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Does Shower Filter Help Hair Loss

Does Shower Filter Help Hair Loss? Worth the Investment ?

The reality of getting bald due to progressive hair loss is the last thing anyone would want to think of, even in their wildest dreams.

Surprisingly your home’s water source could be one of the major contributing factors to your hair problem.

Chemicals and minerals such as chloride, mercury, magnesium, and impurities such as sand are all found in our shower water. Not only are these impurities toxic to our health, but their contact with the skin and scalp also causes irritations that lead to hair loss.

You want your hair to be soft and healthy? Well, it all depends on the quality of your shower water, just as it depends on the quality of oils, gels, shampoo, and other hair products you use.

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You may have a choice over others on the quality of hair products, but how would you deal with the chemical and mineral impurities in your water? That is the subject of discussion in this article. Most people recommend using shower filters to prevent hair loss, but do they really help?

First of all, when these minerals are deposited on your skin, they cause irritations and itchiness. They will build on the scalp preventing essential oils and moisture from penetrating through your skin. Eventually, your hair will feel dry and dirty, not forgetting the irritating itchiness. No matter how much you rinse with water, the feeling won’t go away.

If you are used to taking a shower using hot water, you may want to pay a little more attention. Hot water makes the pores on the scalp open more, giving way to the entry of chlorine and other minerals. It increases the acidity on the scalp, which makes the hair eventually lose strength and disintegrate.

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Does Shower Filter Help Hair Loss?

Good Shower filters help prevent this menace. Not only will they prevent your hair loss, but they also protect your skin from harsh chemicals.

Research has shown that the leading cause of hair dryness and itchiness is the water we use as we shower. The best remedy for this is to stay away from regular showers and use filters to get rid of large proportions of these chemicals.

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How Shower Filters Work

The most effective shower filter is one designed with the Kinetic Degradation Fluxion technology or KDF. It is a filtration system that changes electrons with water-borne contaminants.

The process converts chlorine and other heavy metals such as lead into materials that are at least more lenient to your skin and hair. KDF converts the chlorine chemicals into soluble chloride ions that have no effect on the scalp.

One of the best shower filters available is the Aquabliss high output revitalizing shower filter. This shower filter reduces the itchiness on your skin after taking a bath, removes dandruff, and improves your skin and hair condition. Some of the most toxic heavy metals are also removed from the shower water.

Benefits of Using a Shower Filter

Taking a shower with chlorinated water exposes you to an array of risks. The water you are using must be safe.

The best way to prevent such risks is to use a shower filter to get rid of toxic chemicals and heavy metals.

Below are some advantages you stand to benefit from by using a shower filter.

a) Healthy Hair

Before water reaches our households, it goes through a treatment process where chlorine or chloramine is added to eliminate bacteria and other contaminants.

Chlorine is very effective in killing bacteria but is relatively toxic to human beings. A hot shower makes the pores on our skin open more, giving way to chlorine entry, making your hair dry and the scalp itchy.

Continuous build-up of chlorine weakens the hair, which eventually disintegrates. Shower filters help prevent this problem by neutralizing the chemicals.

For instance, they convert the dissolved chlorine into chloride ions that are friendlier to our skin and the environment.

More heavy metals such as lead, iron, and copper are also removed from the water.

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b) Healthy skin

Your skin speaks a lot about you. It should always look smooth and healthy.

However, when you use water filled with chlorine, it washes away and destroys some essential skin properties such as Vitamin E and secreted oils and fatty acids from the skin.

When such indispensable properties are destroyed, the skin becomes dehydrated and itchy. You may develop rashes which will leave acnes.

Shower filters remove these toxic chemicals and heavy metals. The good bacteria on your skin will remain active, and the skin will continue to produce fatty acids and oils. Your skin will stay soft and healthy, free from rashes and acne.

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c) Reduces the Risk of Cancer

It is no joke that chlorine is a toxic chemical. When it washes over your skin, it combines with other organic matter forming chlorination by-products otherwise known as Trihalomethanes (THMs).

The byproducts prompt the body to produce free radicals (carcinogens) that damage body cells leading to cancer. Getting rid of chlorine before it hits your skin is the only solution to this problem.

Although the concentrations of the carcinogens are pretty low, cancer researchers believe it is the likely reason behind 40-60 percent of America’s breast cancer cases. Having a shower filter could save you from being part of the statistics.

d) You will look younger and healthy

You possibly have bought various skincare products to get rid of wrinkles on your face, but they seem not to be working.

It probably could be that you are using highly chlorinated water, making your skin produce free radicals that damage your cells.

Simple solution, get rid of the chlorine in your water using a shower filter, and your skin will once again look younger. Although it doesn’t prevent aging, it is a solution for premature aging. You will have moisturized, soft, and healthy skin.

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Does a Shower Filter Help Hair?

Shower filters eliminate chlorine, minerals, and heavy metals like iron, lead, and copper. The filters work by neutralizing the chemicals to more lenient byproducts.

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When taking a shower with hot water, the pores on your scalp open, giving way to the entry of chemicals, minerals, and heavy metals. These impurities accumulate in the pores making the hair dry and frizzy.

Eventually, the hair weakens and disintegrates from the scalp.  However much you try to wash the hair with water, you will still feel the itchiness and irritation.

The only option you have is to use water free from these chemicals and minerals. Filtering the toxic components from the water will make the skin and scalp to be hydrated. Hydration promotes the growth of healthy and smooth hair.

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FAQs: Shower Filters on Hair Loss

Are shower water filters necessary?

The importance of shower filters cannot be underestimated. Having a shower filter installed in your bathroom will protect you from a wide array of risks.

Highly chlorinated water increases the chances of developing cancerous cells. Your skin and hair also get damaged from the use of unfiltered water.

Is filter water good for hair?

Filtered water is good for the hair because it is free from chemicals and heavy metals such as chlorine, lead iron, and copper.

Taking a shower with filtered water rejuvenates hair growth and prevents it from dryness and irritation. You will have more hydrated, soft hair that looks healthy.

Can shower filters cause hair loss?

No. Shower filters do not cause hair loss; instead, they eliminate the toxic chemicals and heavy metals that cause the hair to dry up and break.

Even when showering with hot water, you are guaranteed that your hair will remain intact even though scalp pores are open.

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Does Shower Filter Help Hair Loss? Worth the Investment ? 9

Shower filters are essential in every shower. The price you are likely to pay for failing to use a shower filter is too high. You risk losing your hair, damaging your skin, and worse, getting cancer.

Chlorine is the major impurity in unfiltered water. Although it kills bacteria in the water to keep it safe, it also kills helpful bacteria on our skin.

The chemicals lodge in skin pores, preventing the secretion of necessary fatty acids and vitamins. Having your shower water filtered will save you from these problems.

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