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Casper Essential Mattress

Casper Essential Mattress, 11” Twin, Queen & King Sizes

Spend your weakened with the people you love and aff coarse with the mattress you like. At a Casper sleep shop, obviously.

Say Hello, to the Casper Essential Mattress Sleep mattress with premium quality. Eleven inches bed in the box foam offers benefits with the advanced features of streamlined design.

Casper launched its product in 2014 with foam mattresses. And slowly, the brand is expanded worldwide. The foam that carpet offers are carpet original, hybrid, wave, hybrid nova, wave hybrid, and many more. 

It comes with two layers of polyfoam. It helps the customer get rid of body pain, including the back, shoulder, neck, and spine alignments. Today I’m writing this review to break down the details about the Casper Element mattress.

Casper Essential Mattress

Quick information!

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  • Brand: Casper
  • Model: Element mattresses
  • Size: Queen, King, and Full, Twin XL, California King
  • Models: 2019 and 2020 addition
  • Colour: White
  • Weight: 75.8 pounds
  • Dimension: 80″×60″×11″
  • Warranty: 10 year



Casper sleep comes with the two editions, one in 2019 and others in 2020. 2019 is 11 inches foam with 75.8 pounds, while 2020 is 69 pounds. The only difference between the edition is layer technology. 2020 comes with AirScape technology, which increases airflow and circulates more air to give a more cooling effect.


Casper is the most intellectual brand with innovative ideas. It’s the trustable brand for your comfy products. Casper comes with one style of 11 inches forever size mattress. The dimensions of the bed include.

  • Twin = 38″ × 75″
  • Twin XL = 38″ ×80″
  • Full = 53″ ×75″
  • Queen = 60″ ×80″
  • King = 76″ 80″
  • California King = 72″ ×84″

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Casper has three layers. The comfort layer comes with 2 inches of polyfoam, which material makes the user more excellent and relaxed. This layer slightly gives springer feel.

  • The transition layer comes with 1.5 inches of memory foam cradles, which helps pressure relief. It prevents the user from sinking in the firm.
  • The transition layer is 7.5″ for stabilizing the mattress surfaces.

Motion transfer

The motion transfer absorbs a large amount of motion. The sleeper who awake during the night or change their position does not disturb the other sleep. Thanks to the Element mattress for giving such a peaceful sleep.

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Pressure control

The case is the best product for pressure relief. A polyfoam comfort layer adds some softness and gentle effect in the foam. It eliminates the pain from your body parts and gives you relief from the pressure points.

Temperature control

AirSpace technology is the benefit of the Casper element foam. This technology makes the cover and layers more breathable than all the models. So now it’s less got and traps all the cooling effect in between the sheets. Now no more sweating while sleeping and enjoy the most refreshing sleep.


Like all the brands and models, Casper element foam also emits an odor at first. It comes with synthetic foam and comes in a proper box. Off-gassing substances usually are not harmful and dissociate after the few hours of use.


Casper comes with an eco-friendly textile. The case comes with a polyester made from plastic. Nine plastic bottles are used in each sheet. The fabric also includes rayon and lycra. It’s very lightweight so it can pass the air easily.


The average body weight for all the styles of sleepers is of 130-200 lbs. The side sleeper accommodates weight less than 130 while back slipper can easily bear more than 130 pounds.

Night Trial

Casper Element Mattress comes with 100 days trying option. It’s eligible to return or exchange during these 100 days. For returning the foam, contact Casper customer service.

Price and warranty

Casper is perfect in price and warranty. You can easily afford this brand even if you’re a bachelor. It’s the right choice for students in hostels also. The ten years guarantee card makes the customer satisfied and give authentication to cover all the defects.


  • The perfect combination of sleep and cooling.
  • All the foam construction is contouring comfort.
  • It Comes with AirSpace technology with a more cooling effect.
  • Eco-friendly cover made with recycled material.
  • Low motion transfer.
  • Compatible with an adjustable bed base.
  • Economical in price and have ten years of satisfaction.

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Final view

[su_note note_color=”#f9f9ac”]The Casper Element mattress comes with standard pressure point relief. It makes the foam ideal for all sleeper styles.

Though the top layer is aerated, the air can easily pass through it and make the sleep more comfortable and relaxed. The element mattress maintains a consistent level of support from edge to edge. Book your product now![/su_note]

FAQs on Mattresses

Does the mattress come with Edge support?

Yes, the mattress has excellent sag along the edges. Casper provides average edge support for side sleepers.

Does the Casper mattress sleep hot?

In my opinion, the carpet mattress does not feel any hot during the sleep period. It has ultra technology of AirSpace, which makes the sleep more relaxed and calm.

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