant.

Other umbrellas double up as self-defense tools and might be helpful, especially when walking down a dark alley or a lonely road.

Avoid shivers by putting on heavy jumpers or sweaters while inside the house. Put on some warm socks and, if possible, turn on the room heater. When going in the rain, remember to carry either a rain poncho or coat to protect your clothes from getting wet.

A raincoat jacket with a hood on would be ideal, particularly if you don’t have an umbrella.

What Keeps you Dry in the Rain?

An umbrella will undoubtedly keep you dry on a rainy day. However, you risk getting wet from your waist down during a heavy downpour. As you protect your hair and the top parts of your body, a long rain coat and plastic boots for your feet will be necessary.

Wear a rain poncho when taking your dog for a walk or maybe a hooded jacket to give you some warmth too. If it is a heavy downpour, you might want to seek shelter in a nearby store or restaurant.

Take a bus or a cab on your way home or work because the rains can be very unforgiving and you really don’t want to get yourself wet.

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What do you do to Protect from Rain?

The rainy season always comes with its ups and downs. Farmers will be glad because their crops will grow better, but other people may hate it because of the rainy mornings as they go to work or school.

Not forgetting the diseases, infections, and of course, the colds. Always keep your umbrella handy. Sometimes the weatherman is wrong, and what seems like a warm sunny day can abruptly change to a chilly, rainy day.

A raincoat or a poncho should be somewhere in your backpack or handbag. Never forget to carry along some warm clothing such as a jumper or sweater.

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FAQs: How to Stay Dry in the Rain without an Umbrella

What do you wear to protect yourself from the rain?

A raincoat over a plain T-shirt is undoubtedly not the best idea. Instead, put on a long-sleeved hoody and then a rain poncho on top to protect you from the thin air and rain. The hoody will keep you warm as you go about your activities.

What is the one item you wouldn’t need to wear if it is rainy outside?

Don’t go in the rain with suede shoes. The water destroys the material, and the salt bleaches the color. Instead, wear boots or plastic shoes to cover your feet.

What to wear when it is hot but raining?

Putting on a lightweight raincoat will be ideal when the day is hot but rainy. The lightweight material will not overwhelm you with warmth but rather keep you cool and dry as you go about your day-to-day activities.

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An umbrella should be the ideal companion on a rainy day, but sometimes we forget to bring it along and have to go for some tough choices. In support of Alfred Wainwright’s statement, there is genuinely nothing like bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.

The rains come with colds and infections none of us would want to contract. Donning, the proper attire for the rainy season can be why you won’t set foot in a hospital the entire season.

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