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Best Water Ionizers

7 Best Water Ionizers

Drinking clean water is vital for your health but just having tap water in your house is not enough. The best water ionizers offer alkaline or acidic water properties according to your needs.

Water ionizers come in a variety of models and types. Do not worry, we will help you learn more about water ionizers by reviewing the best products recommended for you.

So, you will get the top models that work great and bring excellent quality performance. Get started to explore them. Take a closer look at our list of water ionizers.

7 Best Water Ionizers

1. Life MXL-13 Countertop Alkaline Water Ionizer – 13-Plate Home Water Ionizer

The highlight of this product is that it has 13 plates that outperform all other brands. It has the highest antioxidant capacity and the highest flow rate of 5 to 6 liters per minute.

As a result, you can fill containers large, about 50% faster than other ionizers. Not only that, but the manufacturer also equips the Super Cooling System and the new larger Titanium/Platinum Plates in a beautiful and compact design.

Furthermore, you have dual internal filters with the custom pre-filter system, new ultra-efficient electrolysis chambers, and BPA-free tubing to enhance the taste of water and your safety when using this ionizer.

There are many recommendations for pH not being checked correctly. Therefore, you should check this issue with the support of the technical department from the manufacturer.

The last thing you will be assured of is that this product has a lifetime warranty on all parts to keep your Life Ionizer running smoothly. The only item not covered will be damaged due to accidental damage or negligence.


  • Great water taste
  • Cost-efficient
  • Easy to install and use
  • Bring many health benefits
  • Friendly customer service


  • The water pressure may have an issue sometimes

2. Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.5 – Powerful Water Ionizer

As a powerful and advanced water ionizer, Aqua Deluxe Ionizer Deluxe 7.5 can create excellent tasting water with a pH of 4.5 to 11.0 alkaline.

It also increases the water age against the antioxidant potential of -800 to +1000 ORP with each activated carbon filter cleaning and handling 4,000 liters.

What’s more?

You have seven water settings to adjust alkalinity and add antioxidants to help detoxify the body and increase energy and hydration.

This water ionizer allows you to control the water from your drinking water filter completely and easily adjust the water’s alkalinity. And you can easily install it on the countertop with a standard faucet for about 10 minutes.

3m under sink water filter replacement

The only thing you have to care about is the product that uses 110 volts of power, and you need to replace the filter periodically depending on the amount of usage.

Finally, if you want to contribute to reducing waste from plastic water bottles, buy this ETL and RoHS-certified product with a lifetime warranty right away.


  • Over 12 pH levels
  • Works well
  • Upscale design
  • Great drinking experience
  • Supportive customer service


  • The pH value when checking is not correct with published information

3. Pure Hydration the Next Generation – Smart Technology

Moving on to our third suggestion, this unit comes with Touch-Free Infrared On/Off Sensor and Smart Prompt Technology.

Therefore, you just need to wave your hand to turn it on and off and easily install it under the counter with optional taps.

More specifically, it provides eye-catching design and excellent performance of 9-9.5pH, -450ORP, 1500 ppb Molecular Hydrogen, and Ultra-Filtration. After getting this product, you have rich water molecular hydrogen, and antioxidants that are most beneficial to your body, reducing free radical damage.

At the same time, balancing your body’s pH can help reduce inflammation and disease and allow your body to recover better. When you drink better water, you can change how you look and feel.

Not to mention, you have the LED reminders for filter changes and dual side entry for easy replacement of filter cartridges. Do not forget that you can not pour water into this device because it requires the water pressure of either municipal or well water.

With this product, you get to enjoy good alkaline antioxidant hydrogen water.


  • The water comes out immediately
  • Works when out of the electricity
  • No wastewater
  • Simple to use and hook up
  • Freshwater taste


  • The PPM may be high

4. Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine – Integrated 2-Stage Water Filter System

This product has a stage 2 water filtration system that gives you a cleaner drink, and you need to change an average of 2 filters every 5000 liters.

Also, it features two filters for the 1st year’s use. For your convenience, the manufacturer creates a filter life counter on the device front to display and count the number of liters you used.

Besides, the voice prompt automatically notifies you when approaching 5000 liters. This lifetime warranty machine helps you create alkaline and acidic water with a PH range of 2.0 to 12.0 and an ORP range of +600 to -800.

So, you have alkaline ionized water to drink and acid water to clean for your daily need. You should note that this machine is for the countertop and 110V standard American electrical power outlet.

Also, it requires a minimum water pressure of 20 psi of constant water pressure provided by the tap or well water. If you want antioxidant-rich higher pH ionized drinking water every day for your family, don’t hesitate to get this Bawell Water Ionizer.


  • Automatic cleaning before selecting water choice
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Nice design and reasonable price
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Improve water taste


  • The unit may leak out and squirt water

5. Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0 – 7 Healthy Water Options

Another water ionizer from Air Water Life brings you a diversified choice. It has seven healthy water options for your adjustment of the alkalinity, antioxidants adding, and production of up to -860mV ORP.

