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Best Spice Racks Reviews

Best Spice Racks Reviews

Once you make a spice rack a key component of your kitchen, you will bring easy access to certain rewards in your cookery adventures. The rewards include making spices, such as garlic and ginger, your attack dogs against that inflammation haunting you, improve your digestion, and lower your cholesterol count.

This is while letting you easily pick that spice that will add exotic flavor to your recipe and form the soul of the dish.

For centuries, spices have served a pivotal purpose as food enhancers in diverse cultures around the world. They have, and continue to, heighten flavor in various dishes, and play major roles in our overall health. Spices remain key components in the treatment of numerous maladies, ranging from digestive distress to relieving muscle pain and asthma.

To access these numerous advantages, the Best Spice Racks reviews will allow you to create a system for incorporating spices as an essential part of any dish. Your system may involve arranging your spices alphabetically or grouping them according the specific applications you put them to.

This article proposes to inform you on the ways you could take advantage of the differing spice organizers available. Your range of choices is wide since spice racks come in all shapes, sizes, and several actually adapt to fit into whatever space you have in your kitchen.

5 best spice racks reviews 

Here now is our recommended top 5 spice racks.

5 best spice racks reviews 
Best Spice Racks Reviews 14

1. Kamenstein 20-Jar Revolving Spice Tower with Free Spice Refills for 5 Years

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A spice rack is a great kitchen tidiness utensil and it makes an excellent gift too for a home chef. The marketplace offers you as many spice rack choices as there are of the spices they would contain, if not more.

Once you bring a Kamenstein 20-Jar Revolving Spice Tower, with Free Spice Refills for 5 Years, into your kitchen, you will access features such as sifter-topped jars. These allow light seasoning and remove a need for bothersome measurement procedures.

This rotating spice tower will keep your spices within easy reach, as you prepare your favorite dish, and it gives you valuable counter top space savings too.

Facts And Utilities

Every one of the spice jars and spices in this Kamenstein spice rack will come filled and sealed in at an FDA monitored and approved facility in Winchendon, Massachusetts. Among the spices that come with this item include oregano, rosemary, coriander, garlic salt, and basil.

In addition, you will be eligible for five years of spice refills for each spice that comes with this product, free. This rotating spice rack will hold twenty jars giving you enough space to store your most frequently used spices.

The spices will remain sealed in for freshness, and this is until you require replenishing your supply. As a home chef, you are bound to be particular about how you organize your kitchen.

This spice rack organizer accommodates your personalized organizational structure. It eliminates challenges associated with picking the right spice, at precisely the right time, during your meal preparation.

Main Features

In dimensions, this spice rack organizer measures 14.2 by 11.3 by 8.2 inches and weighs 10.7 pounds on your counter top. Kamenstein manufactures this product in the United States and it is made of stainless steel.

Each jar in the Kamenstein 20-Jar Revolving Spice Tower with Free Spice Refills for 5 Years has a sifter top that will do away with a need to measure out your spices. This also allows light seasoning for your dish.

The stainless steel components of this spice rack organizer for your kitchen make an easy job of cleaning it whenever the need arises.

Your customer service provider will give you relevant information regarding how you go about getting your spice refill and the types of spices on offer.

Customer service will also inform you about how to exercise your manufacturer’s warranty, should the need arise


  • The five year free resupply of spices accompanying this set is a great attraction for this product
  • It has an excellent spin and looks rather sharp


  • The stand is prone to wobbling as you spin it too hard.
  • You may need to shake the jars with caution initially since the holes are too big for some of the spices.


The Kamenstein 20-Jar Revolving Spice Tower with Free Spice Refills for 5 Years, will look great on your kitchen countertop.

It will also bring a resemblance of order and give you a great bundle of spices for your healthy cooking.

This Kamenstein spice rack will place great flavoring additives, for your favorite dishes, within easy reach.

