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Best Way to Store Brownies

Whether you love them fudgy or cake-like, Brownies are always at their sumptuous best when enjoyed fresh.

However, sometimes you need to store them for later- perhaps you baked them in advance for a special occasion or you bake in large batches.

Here are three great brownies storage ideas for those who want to keep them fresh and amazing for longer.

Best way to store brownies – viable options

Best way to store brownies
Best Way to Store Brownies 7

Try these storage hacks if you want to have a batch of toothsome brownies ready for eating when your craving for something sweet strikes.

1. Put them in an airtight container

If you want to keep your fudgy chocolate brownies so delicious for resale, put them in an airtight container. This will stop the brownies from hardening and becoming dry.

The best part? Airtight plastic containers are incredibly easy to use and inexpensive.

If possible, select a container that will fit your homemade brownies in snugly.

This helps limit the airflow inside the container and your brownies will keep tasting fresh for a couple of days.

Tip: Keep the container at room temperature (and out of the sun) to keep the brownies tasting their best for the longest time possible.

vacuum seal brownies
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2. Freeze the brownies

There’ll be instances where you’d rather freeze your brownies. A good example is when you’re planning to store them for weeks/months.

Another time when it’s recommended you freeze is when they contain notoriously perishable ingredients such as cream cheese.

Here you have to wrap each brownie in food plastic (or substitutes such as cling film) and drop them into a freezer bag.

Make sure that every bag is sealed before placing it in the freezer. With that, your favorite snack won’t be going stale for weeks.

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3. Place them in vacuum sealer bags

There’s another option if you have an absurd amount of brownies in your home that you have to save for a little later because however hard you try, you can’t finish the lot- vacuum sealer bags.

Simply pack your brownies in vacuum sealed bags then get rid of the air inside the packaging using a vacuum sealing machine.

The best way to store brownies this way is to place the bags somewhere dark and safe. You can even place them in your freezer, if necessary.

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Best way to store brownies: useful tips

Here are more tips to help you get storage right if you don’t want to take your sweet desserts right off the oven:

· Check that the container is safe for food storage

If you opt to store your brownies in a plastic container, be sure to check that it’s manufactured from food-grade plastic. Some plastic is hazardous and should never be used to store foodstuffs.

· Be careful with refrigeration

Refrigerating brownies tends to dry them out. However, you could keep them in your freezer in a good condition for as long as 3 months if you store them tightly wrapped.

The best way to store brownies in a freezer is by packing them in a tin allowing little airflow. It’s advisable to wrap the tin in plastic wrap (put two layers of the wrapper/cling film) before depositing them in the fridge. Remember to thaw/microwave frozen brownies -at room temperature- before eating.

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How to store brownies in freezer
Best Way to Store Brownies 10

· Separate the layers

Back to the airtight container method – arguably the best way to store brownies to be gobbled down in a few days- and it’s important to separate each layer of brownies (where applicable).

You simply need to place parchment/baking/wax paper in between the layers to create some form of barrier between the layers. This stops the brownies from sticking together during storage.

· Never store them hot

Make sure your brownies are completely cool prior to storage. That’s because hot brownies will release condensation in the container making other brownies in the container over-moist.

And since nobody loves a soggy brownie, leave the brownies on your cooling tray long enough to cool before packing them into the container.

· Don’t cut them

You may be tempted to cut your brownies into squares before storage but it’s an unwise move.

You see, when cut into smaller pieces, your brownies are likely to dry up faster because you’ve created more surface area for air to get in.

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· Note the dates

Write the dates on every bag/container -a permanent marker will suffice- to make it easy for you to work out the number of days the brownies have been in storage. You don’t want to risk them going stale by losing count of the days.

· Look for clues on the recipe/packaging

Another safe bet is to look for clues from the brownies packaging if you bought slightly too many brownies to handle at once.

In most cases, baking companies print storage instructions on the packaging and its best to follow these.

Likewise, the recipe you followed to make them may have specific directions.

The best way to store brownies during transport
Best Way to Store Brownies 12

The best way to store brownies during transport

If you bake for sale and do home deliveries, the best way to store brownies during shipping is an airtight cool, dark container.

There’ll be no troublesome air in there (it’s your number 1 enemy) or sunshine (food should always be stored out of direct sunshine) so they’ll arrive extremely tasty.

How long will my Brownies Last?

Well, if you’ve stored them well, your brownies should last for weeks without going bad or even losing their magical taste.

To be specific, and as hinted before, your sweet tooth will be in for a treat up to 12 weeks later if you have refrigerated this amazing dessert properly.

On the other hand, an airtight container is perhaps the best way to store brownies in the short term and you can expect them fresh and yummy up to 5 days later (keep them airtight at room temperature).

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When it comes to storing brownies, you can’t go wrong with any of these methods and they will still be at their mouthwatering best later when you serve them.

Choose your preferred method and impress your friends and family with a delightful brownie dessert days/weeks after baking.

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