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Best Twin Tank Water Softeners

3 Best Twin Tank Water Softener

If you have a small or medium-sized family, a single tank water softener should be enough to remove minerals from water and deliver it in its purest form.

But if you have a large family and need a constant flow of pure water in and around your household, you may want to invest in the best twin tank water softener.

This guide will look at some of the top-rated dual tank water softeners currently on the market. Whether you intend to run the system 24 hours a day or want to ensure that everyone at home has a regular water supply, you’ll find the following softeners useful. 

Best Twin Tank Water Softener Review

1. AFW Filter Fleck 9100 SXT Twin Tank Water Softener

Dual tank water softeners like the Fleck 9100 SXT aren’t cheap. Yet, given that it’s a system that guarantees a constant supply of pure water 24 hours a day, it’s worth the bargain. You buy it once and benefit from it for the rest of your life.

Speaking of specifications, each tank has a capacity of 80,000 grains and a flow rate of 22 gallons per minute. Given the combination, Fleck 9100 SXT can easily regenerate from one tank to the other in a constant state. With a capacity of 160,000 grains total, this softener ensures a sufficient water supply for everyone at home.

For better results, combine this softener with activated carbon filters and a regular water filter. You’ll end up with clean, soft water that surpasses your expectations. Its ability to soften up to 30 GPG hardness makes it a great device.

And perhaps one of the most outstanding things about this unit is that it doesn’t develop rust stains from hard water fast. You can use it for about a month and do the testing yourself.

This dual tank water softener includes an anti-memory loss backup capacitor, which prioritizes the meter for 2 days, making the regeneration cycle easy and constant even during a power interruption.

The package also includes two dip tubes, a Fleck 9100 bypass valve, and resin, which are significant in the installation process. 

Of course, installing a dual tank takes time, and this model isn’t about to be an exception.

Once fixed in the right place, though, it can serve for a very long time without demanding a lot of maintenance.

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  • Uses less water and salt
  • Interchangeable tanks with less regeneration cycle
  • The model includes an anti-memory loss backup capacitor


  • Not suitable for homes or businesses limited on space

2. DuraWater Twin Tank Water Softener

Your big family or customers who come to your business premise deserve clean water to drink. So the best way to provide them with healthy water throughout the week is to invest in a softener that can remove minerals while improving the overall taste of water.

Dura Water Twin Tank softener is a good option to consider, mostly because it includes everything you need to soften water and serve it in its purest form for use. 

Even at a price point that seems rather steep, DuraWater softener is a one-time investment that will give you and your family clean water to drink, wash clothes, clean the house, and shower throughout the year.

Because DuraWater Twin Tank Water Softener recharges only when necessary, it uses less water and electricity, thus saving you some bills while providing you with the purest form of hard water. Like many high-end, premium water tanks, the DuraWater twin tank ensures that hard water never gets to your house. Instead, it switches over to a fresh tank in an instant.

Apart from providing the clean water that you and your family need, DuraWater dual tank softener has a lower maintenance cost, with all the replacement parts readily available.

Installing this dual tank water softener is straightforward. The manual is an easy read, especially since it explains how to handle the installation yourself. Given the simplicity of the installation provided, you can get this water softener fixed on your own.

However, you may need a new yoke of the right size because the thread is made of plastic. The other option is to hire a plumber near you to help with the installation. Generally, it takes between four to six hours to complete.

Given that this is a right-hand model, the pipe needed for the application will likely be longer. Also, the brand doesn’t offer yokes that accept an inch pex, so you’ll have to find an easy option to work with. 

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  • The replacement parts of this dual water tank are easy to find
  • Well priced and has minimal operation cost
  • Well-made unit for element resistance and durability
  • The dual  tank doesn’t need a schedule to recharge


  • The threaded yoke of the unit can easily strip
  • We wish it had a left-handed hook configuration
  • You don’t get a pex yoke 
  • Some people may find this double tank water softener hard to program
  • The initial cost of the tanks is high

3. Abundant Flow Dual Tank Water Softener

Abundant Flow Dual Tank Water Softener provides a dual alternating mechanism, so your home never runs out of water.

A high flow rate treats water hardness using less salt and not so much water. From a performance standpoint, the Abundant Flow is a complete, whole-house system that easily removes minerals such as calcium and magnesium from water and ensures it gets to the house in its purest form.

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This 64,000 grains dual tank system has a flow rate of 12-16 gallons per minute. And given that many homes don’t typically use more than 8 GPM, the soft water you get from this dual tank every minute should be enough for a medium-size family.

If you feel like a flow rate of 16 gallons per minute isn’t enough, you should consider getting the 96,000 dual tank size.

Since this system runs through charcoal when softening hard water, it can easily eliminate sulfur order from water. Remember that while you can get a flow rate of up to 20 gallons per minute from this water softener, there’s no guarantee that the water will get 100% treatment.

The most difficult part of installing this twin tank water softener is to put the couplers clamps on until everything is in place. Even then, you can get the job done correctly by putting the coupler in and out of the copper lines before screwing the tanks.

Again, if you get this with the resin media already installed, you shouldn’t try to pull on the dip tubes, as it’s not necessary. Even the setup instruction gives this warning, so it’s best to keep this in mind.


  • The item is reasonably priced.
  • It has a decent flow rate per minute and therefore provides soft water 24/7


  • Does take some time to install
  • The couplers can be quite challenging to put together, especially if you haven’t worked with a water softener before

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