As you know, alkaline water may help you to detoxify the body, and increase energy and hydration. With nine durable plates, this water ionizer provides alkaline water pH of 3.0-11.5, reduces waste from plastic water bottles, and contains internal filters to clean and process up to 4,000 liters of water.

Whether you choose to install on the countertop or under the counter with the optional installer, you have all the necessary pipes, fittings, and hardware to start enjoying alkaline, ionized water.

The only downside of this product is that its filter can not filter calcium in hard water; you will need to change another filter. Remember to use this machine with 110 volts only.

What’s more, it comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Easy to install with online tutorials
  • Fresh, clean alkalized water
  • Water flows strong
  • Improve general health
  • Great customer service


  • The water taste may not be good for some users

6. Tyent UCE-11 Under Counter Water Ionizer – Design For High-End Kitchens

This water ionizer has an under-counter design for high-end kitchens with many advanced features. How good is it? The 10 Amps of Power and 11 large platinum plates of this product ensure superiority to all other water ionizers on the market.

Moreover, the manufacturer also offers multilingual voice-guided concierge service and an advanced interactive touch screen for your convenience.

Also, two giant internal filters provide super filtering capability to eliminate 99.9% of many harmful contaminants. As a result, you get clean alkaline water for your family’s demand.

This product is made from lead-free and BPA-free plastic approved by FDA and UL listed for safety.

Like many other products on the market, Tyent sells products with a lifetime warranty, so your investment in this water ionizer is guaranteed forever for parts and labor incidents.

One thing to note is that the replacement cartridges may be pretty expensive. You have to change two filters at the same time after about six months.


  • Ease of use and installation
  • An absence of taste
  • Auto-cleaning process
  • Bring clear and clean water
  • Functional touch screen


  • There may be a little problem with the flow rate

7. Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 – Advanced 7-Electroplate Technology

The last product on our top list is also from Air Water Life. It is the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0. What specific features does this product have?

This product has an advanced 7-Electroplate Technology with seven platinum-coated titanium, durable, and energy-efficient plates. So, it helps you produce clean alkaline, rich antioxidant water within minutes after setting up.

This attractive unit also has seven healthy water options including four ionized alkalines continuously variable, one non-ionized purified, and two ionized acidic presets.

You can use it easily with an intuitive backlit LCD for your kitchen, bathroom, or utility room faucet. For your safety, the integrated active water filter provides more than 1,585 gallons of clean water.

The 5-year warranty device cleans itself by reverse polarity after each use and automatically washes the plate every 10.5 gallons.

All you need is to change the filter and descale the machine at least twice a year. Note that the filter cannot remove the chlorine from the water.

In the end, it is an excellent investment for a healthy family.


  • 5-star level of customer service
  • Pure water tasting
  • Simple to hook up
  • Noticeable effects
  • BPA-free plastic material


  • The water may have a bad smell for some users to drink

What Is Ionized Water?

Water is ionized when it passes through ionizing machines with titanium and platinum plates. Then there is an exchange of some platinum and titanium ions with water.

You get water with more alkaline pH and cleanness. It is also called ionized water or artificial alkaline water or electrolytic dehydration. This kind of water can reduce the harmful effects of oxidation on the human body.

You need to know that ionic water has two forms, it can be acidic or alkaline depending on its use in our bodies. Here they are:

  • Ionized Alkaline Water helps to decrease the harmful oxidation effects on the body. This water is ideal for both cooking and drinking.
  • Ionized Acidic Water increases the oxidation process, so it is especially useful for cleaning and disinfecting.

To better understand, people classify ionized water based on the water pH. Water with a pH above 7 is alkaline, a substance with a pH of 7 is neutral and below 7 is considered an acid. You can see the pH scale to know the pH of the water.

Alkaline Water VS. Regular Water

The difference between regular water and alkaline water is their components.

Alkaline water is different due to its unique sweetness and is related to the level of minerals contained in the water such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and more.

According to research from the journal ‘The Annals of Otology, Rhinology, and Laryngology’, drinking water with a pH of 8.8 can contribute to reducing acid-related symptoms with a comparison made between alkaline water and bottled water.

As you know, regular tap water has a neutral seven pH according to a pH scale of 1 to 14 while ionized water has a significant amount of electrons for active oxygen to form “living water.”

Researchers believe it has an atomic structure similar to water from glacial streams. Alkaline water with a pH of 8 to 9 increases the level of alkalinity in the body and reduces the acidity associated with unhealthy eating habits and lifestyles.

Moreover, it excels in hydration because your cells quickly absorb it thanks to clusters smaller than ordinary water.

The Benefits Of Drinking Ionized Water

Many benefits related to ionized water are speculated, but there are still some persuasive aspects from scientific studies. The following are the benefits you get from ionized water:

  • The first is the antioxidant properties. You will get a lot of hydrated minerals that bring great antioxidant potential to your body. Antioxidants can help to decrease the harmful effects of free radicals on DNA and body tissue.
  • You can feel ionized water tastes better than regular water. However, note that the taste of water depends on one’s preferences.
  • Thirdly, your skin also benefits from this kind of water due to its antioxidant potential. And ionized water can maximize your immunity to make your body healthier.