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2. Cole & Mason Herb and Spice Rack with Spices – Revolving Countertop Carousel Set Includes 20 Filled Glass Jar Bottles

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For nearly a century, Cole and Mason, an arm of DKB Group, have been working on developing and designing functional kitchenware. Every one of their products reveals the use of high quality material in the creation of timeless, elegant, and functional products, each a demonstration of the results of their diligence.

The Cole & Mason Herb and Spice Rack with Spices – Revolving Countertop Carousel Set Includes 20 Filled Glass Jar Bottles – is a perfect example of this diligence. A beautiful carousel design masterpiece, it houses twenty spices and their jars.

Your spice jars will hang on an elegantly beautiful carousel, making an eye candy of the space it will occupy on your kitchen countertop or shelf. This is besides the all-important function it will bring to your kitchen and cooking adventures, that is, a wonderful spice organization system.

Utilities and Functions

The twist tops on the jars of this spice rack organizer promises to keep your spices fresh. The tops will twist with ease and provide you with two options for dispensing seasoning. These are pouring and sifting, depending on your seasoning type.

You will get labelled lids with this spice rack. You can have the names of your spices etched on top of each lid. This will give you an easy and fast ability to find the right spice as you prepare your meal.

Each jar and component of this spice rack model is dishwasher safe. This means regular cleaning will not be a torturous task. In addition, the components are reusable giving you big savings in time and money.

You will also get twenty different spices, giving your meals a soul based an outstanding flavor choices.

Main Features

This spice rack is made of plastic and measures 11.73 by 8.66 by 8.66 inches. It weighs 5.9 pounds on delivery. It originates in China and is fabricated by Cole and Mason. It displays twenty glass jars prefilled with twenty different spices.

These jars have both a pour and shake feature, giving you excellent measurement capabilities. The tops for these jars have chrome plating and come pre-marked for the more popular seasonings.

The jar lids on this spice rack give you three operation options, that is, a closed area, a shake area, and a pour area.

The jars will initially contain the following spices: Thyme, Savory, Rosemary, Parsley, Paprika, Oregano, Mustard Seed, Mint, Marjoram, Italian Seasoning, Fennel, Dill, Cumin, Coriander, Cinnamon, Chili flakes, Celery, Caraway, Bay Leaves, and Basil.

Full details regarding the manufacturer’s warranty, how to access your spice refills, and after sales support are available from your customer service agent.


  • It looks great, has a stylish design and is much more modern looking than wooden spice racks.
  • Its plastic frame is robust with a smooth and easy turning action system
  • It is made of excellent quality material that can hold its own when dropped.
  • The lids are superb, sit tightly, and turn well while each container has foil sealing.


  • The tops are not metal but plastic coated in chrome.
  • Some of the seasonings may not be your personal preferences.
  • The jar openings are relatively small, a challenge if you prefer scooping your seasoning with a narrow measuring spoon.
  • Spices may not be in your preferred form, like flakes instead of powder or seeds instead of groundings.


The Cole & Mason Herb and Spice Rack with Spices – Revolving Countertop Carousel Set Includes 20 Filled Glass Jar Bottles is a classy spice rack.

It will never give you cause to worry regarding your spices going bad or lose of flavor with the type of lids it has.

Should you be looking for an expensive looking and excellently functional contemporary spice rack, this model fits that description perfectly.

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3. Kamenstein Ellington 16-Jar Revolving Spice Rack with Spice Refills for 5 Years

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For more than a century, Kamenstein has been stringently working on maintaining a leading position as the creator of top quality pantry and kitchen accessories. The Kamenstein Ellington 16-Jar Revolving Spice Rack with Spice Refills for 5 Years is a perfect example of such a creation.

This product is one of the best spice rack Kamenstein has in its stable, one whose design represents the modern lifestyle. In addition, it is made to bring excellent ‘seasoning’ to your kitchen décor of choice.

Functions and Utilities

The Kamenstein Ellington 16-Jar Revolving Spice Rack with Spice Refills for 5 Years comes with a convenient carry handle.

