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How to clean a Hamilton Beach Brewstation

The Hamilton Beach Brewstation is a dream for coffee lovers for one key reason: this wonderful coffeemaker brews your Java into an internal tank and not a carafe like most of the competition!

However, your coffee won’t taste as fresh as you’d love if it’s dirty.

Plus, sludge and mineral deposits can significantly reduce the life of your beloved appliance.

Even worse, a dirty brewing station is a haven for unseen germs and bacteria!

Now, if yours isn’t performing quite like it used to, here’s how to clean a Hamilton Beach Brewstation.

How to clean a Hamilton Beach Brewstation

You can quickly make it sparkling clean by washing it with vinegar or a coffee machine cleaner. Here’s the really good part: It’s not hard to do, and in fact, it doesn’t take an awful lot of time. This is the correct way to do it.

Method 1: How to clean a Hamilton Beach Brewstation with Vinegar

Step 1: Pull the water filter out

You start by removing the water filter. You must also remove the water filter holder (where available since this is an optional feature).

Step 2: Plug it in and set its clock

Next, you plug in your BrewStation then set the clock the usual way (if your model features a clock).

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Step 3: Set the empty coffee tank 

Here you set the coffee tank as if you’re preparing to brew some tasty coffee.

Commence by placing the empty coffee tank on the unit’s keep warm plate.

After that, proceed to place the filter basket on the coffee tank just like the way you do it when preparing for brewing.

However, you’ll not be adding coffee into the filter basket in this case.

Instead, you’ll be pouring white distilled vinegar into the appliance’s water reservoir as explained in step 4.

Step 4: Add plain white vinegar in the water reservoir

The good ol’ reliable plain white vinegar is one of the most effective cleaning agents when it comes to coffeemakers and your Beach Brewstation is no exception.

You need to pour about one pint of the liquid solution into the water tank and fill up with water.

Step 5: Turn it on the off

It’s now all set for cleaning so turn it on- simply press the Auto/On/Off button two times (for clock models) or once (for non-clock models).

As always, the light should glow.

Whatever your model, you must turn it OFF after 20 seconds to allow time for the vinegar to do the cleaning.

Step 6: Wait for 20 minutes

For vinegar to clean properly, let the Brewstation sit for about 20 minutes. You can use a timer or any other suitable method to track time.

Step 7: Turn it back ON

With the 20-minutes waiting period expired, turn it back ON.

Remember you want it to finish the brew cycle after which you’ll turn it OFF.

Step 8: Rinse the coffee tank

After turning it off (at the end of the brew cycle), let it cool then empty and rinse the coffee tank thoroughly.

Step 9: Fill the reservoir with cold tap water

Pour a whole coffee tank of tap water into its reservoir and proceed to place the coffee tank on the keep warm plate.

Step 10: Start a new brewing cycle

Turn the brewstation ON as described earlier to start a fresh brew cycle.

Once the brew cycle has finished, empty your coffee tank once again.

Don’t forget to allow the BrewStation to cool.

Step 11: Run more brew cycles

Refill the reservoir with another coffee tank of cold water and run 2 or 3 more brewing cycles with water only (allow cooling between cycles).

Turn it OFF when satisfied.

Step 12: Wash everything else

Finally, mix some water with soap and wash the coffee tank, brew basket, and drip tray (don’t add too much soap when mixing).

Don’t forget to rinse the parts well.

Tip: For the outside sections, simply wipe the Brewstation clean (a damp cloth can suffice).

That’s all. Your BrewStation is sparkling clean and ready to brew your favorite beverage.

Note: Never put the removable reservoir or coffee tank in the dishwasher. They’re not dishwasher safe.

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Method 2: How to clean a Hamilton Beach Brewstation with commercially-available coffeemaker cleaner.

The biggest advantage of using Coffeemaker cleaner for the chore is that it leaves no odor.

Here are the typical steps, if you’d rather use commercial coffeemaker cleaners such as the best-selling Affresh brand with descaler (tablets).

  1. Remove the optional water filter.
  2. Fill water in the reservoir (to maximum level).
  3. Drop a tablet (or pour the recommended volume of your commercial coffeemaker’s mixture) into reservoir.
  4. Turn it ON and run one brew cycle as previously described (refer to the cleaning with vinegar method).
  5. Let it cool then empty water from the reservoir and rinse it.
  6. Fill reservoir with water afresh to maximum level.
  7. Run another brew cycle then proceed to discard the water. You still need to rinse it.
  8. Start and run 2-3 extra brew cycles until the Brewstation looks clean.
  9. Wash the other components- the coffee tank, brew basket, and drip tray in soapy water.
  10. Wipe the outer sections of the Brewstation clean using a damp cloth.

That’s all..

Tip: Check and follow the package directions on your coffeemaker cleaner for the best results.

How often should you clean the Hamilton Beach Brewstation?

Now, your Brewstation will alert you when it needs cleaning either via the built-in cycle timer or built-in residue sensor.

The former will flash CLEAN in the display – telling you the unit is due for cleaning —after every 30 brew cycles. The light stays illuminated for two cycles in most models.

On the other hand, the residue sensor will display CLEAN whenever it senses overwhelming residue buildup and remains illuminated until you’ve cleaned the unit.

That’s the guide to keeping your Hamilton Beach Brewstation in pristine order and as we’ve seen, it’s all so easy.

One final thing: It’s generally recommended that you clean your BrewStation at least once a month.

It’s the age-old trusted way to keep the deposits that slow coffee machines down at bay.

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