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Hamilton Beach Iced Tea Makers

Hamilton Beach Iced Tea Makers

The summer comes with its set of challenges; cold drinks and beverages are a must-have for many.

You can stack up as many soft drinks in your fridge, but iced tea can make a whole new difference. With the ever-changing technology and innovations, you do not have to break a sweat to enjoy a cup of iced tea.

You can get one of the Hamilton beach iced tea makers, and you will be good to go. They basically work in a similar way to the iced coffee makers.

All you need is to add a teabag to the appliance’s basket and let hot water to dispense over before brewing it into a pitcher of ice.

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Hamilton Beach Iced Tea Makers

Anytime you are out there for an iced tea maker, be sure to have a range of choices to make.

Hamilton Beach provides different products with distinct features, so you only take what you feel is best for you.

We, however, simplified things for you by gathering the best three Hamilton beach iced tea makers available. Take a look at our picks which are based on thorough research and evaluation of features and performance.

1. Best Overall- Hamilton Beach 40912R Iced Coffee/Tea Maker

With this iced tea maker, you are sure to have a hassle-free experience preparing your tea, and will only take you a maximum of ten minutes.

Hamilton Beach 40912R Iced Coffee/Tea Maker


  • Up to 2 quarts tea
  • 4.6 pounds in weight
  • Plastic build
  • Measures 4.13l by 4.13w by 9h
  • No drip spout feature
  • Interchangeable baskets
  • Tip-resistant base
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Adjustable beverage strength

The appliance is so easy to use and will offer you up to two quarts of your tea in such a short time. Besides, this product offers you the flexibility you need in case you want to have something different. You can make your tea or coffee as you prefer.

It comes with an excellent design where the baskets are interchangeable, and you can as well adjust the strength of your preferred beverage. You will do all this without worrying about creating any mess, thanks to the no-drip spout feature.


  • It is easy to use and fast
  • Ensures no mess while making your tea
  • Refrigerator and dishwasher safe


  • No information on the warranty

Why We Liked It: You will love this iced tea maker’s speed and ease of use. Besides, it offers flexibility between tea and coffee.

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2. Hamilton Beach 40911 2-Quart Electric Iced Tea Maker-

This slim iced tea maker from Hamilton Beach will make you up to 2 quarts of tea without a hassle.

Hamilton Beach 40911 2-Quart Electric Iced Tea Maker, White


  • 2 quarts of iced tea in less than ten minutes
  • Auto-shutoff with LED light
  • Wide handle
  • Adjustable strength
  • Slim to fit in a refrigerator
  • 4 pounds in weight
  • Measures 13.2l by 12w by 7.7h inches

It is quite user friendly and comes with an innovative design. It easy to operate as it starts with a single push button, and you can adjust the strength of the beverage.

It has a water tank where you fill water and a pitcher for the ice. The pitcher has a compartment with a filter, where you place your teabag. Its also fast, and will get your iced tea ready in less than ten minutes.

You are sure no dripping will occur thanks to the pitcher’s mouth which is designed to fit appropriately to the heating unit. It features a handle for a firm grip and an amazing auto-shutoff feature with a LED light.


  • Slim to fit in your refrigerator
  • It is fast and easy to use
  • No-spill design
  • Automatically shuts off after brewing is complete


  • The pitcher is not dishwasher friendly

Why We Liked It: We loved the speed at which this appliance delivers your iced tea, and the automatic shut off feature with indicator light.

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3. Hamilton Beach Iced Coffee & Tea Maker (40917)

Hamilton Beach Iced Tea and Coffee Maker-40917 is an amazing iced tea maker from Hamilton Beach that brews both coffee and tea right into your cup.

Hamilton Beach Iced Coffee & Tea Maker (40917)


  • Plastic build
  • Makes a glass of iced tea or coffee in minutes
  • 1.6 pounds in weight
  • Measures 4.53l by 4.53w by 9.76 h inches

It comes compact for individual use and will serve your iced tea needs conveniently.

It comes with a tea filter included, so you do not need to get paper filters. It has a plastic build and comes including the iced tea making recipe.


  • Compact size
  • Fast iced tea making
  • Lightweight


  • Can only make a glass of iced tea or coffee at a go

Why We Liked It: We loved this iced tea maker’s compact size and lightweight aspects that makes it portable, and a good companion for personal use.

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Hamilton Beach Iced Tea Makers Buying Guide

Hamilton Beach may have the perfect appliances for you, although it does not imply that anything on their stock list will suit your needs.

Here is what you need to consider before taking home any of the Hamilton beach iced tea makers.

a) The Capacity

The capacity here regards the amount of tea you can make at a go. If you want an iced tea maker for a couple of friends, then the high capacity options are the best for you.

b) The Speed

You do not have to wait until your craving for the iced cup of tea is no longer there. The ideal tea maker should get the beverage ready in just a few minutes. In your purchase, check how long it will take.

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c) The Ease of Use and Safety

You may not enjoy your cup of tea after a struggle with the appliance. The best-iced tea maker should be easy to use, and with features that not only aid in the ease of handling but also your safety.

Among the features that render a pleasant experience include an excellent handle, automatic shut-off and anti-spill design.

For those who want to make a difference this summer, Hamilton Beach iced tea makers are an excellent way to go.

Any of the models can suit you depending on your needs, although we found Hamilton Beach 40912R Iced Coffee/Tea Maker the most worth it.

It has the speed and capacity to make your perfect beverage.

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