This will ease its use while you go about preparing your dish. It also comes with sixteen jars, each fitted with a pour and sift cap made of chrome, and each jar filled with a premium spice.

The chrome sifts and pour caps will give you measurement control over your seasoning as you go about preparing your favorite meal.

This spice rack will give you a robust, visual representation of each of your spices while emphasizing that connoisseur feel and look. Every spice jar will have a filling of a different spice, properly sealed in to maintain long lasting freshness.

Furthermore, these spices will come with FDA guarantees since the Kamenstein facility in Winchendon, Massachusetts is fully inspected by this agency.

Main Features

Once you purchase this spice rack organizer, you shall be entitled to free spice refills of the seasoning that comes with your purchase, for five years. This rotating spice rack includes sixteen jars with each of these jars featuring a pour and sift top.

The caps have a chrome finish, allowing easy cleaning when the need arises, and each has clear labelling to enable quick and easy identification of each seasoning. To make your work easy as you cook, this spice rack features a convenient carry handle and a revolving two-tiered stylish design.

This product will occupy 9 by 9 by 9 inches of your kitchen space. It will weigh six pounds and it is made by Kamenstein in the United States. Make inquiries regarding after-sales support and the manufacturer’s warranty from your customer service provider.


  • The spice rack spins cleanly compared to other similar products
  • The caps feature a likable push down, in each direction, to make a choice between pouring and shaking.
  • A free refill for five years is part of the package.


  • The caps look metallic but are easily breakable unless handled with care.
  • The jars are not real glass but plastic.
  • There is a shipping cost for each refill ordered.


The Kamenstein Ellington 16-Jar Revolving Spice Rack with Spice Refills for 5 Years is a likable product for a discerning home chef’s everyday use.

It is an excellent spice rack for your kitchen if you cannot stand that desperate search through cupboards, drawers, and shelves for your favorite dish seasoning.

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4. AllSpice Wooden Spice Rack, Includes 60 4 oz Jars – Maple

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In the AllSpice wooden spice rack, HausLogic LLC has put together a kitchen appliance whose sole purpose is stimulating your cookery creativity. This is through giving you an easy and fast avenue for scanning your chosen palette of spices and herbs.

With this appliance, you finally have an organizer for your complete spice collection, all in one place. With this appliance, you have a wonderful display piece adorning your kitchen décor, besides freeing up valuable space on your kitchen countertop.

It comes in a solid wooden frame that has all the beauty of excellent furniture. It will give you durability that will withstand the frequent use you will put to it.

In addition, it comes in a wide range of colors, giving you the best spice rack, one that fits your kitchen design and personal style snuggly.

Facts and Utilities

The AllSpice Wooden Spice Rack, Includes 60 4 oz Jars – Maple is much more than an excellent way to store your choice of spices. As an essential kitchen appliance, it will elevate your gourmet adventures through easy access to your palette of spices.

The product gives you sixty glass jars, each with a four-ounce capacity. This is the size of choice for specialty spice shops.

These jars will enable you claim back valuable cabinet and drawer space while eliminating piles of spice bags and numerous containers of all sizes and kinds.

Furthermore, to customize your unique collection of spices, you will have a wide array of pre-printed labels that are water resistant too.

Main Features

The AllSpice Wooden Spice Rack Includes 60 4 oz Jars – Maple is made from solid North American maple and comes in a transparent satin finishing. This appliance consists of a wooden frame and sixty glass jars with a forty-ounce capacity, the standard size favored by specialty spice shops.

In the form of accessories, It is accompanied by thirty small hole shaker tops, thirty large hole shaker tops, 154 pre-printed labels, and thirty spoon scraper tops. The labels have a matte finish and are waterproof.

On your kitchen countertop, it will occupy 25.3 by 16.3 by 4.8 inches and will need about 16.5 inches of clearance between your cupboards and countertop. It will weigh 27.8 pounds and is manufactured by HausLogic LLC in the United States.


  • Spices are easy to find, use, and put back on this rack.
  • Enables easy identification of what is out of date, which one is missing, and what is running out.


