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Do All Mattresses Have Fiberglass

Do All Mattresses Have Fiberglass? What You Should Know!

Fiberglass is a dangerous material that is sometimes found in mattresses. When inhaled or if one makes a contact with it, it can lead to irritation of the eyes, airways, and skin. It has also been found that it worsens asthma symptoms in children and adults.

So, do all mattresses have fiberglass? Well, no.

This post will guide you through the common mattresses that have fiberglass and the mattresses that don’t. We’ll also explore mattress toppers with fiberglass together with the most crucial tips that can help you determine if your mattress has fiberglass or not. Continue reading so that you can learn more.

What is Fiberglass?

Fiberglass is a composite material that is made up of two materials- glass and reinforced plastic. It is durable, easy to mold, lightweight, and has good flame retardants.

Fiberglass is commonly used for insulation because its material is cost-effective and flame-retardant. Some manufacturers use it to cover mattresses although it can pose serious health hazards.

Here are some different types of fiberglass that can be used on mattresses. They include:

  • C- glass- This type of fiberglass is resistant to chemical impact and it is commonly referred to as chemical glass.
  • A-glass- it contains glass fiber composition making it to be resistant to chemicals. Many people refer to it as alkali glass.
  • AE- glass- many people refer to these fiberglasses as alkali-resistant glass.
  • E- glass- This fiberglass is known as electrical glass because it’s a top-notch insulator.
  • S-glass- This fiberglass has mechanical properties branding it the name structural glass.

How to Tell if Your Mattress Has Fiberglass

Buying a mattress is a crucial decision you need to make because you are going to spend a significant amount of time on it. If you are one of the people who have had a bad ordeal with fiberglass in your mattress, then it is paramount for you to be able to tell if a mattress has fiberglass.

It is difficult to see fiberglass on your mattress with the naked eye because it is a refined material that is carefully woven into the mattress. So what’s the best way to tell that a mattress has fiberglass? You can look at the reviews, descriptions, and product labels. Here is a deep insight:

1. Labels Written ‘Made in China”

Many manufacturing industries in china provide cost advantage offers to many companies including mattress companies. In most cases, there are no stringent regulations that are in place for the products making it a significant health risk.

2. Mattresses Based on Polyfoam

Many memory foam mattresses are expensive making some companies opt to use polyfoam. Polyfoam contains cheaper material and fiberglass that can be dangerous to you or anyone sleeping on your mattress. However, when advertising they advertise them as memory foam.

3. Low Cost

Many cheap mattresses- costing less than $400 will most likely contain fiberglass. Some manufacturers make their mattresses with potentially dangerous materials and they use cost-cutting measures to lure customers to them.

4. Labels Written “ Don’t Remove the Cover”

Be keen to check your mattress when you purchase it and if you notice a label written “ don’t remove the cover”, avoid the mattress. This is because it’s a clear sign that the manufacturers don’t want you to see the fiberglass in the mattress.

You should be cautious because they can expose you or your loved ones to different health risks.

5. “ Greenwashing “ Terms

It is safe and logical for a buyer to deny purchasing mattresses with fiberglass and opt to purchase fiberglass-free mattresses that are of high quality. You should know it’s a red flag when you notice terms like silica, glass fibers, and glass wool on a mattress.

These terms are frequently used by many mattress manufacturing industries to mislead customers intentionally.

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What to Do If Your Mattress Contains Fiberglass

If you have checked your mattress and you have noticed that it contains fiberglass, you need not worry because fiberglass itself is not toxic. You should however keep it intact in the mattress to mitigate any health risks that might arise. Here is how you can keep fiberglass intact in your mattress.

1. Use Mattress Covers

If your mattress has fiberglass, you should always cover it using high-quality mattress protectors that will prevent the fiberglass from escaping. The fiberglass can escape through holes that might be on your mattress protector.

2. Don’t Remove the Cover

You should avoid at all cost removing the cover from your mattress. This is because the fiberglass layer is just below the mattress cover where it acts as a fire redundant layer. When you remove the cover, you release the fiberglass.

3. Replace Your Mattress

If you never wanted to be on a mattress that has fiberglass, then consider replacing your mattress with a high-quality fiber-free mattress.

Fiberglass-Related Health Effects

One can be affected by fiberglass depending on the size of the fiberglass or the extent of exposure. In most cases, fiberglass can irritate the skin, eye, and other parts of the respiratory tract. Other common significant health problems that arise due to exposure to fiberglass include:

  • Your eyes can turn red if you are exposed to huge amounts of fiberglass.
  • The surface of your skin can develop rashes although fiberglass is known not to have adverse effects when you touch it.
  • If you swallow fiberglass, you will experience a temporal irritation of the stomach.
  • If you inhale fiberglass, you are most likely to experience a sore throat.

Little is known about the effects of minimal exposure to fiberglass. Some researchers say that when inhaled in small quantities, it can penetrate delicate parts of the lungs causing adverse health effects.

Seeking Medication

Whenever you notice serious signs of exposure to fiberglass, you should immediately seek medical attention.

Seek your physician’s advice in cases where you are having some trouble removing the fiberglass from the skin. This is important because the embedded pieces of the fiberglass cause infections that can be treated by the use of antibiotics.

Some notable skin infections include swelling, pus, and warmth around the affected areas.

Which Mattresses Don’t Have Fiberglass

The following are some of the most notable examples of mattresses without fiberglass that you can find in the market today.

1. Naturepedic Chorus Organic Mattress

Naturepedic chorus organic mattress is a hybrid mattress that features a hybrid design for enhanced support and relief. It provides a comfortable universal feel provided by its cushion-firm comfort level.

