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How to Keep Rain from Blowing in on Porch

How to Keep Rain from Blowing in on Porch- 4 Effective Ways

A porch is like a home’s sacred place. It is that comfortable space you go to relax as you enjoy the morning sun and the cool evening breeze while taking a hot cup of coffee. You usually want it as comfortable and beautiful as possible.

A three-seat outdoor sofa, a handmade rug for the floor, and maybe a flower pot or two to brighten the space.

But this can all be for nothing when they get pounded on by the rain. Obviously, you can’t sit on a wet sofa, let alone be comfortable with a wet rag on the floor.

How to Keep Rain from Blowing in on Porch

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How to Keep Rain from Blowing in on Porch- 4 Effective Ways 8

Protection from the rain is precisely what the porch needs. But how do you go about it? Well, the rain gets to your porch when the wind blows it at an angle not covered by the roof.

That space needs to be covered to prevent water from getting to the porch. This article takes you through ways on how to keep rain from blowing in on porch.

1. Using an Overhanging Awning

An overhanging awning could be a temporary or permanent structure covering your porch. It is basically an extension of the roof that helps prevent raindrops from hitting the porch.

Although the awning may not totally prevent the rainwater, it creates a barrier that directs the water from the actual porch.

Some of the non-permanent awnings can be rolled over against the house when not used and brought back in place whenever you want to use them. They are easy to install given their lightweight nature.

Other awnings are more permanent and would require some effort to install. They can be attached just above your front door to give you ample space where you can relax with family and friends.

An example of such is the Mr. Cover sunshade.

2. Install porch screen

Having a screen on your porch is effective in blocking rainwater from getting into the porch. More so, it protects you from mosquitoes and the prying eyes of neighbors.

Unfortunately, porch screens present some unwarranted disadvantages. They have tiny holes that allow a little bit of water to get through.

You will have to construct pillars or walls for a more permanent and durable structure to support the screens. If you would like to have a nice screen protecting your porch.

3. Install lean in roofs

Lean-in roofs are probably the most efficient and cost-friendly option to prevent rainwater from getting into your porch. In most cases, they cover the balcony, patio, and also porch. They are made of PVC, and nylon and some are designed with fabric.

The standard fabric lean-in roofs will protect you from the bright sunlight, while the ones designed with PVC material block the harmful UV rays.

Nevertheless, lean-in roofs have one major drawback. It is pretty impossible to retract or roll over the lean-in roof like you would the overhanging awning.

4. Storm Windows

You probably have been looking for the best, and nothing can certainly beat storm windows. Even the name says it all. Designed with either standard glass or fiberglass, these windows guarantee that no rainwater will get into the porch.

It will be transformed for the better. No wind will break your plants, and your three-seat sofa will remain dry for good.

The only drawback is that it doesn’t come cheap. You will have to part with quite an amount of money. More so, you will need a professional to do the installation since it isn’t as easy as it sounds.

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Ideas to keep the rain out of Screened Porch

A screened porch is everyone’s dream when summer comes, and you want to get away from the sun.

There is no better place to catch up with friends during spring-fall while having coffee other than the porch. Sometimes it rains when we least expect it.

Worse is, the screened porch doesn’t keep the rain out, and suddenly it is no longer the haven we thought it was.

Below are ways you can use to keep the rain out of your screened porch. Some of these methods have already been discussed above.

a) Hang rain curtains

Ran curtains will prevent water from getting into the screened porch. Compared to other methods, they are cheaper and relatively easy to mount. More so, they can be removed when no longer needed, such as during winter.

b) Install an overhanging awning

An overhanging awning is, after all, not a bad idea, especially when the porch is screened. You can have a permanent awning or the retractable awning. With the screen in place, your porch will remain dry.

c) Have a professional install storm windows

They may be expensive to install, but storm windows are arguably the best you can have when protecting your porch from rain. Not only will your porch be free from rainwater, but your plants will also stay intact when strong winds pass.

Other methods you can use to keep the rain out of screened porch include;

  • Using lean-in roofs
  • Porch rain shields
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How to Keep Rain from Blowing in on Porch- 4 Effective Ways 9

How to Waterproof a Screened Porch

During the rainy season, you don’t want your porch and everything in it to get wet. You must have it waterproofed to prevent unlikely damages. Here are some ways you can use to waterproof your porch.

a) Have a drain in the porch

This strategy may not keep the rainwater out but will help prevent the carpet and anything on the floor from getting wet. Run a gutter beneath the porch floor to drain any excess water around. A concrete floor may need the attention of a professional.

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b) Install roller shades

Roller shades may not be the best option, but they reduce the amount of water that gets into the porch. They are similar to an overhanging awning, except you can’t have them as permanent structures.

Some other options discussed above are as follows

  • Overhanging awnings
  • Storm windows
  • Rain curtains
  • Install lean-in roofs

How to Cover Porch from Rain

You must cover your porch from the rain because the water can destroy your items and even the porch structure itself. Some of the ways you can use to cover your porch from rain have been discussed below.

a) Install lean-in roofs

You may see them on balconies and rooftops. The lean-in roofs can also be used to cover your porch from rain. They are made of PVC, nylon, and some fabric.

b) Installing storm windows

Arguably the best when trying to have your porch free from the rainwater. You may dig deep into your pockets, but the results will definitely impress you.

c) Overhanging awnings

Overhanging awnings can either be permanent or temporary. Temporary awnings can be retracted, primarily during winter, to ensure they last longer. Permanent awnings are attached to the building’s roof and will protect the porch come rain come sunshine.

d) Hang Rain curtains

Hanging rain curtains is the cheapest, most effective method to cover your porch from rain. With the necessary infrastructure in place, rain curtains guarantee no water will get into your porch.


Do screened porches get wet?

It is not an unusual sight when screens on your porch drip wet after a heavy storm. Although they protect the porch from getting soaked, they have tiny holes that allow water to get in.

How do I keep my screened porch warm?

Most porches don’t have a heat source, and the screening does little to prevent the chilling cold. However, you can install a tiny wall room heater on your porch to get it to the desired temperatures.

How do I protect my TV on the screened-in porch?

You have purchased a flat-screen TV for your porch but are afraid it might get rained on. Well, besides placing it in a more sheltered area, you can have waterproof rain curtains installed. They are cheap and relatively easy to set up.

Most people consider their porch a safe haven. But having your safe haven getting hit by the unforgiving rains is not what any person would want.

The place needs to be covered by the rain. Several options include hanging rain curtains, installing awnings, storm windows, and having lean roofs installed.

But these methods will only prevent rainwater from blowing in. What about the water flowing on the ground and into the porch? For this case, you may want to have some landscaping done or have a drain pipe installed beneath the porch.

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