  • The shaker top holes are too small for bigger spices like rosemary, thyme leaves, or red pepper flakes.
  • Shaker tops may have strong plastic based scent that might taint the spice flavor.


The AllSpice Wooden Spice Rack Includes 60 4 oz Jars – Maple will bring convenience to your cooking adventures. Convenience includes easily finding your preferred spice quickly without rummaging desperately through your kitchen cabinets and drawers.

Should you do a lot of cooking using plenty of spices, this product is functional, so beautiful, and easy to use. It is the ultimate solution to what might be a frustrating search for solutions in keeping food seasoning easily accessible.

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5. Ikea 400.701.85 Bekvam Spice Rack, Birch, Set of 4

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Supposing you have different spice jars scattered all over your kitchen. This four set wall mounted spice rack will give you one spot on which to put all these jars.

Once you have it mounted on your kitchen wall, probably beside your pantry cupboard, it will bring perfect utility whenever you go about preparing your favorite dish.

This ikea spice rack will let you free up your cupboard space from all the little jars that house your spices. This is while letting you find specific spices for your particular dish with absolute ease.

In addition, this spice rack organizer is perfect for organizing your spices if you are constrained for food preparation space is a small kitchen.

Utility and Applications

The Ikea 400.701.85 Bekvam Spice Rack, Birch, Set of 4, is made from solid wood. This means you can have yours sanded to give it a new shine.

You can also have its surface treated whenever you have your kitchen re-decorated.

This is a perfect example of a wall mount spice rack. It means you are bringing additional space into your kitchen.

This is through utilizing space on your walls that would otherwise remain stark. In addition, you would be saving your countertop space for other food preparation activities.

Someday, you might have to get rid of this product, either by design or in the event of an accident.

This wooden spice rack is made of renewable material, solid birch. As such, you never need to worry about disposal or conversion to other applications of its materials.

Main Features

The Ikea 400.701.85 Bekvam Spice Rack, Birch, Set of 4, will require assembling once it lands on your doorstep.

You will need certain wall mounting materials and different fasteners. As such, ensure you use fasteners that rhyme with your kitchen wall.

On your kitchen wall, this spice rack organizer will occupy 3 by 16 by 10 inches or 9 cm in height, a depth of 10 cm and a width of 40 cm.

This wooden spice rack weighs 5.5 pounds and is manufactured by Ikea.

To clean it up, all you require to do is wipe it dry using a damp, soft, and clean piece of cloth.

In order to retain your chosen appearance it would be advisable to treat it regularly using behandla oil for wood treatment.

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  • This product is very easy to clean. Simply wipe it with a soft and damp cloth
  • This wall spice rack is made from renewable wooden material, solid birch, that is.
  • You can repaint it to suit your latest kitchen re-decoration style.


  • This wall mount spice rack has to be assembled, yet no screws are included as part of the package.
  • For anyone with wall mounting and assembly skill challenges, this product is difficult to put together.
  • Its application in other uses, such as a bookshelf, reduces its attraction as a spice rack.


This wall spice rack will bring organization and sanity to your food preparation and culinary adventures in your kitchen.

With this product, you no longer have to search all over your kitchen for the right spice. Simply reach to your wall mounted spice rack for the right spice at precisely the right time in your recipe preparation.

In addition, when you no longer need this Ikea spice rack in your kitchen, you can mount it in your bathroom to put all that stuff cluttering your vanity countertop into order.

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An Elementary Guide On How To Use Your Spice Rack

The best spice rack manufacturer is one who has created a product that will give you an excellent balance. A balance between organizing your spices while allowing you to work with a design that fits your available space and personal taste.

Like any other appliance, however, there are certain ways in which you must use a spice rack. Only then will you attain the intended purpose for purchasing one in the first place.

Elementary applications include those listed below.

Pick The Right Location

To allow your spices to retain their freshness and flavor, store them within the right environment. Think of a moisture free, cool, and dark location within your kitchen.

