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Black Mold on Air Mattress

Black Mold on Air Mattress ( Effective Mold Removal and Prevention)

Air mattresses are perfect for camping and use when you have guests at your home. They are made of delicate fabric, making maintaining them a priority. An unmaintained air mattress can lead to the growth of molds and mildew on your air mattress.

The growth of molds on your air mattress can cause different health risks such as exposure to several respiratory issues. They include allergy symptoms, asthma, and difficulty in breathing. Molds can also produce an odor that is embarrassing and unpleasant.

This post will talk about black mold on air mattress, what you can do to prevent mold growth on your air mattress, and the whole process of removing mold from your air mattress.

Read on to learn more.

How to Remove Mold from Air Mattress

Preparing Your Mattress for Cleaning

Your air mattress needs cleaning just like anything else. If mold has grown in your air mattress, you should first prepare it for cleaning. Here is how you can prepare your air mattress for cleaning:

Unplug Your Air Mattress

Unplugging your air mattress from the power source is key before cleaning it. You should also remember to distance it from other nearby power outlets. For the air mattresses that have in-built pumps, you should be careful not to damage the battery.

Remove the Sheets

You should then remove the blankets, coverings, and sheets on your air mattress. You can throw them in your washing machine for cleaning, keeping in mind that your air mattress, in most cases, accumulates a lot of dirt and dust.

Vacuum It

You should vacuum your air mattress thoroughly to eliminate the dirt and dust in it. This will also eradicate mold and mildew on your air mattress. You should always vacuum your air mattress when inflated to avoid struggle.

What to Use

Because you have now fully prepared your mattress, you can gather all the necessary materials. The materials that you need vary depending on the cleaning you desire to achieve.

  • For a complete routine, use some soap dishes and warm water.
  • To remove urine extract from pets, use baking soda and vinegar to eliminate the odor
  • To remove mold and mildew, use equal parts of rubbing alcohol and water in the affected areas.

Steps to Removing Mold from Air Mattress

Remove the Air Matres and Take it Outside

To remove mold from your air mattress, you should take it outside each month. Expose it to as much sunlight as possible because the sun will vaporize all the excessive moisture that is in your air mattress. The ultraviolet rays will also help kill the mold build-up in your air mattress.

Use Water and Vinegar

You can also remove mold from your air mattress by using half a mixture of water and half a mixture of vinegar. Dip a cloth or sponge into the mixture and rub the affected areas of your air mattress. You should then rinse with enough water and let it air dry.

Mix Water and Isopropyl

Take a bucket or a bowl and make a mixture of warm water and isopropyl. Take a sponge and wet it in the mixture created in your bucket. Use the wet sponge to clean the area in your air mattress that is affected by mold. When you are finished, rinse well and allow it to air dry.

Use a Disinfectant

If your air mattress has molds, you can use disinfectants to kill them. They are available in many online and offline retail stores. You can use disinfectants such as Lysol that you spray over the affected area of the mattress. Most of these disinfectants will kill further spores that can make mold and mildew grow in the future.

How to Prevent Molds on Your Air Mattress

Your air mattress’s lifespan will reduce if you do not prevent the growth of molds on it. Here are a few tips that you can follow to ensure that your air mattress is mold-free.

Always Dry Your Mattress

You should dry your air mattress always before storing it. After washing your beddings, take them out where they can thoroughly air dry before placing them at the storage location.

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Store Your Mattress Well

Air mattresses should always be stored in well-ventilated areas. This is important because it helps prevent excessive moisture from accumulating. Excessive moisture can accumulate within the folds.

Use a Cover

In cases where mold growth on your air mattress is extensive, you should consider buying a cover. It is good that you buy vinyl zip covers because they are durable, comfortable, and easy to clean. They are machine washable also, making everything easy.

How to Maintain Your Air Mattress

Let it deflate on its own

You must twist a valve or pull the plug to deflate your air mattress. It is good to avoid jumping on it or pressing something heavy on top of it to speed up the deflation process.

If you do the contrary, you will be running a risk of damaging the plug, valve, or air mattress.

However, if you own a thin air mattress, you can opt to fold it in half. This will help you force the air out with ease.

Carefully fold it

Folding Air Mattress
Black Mold on Air Mattress ( Effective Mold Removal and Prevention) 4

You should carefully fold your air mattress by keeping the valve and plug open. When the air is completely out, place it flat and then fold it twice to achieve a thin rectangle.

Start rolling it from the valve or plug using your palms. You can also use your fingers and knuckles to pressure the air mattress.

Use a Protector

For your air mattress to have a long lifespan, you should use covers because it protects your air mattress from sills, molds, and bugs. You should go for vinyl zip covers for your air mattress as they provide the best protection.

Always use your mattress protectors when using your air mattress and remove them when done.

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Don’t Store it in Humid Areas

The lifespan of your air mattress will be shortened if you continuously use it in areas with high temperatures or humidity. This is because the high temperatures and humidity will stress the mattress’s materials.

This is why many unfinished basements and garages are not recommended for storing air mattresses. Always manage your air mattress by storing it at room temperature.

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FAQs- Black Mold on Air Mattress

Can You Get Black Mold Out of a Mattress?

Yes, it is possible to get black mold out of a mattress. All you need is a disposable container where you will mix warm water and rubbing alcohol.

You will then use a cloth and damp it into the mixture. Use the cloth to rub the affected area on your mattress. You can put some force while rubbing and remember to do it circularly.

Can Air Mattresses Get Mold?

Air mattresses are prone to mold because of excessive moisture that can build in them. You can clean mold off your air mattress by taking it out and allowing it enough exposure to sunlight.

If the molds are persistent, mix equal parts of water and vinegar and wipe your air mattress with it. When done, rinse and allow it to air dry.

Can a Moldy Mattress Make You Sick?

Moldy mattresses are not known to make people sick, but long exposure can lead to some health problems. They can trigger migraines, breathing problems, allergies, and other significant health conditions.

What Does Black Mold on a Mattress Look Like?

The appearance of mold will often vary from pink, off-white, or fluffy black spots. It is key to remember that air mattresses are susceptible to the growth of mold.

You should look out for a musty or pungent smell as it indicates mold growth.

Black mold can be on your air mattress if you do not properly maintain it. They can appear due to several reasons, including the presence of extensive moisture.

However, you can remove black mold from your air mattress if you follow the steps provided in the post above. Also, follow the tips provided to ensure that you have prevented mold from growing on your air mattress.

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