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How to Dispose of a Coffee Maker

How to Dispose of a Coffee Maker

If you have an old coffee maker sitting around that you no longer use or you’re upgrading to a model with the latest features, it may be time to think of ways to dispose of it safely.

Not only can tossing it out in the same manner as regular household trash land you in trouble with the authorities but it also harms the environment.

And so it’s important to research how to dispose of a coffee maker in your locality before throwing it away.

We explain the most widely accepted safe disposal methods for kitchen appliances such as coffee machines across cities below:

How to dispose of a coffee maker

There are several options to consider when it comes to getting rid of your old coffee maker in an eco-friendly manner…

A. Disposing of working coffee makers

First, we’ll look at how to dispose of a coffee maker that’s still in excellent condition- perhaps you’ve just updated the kitchen and replaced a working coffee brewer that has outdated features.

Option 1: Sell it and make some quick cash

You can make some quick cash by selling your old Espresso machine or the commercial coffee equipment you’ve been using in your restaurant if it’s still operational.

There’s no shortage of online market places you can list your coffee brewer with some of them offering great deals for sellers.

A good place to start would be specialized used Coffee machine websites such as CoffeeTec, the United Baristas Marketplace, and UsedCoffeeGear.

Some of them have an international audience and fetch good prices.

Another related option would be selling it to a local used appliance shop- just call the local shops and compare selling opportunities.

Option 2: Donate the coffee maker

How about touching the lives of those among us who are not as fortunate?

Well, many charity organizations accept smaller appliances including coffee makers, blenders, and toasters as long as they’re still functional.

All you need to do is research and call your local nonprofits/donation centers for arrangements.

One organization worth considering – if you take this route- is the Habitat for Humanity.

They deal with homes (meaning they often need used cookware) and have locations in every part of the country.

And you won’t always leave empty handed- donating your coffee maker can earn you a couple of bucks in tax write-off in some states. 

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Disposing of Nonworking coffee makers

Getting rid of broken coffee makers can be more of a hassle but you still have options.

Option 1: Recycle it

A great way to dispose of your broken coffee machine is recycling it.

In fact, many cities and counties recommend recycling for all small appliances.

You start by researching online and identifying a recycling company that takes coffee makers.

A simple Google search will reveal tons of recycling centers along with thrift-ing and Goodwill stores that take coffee makers.

Of course, you are looking for one that operates near where you live or is within a reasonable distance.

Recycling companies are very convenient as a good number even offer home pick up service for coffee makers and related kitchen appliances at no charge.

Keep in mind that you might be required to disconnect the coffee maker from your home/office before the staff arrives to collect it.

Besides, some need you to flush and clean it to get rid of bacteria prior to picking it up.

Note that those that do not run home pickup services will ask you to bring the appliance to the plant for recycling.

In this case, it’s important to call in advance to verify office hours and fees where applicable.

Option 2: Pay junk removal companies to dispose it for you

If you choose not to recycle it for some reason, you may get junk removal companies that have operations near you haul it away (plus other electronics or home appliances you want to dispose of) at a fee.

Prices vary with new entrants generally offering their services at lower rates than the biggest names.

Option 3: Toss Curbside

Many cities offer free curbside pickup for hazardous appliances and you can take advantage of this arrangement.

There are different regulations and its best to contact your municipality (start by checking their website) for details regarding local curbside pickup services.

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Option 4: Drop it off during Appliance Drop-Off events

In addition to the toss curbside program, there are towns that organize Appliance Drop-Off events for residents.

You’re permitted to dispose of appliances like toasters, coffee makers, ovens, and more at designated collection facilities on specified days.

This is usually free of charge.

If you’d like to try this option, look up your local town’s drop-off schedule on their website (if available).

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How to dispose of a coffee maker- more alternatives

1. Dump it during the local appliance-recycling day

Many cities organize large appliance-recycling days.

Research if your city is one of them and transport your coffee maker to the indicated drop off location on the set date.

2.      Take it back to the manufacturer

Ask if your coffee brand will take the machine back.

Some, including Nespresso, accept and recycle obsolete coffee machines and can help you solve the riddle of what to do with your old coffee brewer.

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3. Trade it in

Consider trading the machine in – if you’ve not yet purchased your new coffee maker– provided the store allows trade-ins.

In fact, some sellers offer significant discounts/rebates towards new coffee makers under trade-in terms.

Call your favorite store and check what their policy says about trade-ins.

Don’t hesitate to shop around for other retailers with a better deal if unhappy with the offered terms.

There are a couple of great ways to dispose of your old coffee machine safely.

You can either opt to sell it coffee maker and walk away with some extra cash or to donate it to charities.

The other option would be dropping it off at a nearby recycling center, thrift/goodwill store, or even dumping it during your city’s upcoming appliance-recycling day.

You can also go for smart options like using it as a trade-in when upgrading. The key thing is: whatever approach you take, make sure you get rid of your coffee brewer safely!

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