Whatever your location of choice, avoiding heat and direct sunlight is paramount.

In addition, pick a spice rack that best fits into this location. An uncluttered countertop, away from your oven and direct sunlight would go nicely with a wooden spice rack.

Conversely, should a cabinet be the only shaded and cool place in your kitchen, an under cabinet spice rack or a pull down spice rack would serve you well.

Excellent spaces you can exploit in storing your spices include cupboards, cabinets, in your pantry, and in drawers.

Other spaces include your kitchen countertop and doors or walls in your kitchen.

Pick The Right Spice Rack For Your Space

If your kitchen door affords the best space, think of purchasing a door spice rack or go for a pantry-door spice rack to make use of the pantry spacing.

To store your seasoning on your wall, think of buying a wall mounted spice rack.

The metal surfaces in your kitchen are excellent spots to store your food flavors.

Think of the metal backsplash or your refrigerator. Simply pick a magnetic spice rack that rhymes with such a surface and your cookery adventures will never be easier.

With this type of spice organizer, you will make cabinet and counter spacing savings through keeping your seasonings out of your way.

Simply put, when you put your mind to it, numerous spice rack ideas will sprout out once you think from the spacing available perspective.

There are so many other spice racks options available in our storage and organization section. check it out for organization solutions for your kitchen.

Devise A Spice Grouping System

You will need to come up with a spice arrangement system to ease their storage on your spice rack.

Such a system may even involve placing certain season groupings on different locations within your kitchen.

Keep those you use often, as you cook, nearby in a hanging spice rack perhaps.

These may include red pepper flakes and salt. Those seasonings that go into your baking recipe, such as cloves, cinnamon, ginger, and cream of tartar, may form another group that could go into a door spice rack.

Other groups may include spice mixes, ethnic cuisine seasonings, and dried herbs.

Each of these may go into separate spice racks, such as the pantry-door spice rack for the ethnic seasonings or the Ikea spice rack for the dried herbs.

Labeling Forms, The Core Of The Spice Rack

To identify your spices easily, particularly if you have lots of them, labelling becomes essential. Place stickers or labels on the jar tops if your spice rack only allows visibility from the top.

Conversely, place the stickers and labels on the side of the jars if the jars lie on tilted racks or are staggered on your tiered shelves.

Labeling works much better when you use clear spice jars. Besides being more pleasing to the discerning eye, they allow further identification of the spice inside. Clear jars also allow easy identification of those spices running out, calling for replenishing.

Keep Everything Out of Sight

Perhaps your sense of an organized kitchen involves clean lines of sight. This sense may feature tacking away neatly everything not for immediate use.

If you wish to keep your food seasoning hidden, go for a pull out spice rack or a pull down spice rack.

With any of these options, and while you are preparing your meal, pull down your rack to see each of your spices at a glance. Once you have picked what you desire, tuck everything else right back into your cabinet and out of sight.

The Cleaning And The Flavor Dilemma

A spice rack will organize your food seasoning but it must not compromise freshness, flavor, and cleanliness in the process. It is critical that you ensure the jars remain tightly sealed always.

Mistakes, such as failing to turn a jar top from sift or pour to seal after use or cleaning, compromise flavor and freshness.

Consider the detergent you use to clean your spice rack carefully. If it is too strong, it might linger on the components of your spice rack, destroying the flavor of the seasoning.

On the occasions you clean your walls and doors, consider covering your over the door spice rack or the wall mount spice rack with a light cloth. This way, you protect these appliances from dust and detergent water solutions.

It would be in your best interests to carry out any cleaning activities yourself. This way, you remain assured that each spice jar and component attains its due cleaning process.

Should you hire help to clean your home or kitchen, or seek the assistance of a family member or friend, close supervision as they go about cleaning your spice rack is critical. Only then will your spices maintain requisite freshness and distinct flavor.

