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How to Hide Propane Tank for Fire Pit

How to Hide Propane Tank for Fire Pit

A propane gas fire pit can be convenient for you and your loved ones to relax almost every night throughout the year.

However, despite the convenience propane pits bring- you no longer have to buy (and store) firewood or struggle with the natural gas line- your fuel tank can be unsightly in a backyard. In other words, your patio will be more visually appealing with the tank concealed.

This tutorial will teach how to hide propane tank for fire pit and use various propane tank disguises. We will start by looking at the most practical propane tank cover ideas.

Read on.

How to hide propane tank for fire pit – easy methods and cool hacks

There are tons of ideas you can use to conceal your propane tank.

We discuss these and other viable solutions below:

1.     Bond Manufacturing Cover for Gas Fire Pits

One of the best propane tank cover ideas is this sleek tank hideaway (for 20lb propane tanks).

It’s nice looking, super easy to put together, and even comes with a convenient, easy-access hinged lid to take the hassle out of refill time. You can place it anywhere and can even serve double duty- either as a handy fire pit side table for drinks or a stand for a decorative plant.

Try to use this black propane tank camouflage cover to hide your fire pit- it may be a perfect complement.

2.     Propane tank hideaway table

Another related solution would be using a purpose-made hideaway table for propane tanks like this (overall dimensions: 15.75L by 15.75W by 19.69H in.).

It comes with a friendly lift-top lid that lets you easily store 20lb propane tanks inside, while there’s an opening at the base through which users could connect a hose. 

The accessory is sturdy and made from powder-coated steel, so it’s a lasting option. The add-on can also be used as a side-table when its top is closed.

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3. More hide propane tank ideas (covers)

If you don’t fancy the above two suggestions, you could check out these specially-designed decorative propane tank covers:

· Real Flame Sedona Propane Tanks Cover, Small, Buff

Made from beautifully painted fiber-concrete and heavy-gauge steel (for longevity), this also holds and disguises a 20lb propane gas tank wonderfully.

As with the rest, you can place it in pairs to double as side tables for your drinks.

· Real Flame Riverside 20lb Propane Tank Cover (goes with Riverside Gas Fire Bowl )

Styled to match the popular Riverside Gas Fire Bowl and finished in glacier gray, the propane tank cover fits over 20lb. propane tanks comfortably and includes a tank seat (with leveling feet) for easier placement.

Trust me: it’s yet another super good-looking cover, not to mention that it greatly holds up to extreme weather.

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How to hide propane tank for fire pit – DIY Methods you can try

If you love DIY stuff and your propane firepit doesn’t feature a built-in spot to mask the tank attractively (some fire pits come with a separate cover for the tank), you could opt for DIY solutions.

Again, you have several approaches you can take including making a DIY propane tank hideaway table.

Here is the breakdown:

1.     Bury the propane tank

The first trick is burying the tank a couple of feet away to block it from sight. It isn’t much work, and it can be quite inexpensive.

To give you a clear picture, the idea is to construct a big enough ground box to store the tank in, dig up the ground, and slide it in there.

You will need to run a PVC pipe to where the fire pit is from, the spot the box is going to be tucked away. The propane tubing will be slipped through the PVC tube to the fire pit burners from the in-ground tank.

Important: Your box must have a lid to make it easy to remove the tank when it’s time for refilling.

On a side note, you can tweak the design so that you have a pair of tables- one will hold the propane tank for your firepit while the other shall hold your outdoor chair covers.

This time, hiding anything underground is unnecessary –   just locate the tables/storage so that the arrangement will be pleasing to the eye.     

To understand this adjustment better, see a sample plan here.

2. Build a DIY propane tank cover

Back to covers, and you can settle on a DIY propane tank cover if you have no qualms getting your hands dirty. I know it can be a little time-consuming, but with some imagination, you can come up with a creative solution.

YouTube has a few inspirational hands-on projects you can try out and can be the most sensible starting point for beginners.

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Where to store propane tank for fire pit

As you may have noted, you need to store the tank outside of the firepit for styles that can’t conceal the propane tank underneath.

So, how far away from the firepit should the tank be placed?

Now, experts recommend that tanks should typically be stored within 10 feet. In other words, your tank enclosure (and anything else you invent to hide the tank from view) should be no more than 10 feet from the fire pit.

Suggestions such as using rocks to cover the propane tank in the yard or a picket fence to hide the propane tank are not practical when camouflaging a standard size propane tank for firepit- the former work best for large tanks sitting in the backyard.

Instead, try suggestions such as purchasing an elegant propane tank cover or a propane tank hideaway table that matches your décor.

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Plus, you can experiment with the outlined DIY solutions if you’re artistic or after a tailor-made fix.

Enjoy your propane firepit and the new aesthetically-pleasant view!

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