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Best TDS Meters for Drinking Water

4 Best Tds Meters for Drinking Water

Many people use TDS meters to test the water purity of their drinking water. They help tell the presence of any solids in the drinking water. Tds meters do this by measuring the electrical conductivity of the drinking water. Conductivity in the water indicates the presence of solids.

Tds meters are crucial considering we have diverse sources of water. These little machines can be used in hydroponic systems to measure the salt content and help check the contamination of home water purifier systems. They can also be suitable for commercial filtration systems.

This post will talk about the meters that are available in the market. We’ll also share some of the crucial factors that you should consider before purchasing a Tds meter for drinking water. Keep reading to learn more.

The Best Tds Meters for Drinking Water

There are so many of these meters that you can get on the market. It is essential to get one with excellent features for the best performance. Here are some of the best examples:

1. Best Overall Tds Meter: Test Assured Tds Meter for Drinking Water

This Test assured TDS meter for drinking water contains checks for lead, iron, chlorine, copper, nitrites, nitrates, dissolved solids, alkalinity, hardness, and PH. Using it is easy as you can take your samples and receive results without too much hassle.

The combination of a digital TDS meter and a full water testing kit allows you to test your water hardness and the other multiple water contaminants that might be present. It can be used for classrooms, home school-used by schools, and at home.


  • Quick relaying of results
  • It features a manual and color charts
  • EPA quality standard
  • It’s digital


  • Instructions can be difficult to comprehend

2. Best Easy to Carry: The Cherioll Tds Meter for Drinking Water

This meter primarily has four duties- it tests the temperature, EC, TDS, and PH accuracy of drinking water. Apart from testing the quality of drinking water, this meter can also check the quality of spas, pools, and aquariums.

Its PH meter features an ATC or automatic temperature compensation that automatically calibrates itself. All that is required of you is to press the calibration button and all is set. It is also easy to read your results because the LCD is clear.

The numbers on the digital TDS and EC meter in this meter range from 0 to 9990 ppm while the PH meter ranges from 1.00 to 14.00. The cherioll TDS meter for drinking water also features an auto-off and hold function. It can shut down after some minutes of non-use as a way of conserving the batteries.


  • It has high accuracy
  • It has an induction electrode
  • Easy to carry
  • Easily detects impurities


  • Some customers have complained that the battery is not long-lasting

3. Best LCD Display: Ketotek Tds Meter for Drinking Water

This product features a user’s manual,1 PH meter, a TDS meter, and 2 packets of PH buffer powder making it economical. Its TDS meter features an auto-off function and easy usage procedures making it convenient for both you and the battery.

The Ketotek Tds meter for drinking water features a measuring range of 0-9990 ppm with a plus or minus two accuracies. Its PH meter ranges from 0.00-14.00 PH, with 0.01 resolution and 0.01 PH accuracy.

This meter also has an auto-off feature that shuts it down automatically when it is not in use. The automatic temperature compensation helps you get the readings regardless of the water temperature. It is also generally small in size and thus easy to use and carry.


  • It provides accurate readings
  • LCD
  • It has a PH buffer powder
  • It has a protective cover


  • Some customers have complained that some are difficult to calibrate

 4. Best Pocket Portable: Pancellent TDS Meter for Drinking Water

The pancellent water quality test meter is the best pocket portable TDS meter you can use to test your drinking water. This kit features a PH reading meter and a TDS meter that will help you know the quality of your drinking water within seconds.

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It features a lock function and it reads the value with an accuracy of plus or minus two. It is ideal for laboratory testing and homes. Apart from drinking water, it can also be used to test electroplating liquids, well water, boiler water, deep phreatic water, food processing, and water in the fish tank.

This meter has a small size making it ideal to use when testing the PH balance of spas, drinking water, aquarium, pool, and RO systems.


  • It is a digital meter
  • Features auto shut-off function
  • It is a pocket portable meter
  • It has an immersing level indicator


  • It sometimes takes longer to read the PH

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Tds Meter

Clean water is important to your health, this is why you should always try and ensure your drinking water is free from impurities.

You can consider using the TDS meters explained above, but if you consider knowing further, here are some important factors that you should always consider when purchasing a Tds meter.

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TDS Range

You should always check on the TDS range before purchasing a TDS meter. You should consider meters that can show values in a larger range. In most cases, many good TDS meters offer a TDS range of about 0-9990 ppm.

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To give you more versatility, many of these meters feature multiple functions. It can include tasks for checking electrical conductivity, temperature, TDS, and PH levels of a water sample.

Always look out for these functions when purchasing these meters to ensure your drinking water is free of impurities.

Secondary Ranges

If you notice your TDS meter has any of the functions discussed earlier, you can opt to check the range of secondary functions. In this case, you can find ranges like PH range 0 to 14, temperature range 32.0 to 176 faranoids, and more.


Always look at the controls of a TDS meter before making a purchase. It is essential to note that even though many TDS meters have basic control modes, others offer backlight displays and indicators for whether your water is safe to drink.

Choose one with controls that are easy to operate to avoid annoying hassles.


After searching and getting a TDS meter that’s perfect for your needs, you should check its warranty because you’ll want it to last for as long as possible. In most cases, manufacturers offer a one-year warranty although some models do feature a three-year-long contract.

FAQs About TDS Meters for Drinking Water

What Are the Best Tds Level for Drinking Water?

The best TDS level for drinking water should be between 50-150 ppm. If the TDS levels are high, let us say 1000 ppm, then the water is considered to be unfit and unsafe for human consumption.

What Is a Tds Meter and Why Do You Need One?

A TDS meter is equipment that helps to measure the total dissolved solids in a solution. In many cases, this solution is water.

The conductivity of a solution can change as a result of dissolved ionized solids that include minerals and salts and this can only be measured by use of a TDS meter. The value recorded by the TDS meter has an accuracy of about plus and minus two.

Does Boiling Water Reduce Tds?

You might be wondering whether boiling water can reduce TDS. Well, boiling water does not in any way affect the total dissolved solids of your tap water. The toxic metals present won’t vaporize making them stay in the water. This generally makes the water unfit and unsafe for consumption.

How Can I Remove Tds From Water at Home?

The best way to remove TDS from water at home is by reverse osmosis. You can do this by considering the use of an RO water purifier because it forces the water through a thin membrane that has microscopic spores.

These microscopic spores help in eliminating particles from your drinking water. In many cases, all that can pass are atoms that are smaller than 0.0001 microns.

Total dissolvable solids (TDS) are a rating or value that tells you about the purity of your drinking water. You are supposed to go for a TDS value of 40ppm or lower for the safest results. In many cases, a TDS reading of more than 40 ppm is a clear indication that the water is not safe for drinking.

You can consider checking the TDS meters mentioned above because they possess some of the best features. You can also follow the buyer’s guide to ensure you buy a TDS meter of high quality.

We hope this post has helped you understand the best TDS meters for drinking water and also narrowed your search for the best TDS meters in the market. So, what’s your favorite TDS meter? Feel free and share with us in the comments section below.


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