5 Pertinent Issues You Need To Consider Prior To Finalizing That Spice Rack Purchase

The spice rack market today will give you a flood of choices. This means picking the best spice rack, for your food seasoning organizational system in your kitchen, may pose challenges.

With this in mind, there are certain issues that call for careful consideration before you can venture out in search of your ultimate choice in a spice rack.

One: How Many Spices Are You Working With?

Naturally, you will want to go for a spice rack that accommodates all of your spices. Nevertheless, you would not want to go over the top.

This means you need not purchase this kind of appliance, one that normally houses fifty spices, while you only use ten spices on a regular basis.

In this regard, contemplate on the spices you actually season your dishes with often.

Think of accessing these spices fast and easily and purchase that unit that gives you most functionality with this in mind.

Two: Have You Considered Dimensions And Adjustability?

Go for an appliance that fits snugly into the kitchen space you have available. Think also of one that makes maximum use of this available space.

Picking an adjustable spice rack gives you an opportunity to re-size this appliance to fit into a bigger or smaller space as the situation dictates.

Adjustability in a spice rack means you will use it comfortably in your new kitchen when you move out.

It means you can buy one as a gift and not worry the object of your enamor will not stow it in the attic or some forgotten drawer somewhere.

With this in mind, part of your due diligence should involve scrutiny of the spice rack dimensions and comparison with the space available in your kitchen.

Three: Will It Complement Or Crush With Your Kitchen Décor?

You have spent truckloads of cash, time, and mental resources to create a magnificent kitchen décor. This is a place where you will spend considerable periods as you engage in cookery escapades.

As such, you will not want to spoil this exceptional environment with an appliance that looks horribly out of place.

With this in mind, you need to go for the spice rack that not only compliments the pleasurable view of your kitchen décor, but one that also gives you an excellent spice organization system.

Naturally, if you contemplate storing your spices away in a cabinet, a drawer, or in a pantry room, looks and design will not be such a big deal.

Four: What Is It Made Of?

You have a wide choice of materials from which to choose from where a spice rack features. These include stainless steel, glass, plastic, wood, chrome, and acrylic.

There is also a wide selection of this appliance made from an assortment of materials.

The materials are considerations where durability and cleaning feature. They determine what color you will paint them into so that it matches your latest kitchen design.

The material is also a major determinant of how much you will pay for it.

Five: What Are The Components And Accessories You Are Buying?

In the market are spice-racks complete with containers full of spices. Others come without containers or jars for the spices. One kind of spice rack does not use a normal jar or container.

Rather, it requires a filling of your food seasoning and calls for a dial turning to dispense, through a filter, your measured seasoning.

Contemplate the containers that will come with your new spice rack. Ensure that these containers are what you have in mind. You probably desire glass jars but end up with plastic glass imitation.

Rather than lids, some have corks or those with lids in turn have screw tops. The tops on some jars consist of sifter and shaker or pouring dispensing systems. These give you control over how you measure your seasoning.

A good appliance of this kind will come with a labeling system. The jars should have pre-labelling or a set of blank labels should be part of the package to allow you create labels of your choice.

Whichever combination of traits you go for where components and accessories feature, have it in mind that an important function a spice rank brings to your kitchen is organization.

As such, should you buy one that comes with new spices, you might have to store them or the current set away in a pantry. This is until the jars require refilling.

Your choice of components and accessories must also arise from considering how they will complement the maintenance of freshness, flavor, and cleanliness of your appliance and its spices.

One of the easiest ways to frustrate a cook who loves their culinary adventures is to re-arrange their kitchen without their consent. The consequences would be deadly.

This is because any good cook is very particular about how the center of their universe, the kitchen, is organized.

As such, most great cooks have come up with bespoke organizational structures for their kitchen. A good spice rack goes a long way in making such a structure work seamlessly.

With this in mind, manufacturers have come up with excellent choices made with an eye to meet the needs of discerning cooks.

The best spice rack will give you better utility of your kitchen as you go about preparing your favorite meal. Do not destroy the soul of your meal due to the lack of a spice rack.

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