They are made in the USA with imported and domestic components that are healthy. Some of the components include sugarcane PLA, organic latex, organic wool, organic cotton, and an encased steel coil innerspring.

This mattress also passes the government’s flammability requirements because they are 100% GOTS certified.

2. Brentwood Memory Foam Mattress

Brentwood memory foam mattress features an all-foam or hybrid construction. Its design makes the charcoal-infused memory foam perfect for cooling. It draws away body heat and moisture from the surface you are sleeping on keeping you dry and cool as you sleep.

It is perfect for side sleepers and back sleepers because its patented BioFoam provides support to your hips and shoulders. It is also environmentally friendly and certified with CertiPUR-US and GreenGuard Gold.

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3. Sunrising Bedding8”

This 8-inch mattress is a superb choice for kids or spare bedrooms. It has an elegant hybrid design and it’s easy to move. This mattress is also durable and comfortable giving you a refreshing sleep.

The Sunrising 8-inch mattress features a cashmere wool mattress cover and a non-toxic fire-retardant cotton layer to enhance easy cleaning and stain resistance. This mattress has an amazing price tag and will give you a responsive sleeping area.

Advantages of Using Fiberglass Free Mattresses

  • They are environmentally friendly
  • They have zero interaction with dangerous VOCs
  • They are FR certified
  • They offer better sleep with minimal irritation
  • They offer no adverse health reactions or allergies brought up by fiberglass particles

Which Mattresses Have Fiberglass

Many mattresses have fiberglass because many of them are low costing memory foam mattresses that are probably having fiberglass. The following is a list of some brands that have fiberglass. They include:

  • Zinus- Zinus company has a layer of fiberglass deep in their mattresses to protect their customers from contracting the fiberglass.
  • Linenspa- They are considered to offer mattresses that are cheap and of the best value. They use fiberglass in their mattresses as a fire retardant.
  • Lucid- This company is famous as its one of the best sellers online.
  • Layla- This company accepts that they use fiberglass in manufacturing their mattresses as they are strongly woven.
  • Nectar- They are among the most affordable dealers of memory foam mattresses. The inner layer of their mattresses is usually 100% fiberglass. They use another layer as a protective layer to ensure that the fiberglass does not come out.
  • Sleep Innovations
  • Ashley Furniture- This company takes pride in making hybrid and memory foam mattresses. It is important to note that their mattresses have fiberglass woven in them.
  • Purple- This is another popular brand. Their mattresses contain fiberglass deeply woven in them with a design that ensures the fiberglass does not escape.

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Do Mattress Toppers Have Fiberglass

Mattress Topper
Do All Mattresses Have Fiberglass? What You Should Know! 7

In many cases, many mattress toppers have chemicals and retardant materials that help aid the safety of their products. Many toppers have layers of fiberglass which act as a fire protectant barrier to the mattress.

Many people get worried when they discover that their favorite mattress topper has fiberglass. You should not worry much because fiberglass is not a toxic substance and it cannot leak dangerous contents into your skin. You should however be careful in case its fabric case rips off.

Sometimes you might wonder how to know whether your mattress topper has fiberglass. It is mandatory by law that companies should make information on all the materials they use available to the public. If you are not able to see the label, visit the company’s website so that you can see what they used to manufacture the mattress topper.

If you want to remove fiberglass sheets from your mattress topper, it is recommended that you seek help from professionals. They have the proper knowledge, safety equipment, and tools to get the job done easily and safely. If the fiberglass in your brand is easily accessed, you’ll typically need to unzip the fabric layer to remove the sheets.

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FAQs- Do All Mattresses Have Fiberglass

How Do I Know if There Is Fiberglass in My Mattress?

The best way to check if your mattress has fiberglass is by checking the labels. If you notice labels such as XX% glass fiber, it means the mattress has fiberglass.

Another important label name is “ Do Not Remove Cover”- this label indicates the presence of fiberglass in the mattress because if you remove the cover, you will release the glass fiber shads.

Do Most Mattresses Have Fiberglass?

Yes, many mattresses do have fiberglass. This is because a majority of the manufacturers in the market use fiberglass in making their products. It is appealing to many because many people do expect to find fiberglass in a mattress.

The manufacturers argue that it is important to use fiberglass in the manufacturing process because it’s a cheap way to keep you comfortable while also meeting the industrial fire regulations.

Can Fiberglass Come off a Mattresses?

It is difficult to determine whether fiberglass can come off a mattress. This is because they are many different manufacturers that conduct their business differently.

There are standards set by the law but most of them have weak requirements that often apply to the foam and not all the additives that make a mattress.

This makes it unclear to determine if fiberglass fragments can be released from the mattress, if they can then it’s a concern because of the health effects they can cause.

How Do You Protect Yourself from Fiberglass in a Mattress?

The best way to protect yourself from fiberglass in a mattress is by covering it using high-quality mattress protectors.

You should avoid removing the cover always because underneath it is a fiberglass layer that acts like a fire retardant layer. Removing the cover will be hazardous because you will release the fiberglass.

Mattresses are important assets in our life. It is important to note that not all mattresses have fiberglass in them. Some manufacturers prefer not to use fiberglass in their manufacturing process while others see it as a cheap and still comfortable way to capitalize on their returns.

Some of the most notable mattress brands with fiberglass include Zinus, Linenspa, Lucid, Molblly, Olee Sleep, Sleep Innovations, and Ashley Furniture. The notable mattresses without fiberglass include Naturepedic Chorus Organic Mattress, Brentwood Memory Foam Mattress, and Sunrising Bedding8”.

We hope this post has given you enough insight into whether all mattresses have fiberglass. Always remember what to look for in determining if a mattress has fiberglass or not before deciding to purchase a mattress. This will help you avoid losses while still achieving the mattress quality that you desire.

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