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How to Hang a Ladder on the Wall

How to Hang a Ladder on the Wall

So, how do you store your ladder? For me -I have to admit I’m the stubborn type who believes in saving every little space. Hanging it on the wall makes my garage more spacious giving me room to try out my newest DIY ideas.

I have also seen guys repurpose old ladders into an additional shelving unit by simply hanging them on walls. In fact, this wooden gem can breathe new life into your living room’s décor- simply hang that worn-out vintage ladder on the wall and use it to creatively display your most cherished family photos!

If that has you inspired, here is how to hang a ladder on the wall for storage, decorative motives, or other DIY projects. Whether you want to hang a ladder on the garage wall to create more working space or in your guest room as a masterpiece of art, the process is relatively easy. 

Before we start, here is what you’ll need for the project depending on your reason for hanging the ladder on the wall:

  • Ladder hanging brackets (L-brackets) – Purchase heavy-duty ladder hangers (medium-duty brackets can work for lightweight aluminum ladders but we insist on thicker hooks for heavier ladders).
  • Note that you should buy specific ladder mounting hooks if you want to hang the ladder for storage.
  • A drill.
  • A stud finder.
  • A pencil.

How to hang a ladder on the wall- step by step

The procedure to follow when hanging a ladder on a wall for storage is slightly different from the sequence of steps to observe when hanging it for aesthetics.

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First up are the easy steps to abide by to mount it directly on a wall for storage:

1. How to hang ladders on the wall for storage reasons

The key to storing your ladder on the wall when it’s not in use is the ladder hooks.

Now, with ladder hooks- and it is important to purchase hooks with a platform length that’s more than the width of the ladder you want to hang- you can hang it vertically/horizontally.

how to hang a blanket ladder on the wall
Image: Ladder decoration

One hook is likely to be sufficient if you want to go the vertical route but you’ll need a pair of hooks (at the very least) if you choose to suspend it horizontally.

To begin with, we shall look at the horizontal approach, which is, of course, the best way to hang it if you want to use it as a storage shelf.

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2. How to hang a ladder on the wall horizontally

Follow this series of steps to hang your ladder horizontally:

Step 1: Find the studs

Run your stud finder over your wall and locate the studs. Due to the weight of the ladder that it will finally hold, it’s best to install your hooks in a wall stud.

Step 2: Determine and label the studs to be drilled

You have to mark the studs you have chosen to drill into with your pencil. Determining the studs to drill into can be a bit tricky and we suggest that you be mindful of these guidelines:

  • Set the ladder against the wall you intend to hang (on the ground) and use it to estimate the perfect positions for the hooks (and hence the studs).
  • There should be at least one stud to be drilled into- the most appropriate one based on the length of your ladder- for every six feet of the ladder.
  • Ideally, the hooks should not be fixed to the ends of the ladder- aim to put them about 2 feet from either end when selecting the studs to drill.
  • Choose the distancing of the hooks in a way that guarantees optimal and even support for the entire ladder.
hooks to hang ladder on wall
Image: ladder on library wall

Step 3: Drill the hooks

Place a hook on the first marked stud and hold it flush against your wall. Now insert a 2.5 in the screw into its opening and proceed to drive the screw in through this stud with a drill until it’s flush with your hook.

Repeat this for the other hooks.

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Step 4: Slide the ladder over the hooks

Lift your ladder –ask a friend to assist if you own a beast of a ladder- and position it so that the top rails hang evenly on the platforms of the hooks.

How to hang a ladder vertically for storage

If light enough- that is not more than 35 lbs.- you can hang your ladder vertically. This is even more straightforward since you only need one hook (in most cases).


  • Find an ideal stud.
  • Place a hook then drill a 2.5 in screw in as described earlier.
  • Close and lock its side rails together (for ladders with a side-located latch)
  • Raise the ladder off the ground (make sure it stands upright) and hang it – you hang the seat- on top of your freshly drilled in the hook.
  • Gently let the ladder down so that it doesn’t force the hook out.

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heavy duty ladder wall hooks
Image: ladder on library wall

How to hang a decorative ladder on the wall horizontally

The ladder storage solutions are finally out of our way paving way for our last section- how to hang a classic ladder on the wall for a gorgeous look in your living room:

Step 1: Decide the part of the wall the ladder will go

Select the part of the wall where the ladder will fit comfortably (and shine its beauty).

Step 2: Find the studs

Unless your chic ladder is as light as a feather (below 20 lbs.), it’s still wise to hang it on studs. Your second task is, therefore, to locate the studs again with your stud finder.

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Step 3: Mark the most suitable studs

Label about 2-3 studs with your pencil. Apply proper spacing between the studs for maximum support.

Step 4: Drill the L-brackets into your wall

Grab and hold the first L-bracket against the wall, facing up (The part that sticks out will be at the bottom). Insert a 3-in screw and drive it in all the way.

Do this for every other L-bracket at the various positions.

Step 5: Screw the ladder into the brackets

Raise the ladder onto the top of the wall with fixed brackets and screw it in place.

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Step 6: How to secure a decorative ladder to wall

To tighten it to the wall, drill extra 2-3 brackets (you can match the number you used for the bottom rail for uniformity) again through the studs under the top rail.

This time the brackets will be flipped upside-down (the protruding part will be on the top). Where your hooks have two openings, drive a screw in via each hole for a more secure hold.

Also, consider installing a wall plug (Rawlplug) – the type that masons use to hold screws onto concrete walls- if you’re fixing hooks onto a concrete wall.

This innovation will help make the ladder more secure than when you drill hooks into the bare concrete wall because it grips the screws better on hard surfaces.

The last thing to remember is that your L-shaped brackets should be a tad smaller than the width (measure it) of the ladder rails.

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