Also, some of these studies are in the early stages of alkaline water, suggesting that it helps hydrate your body more effectively, improve digestion and reduce indigestion, and soothe acid reflux by killing pepsin and neutralizing the acid in your blood to increase oxygen, improve metabolism and increase energy.

In short, drinking ionized water does not have any adverse effects on your body, so it is safe to use.

How Does A Water Ionizer Work?

Knowing the process of ionizing water is necessary. This process is quite simple:
At first, the water ionizers are linked to kitchen water to regulate low voltage electrolysis on tap water before you use it for cooking and drinking.

Normal water enters the device, and when it leaves, it gets ionized without adding anything to your water. It only converts bicarbonate minerals in tap water into hydrate materials to increase alkalinity for better absorption of the body.

Because tap water includes a magnesium and calcium bicarbonate solution, water ionizers work by using electromagnetic charge plates to separate magnesium and calcium from bicarbonate and divert two separate water streams. You can imagine a stream of water entering the water ionizers, then two separate streams of water flow out including acidity and alkalinity.

As a result, the water is ionized to use for drinking and cooking due to the benefits of alkaline water or cleaning well thanks to the acidic water.

Depending on your family’s needs, you use the right kind of ionized water. That’s all for the operation of a water ionizer. Now we want to give you the buying guide for this product.

Important Factors to Consider When Looking For The Best Water Ionizer

There are many different features of a water ionizer. You can find these features in a specific product, but you may not have them in another one.

However, the seven following factors are necessary to consider when buying this product. Check them out.

a) The pH Range

The ability to produce alkaline water or ionized water is associated with changing the pH level of the water unit. As you know, the pH of the water indicates the degree of alkalinity or acidity.

Some water ionizers offer a wide range of pH for flexibility and freedom of use. You need to choose a device that produces water with a suitable pH range depending on the intended needs of your family.

For example, low pH water is ideal for cleaning and disinfection while mild alkaline water is good for health to drink and cook daily. It entirely depends on you if you need all these pH options.

b) Number Of Plates

The machine works well thanks to the number of plates converting water from acid to alkaline, and you need to pay attention to these critical parts when buying water ionizers.

The plates contact with water directly, so you should at least know their materials to ensure their effective operation. The higher the number of plates, the better the conversion is.

The device equipped with more panels can produce water with a broader pH range and much better ORP. You can find in the market, affordable models with five plates or more expensive models with 11 plates.

With multi-plate products, you can know that they consume more energy, but sometimes the price may not be high. Here are some kinds of plates for you to choose from:

  • GRID has the best quality, high efficiency, and durability.
  • MESH has high efficiency with excellent quality.
  • FLAT has good durability and quality.
  • Slotted has low quality among all types.
c) ORP Range (ORP: Oxidation-Reduction Potential)

The ORP range is the ability to oxidize ionized water and reduce the level of oxidation inside the body. The trick is that the lower the ORP value is, the better the water you drink is for your health.

Oxidation is a natural process such as turning to apple brown or rust appearing by taking electrons out. In the human body, oxidation damages cells, DNA, proteins, and more.

Free radicals take away electrons. The antioxidant process protects the body from the effects of free radicals. The same principle applies to ionized water because it limits free radicals from attacking your body so that the body is not damaged and ill easily.

d) Built-In Water Filter

In the above sections, we have mentioned water ionizers depending on the quality of the water supply, so you need to consider the product with an integrated water filter or buy and use it with a separate water filter device when required.

You can imagine this: When you have well water with some harmful substances, you have to buy a model with stronger filters before using a water ionizer.

Note that the lifespan of the filters is short when you have to replace them for about six to twelve months depending on the manufacturer and the frequency of use.

Installation Process

Water ionizers are usually easy to install. You just need to be aware that the countertop units have a quick installation without complicated tools and skills.

On the other hand, you have to spend more time on under-counter units. Typically, it will take you a few minutes to study and do the installation steps for this product.

Counter Top vs. Under Counter Unit

Which product type you choose depends on your needs and place to install.

We recommend that for small counter space, you should select an under-counter unit that is more appropriate than a counter-top one. And remember to select a device with a design that fits the general aesthetic overview of your kitchen.


You have to spend a considerable amount of money on this type of product, so you also need an extended warranty to use the water ionizer safely without worrying about damage and repair costs.

The great thing is that you often have a lifetime warranty for ionizing water products from many brands on the market. It helps you feel secure when using the product for a long time.

To sum up, you should consider all the relevant factors and choose the best water ionizer for your family’s needs.


Is It Safe To Use Water Ionizers?

Yes, it is. The ionized water has natural minerals for your body.

However, some researchers point out that research supporting the benefits of ionized water is not convincing enough. To ensure that ionized water is truly beneficial, the source of water quality is an essential thing to consider.

A tip for you is to use reverse osmosis to filter the water before connecting a water ionizer. And you should continually check mineral concentrations in the water to make sure what you drink is good.

How Long Does Ionized Water Stay Ionized?

The antioxidant properties of ionized water will disappear in 18-24 hours, and the pH level will decrease in about three days. If you store this kind of water appropriately, you can preserve its original properties for a week.

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