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Best Sofa Covers

10 Best Sofa Covers For Cat, Dogs & Sectional

An excellent comfortable sofa is necessary to decorate the house, but it is a dilemma to keep it new and mint condition for a long time.

The truth is due to its rough use; it loses its charm within weeks or months. This is especially true if you have kids or pets in your house. Sofa covers have proved to be a lifesaver if protecting the new sofa or reviving the old one is shown to be a dream product.

It is perfect for revitalizing the old, worn-out, stained sofa by saving you a lot of money from buying a new one and helping protect the new one from the marks of violation that it has to face every day.

Top 10 Best Sofa Covers

1: Sofa Shield Original Patent Pending Reversible XL Oversized Sofa Protector

Quick information

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  • Brand: Sofa Shield
  • Color: Chocolate/Beige
  • Size: XL oversized
  • Material: Fabric


Perfect fit

These sofa covers come in a variety of sizes to choose from according to your sofa measurements. We offer small, large, and extra-large oversized covers to find a perfectly fitted cover from our collection.

Colors and patterns

We offer a wide variety of colors and patterns to add some extra elegance to your beautiful home.


The product is machine washable and drier safe, making its cleaning process easier for you so that you can maintain your home’s hygienic environment without any worries.


This product comes with a lifetime warranty, as it is made of high-quality material that tends to bear wear and tear.

Our Take

[su_note note_color=”#f9f9ac”] Sofa covers give a fresh, elegant look to the old sofas and protect the new ones.
This product offers a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from so you can add something extra to your home’s elegance.[/su_note]

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2: Easy-Going Stretch Sofa Slipcover

Quick information

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  • Brand name: Easy-Going
  • Material: Spandex
  • Size: Large
  • Dimensions:18 x 10.79 x 6.22


Fabric quality

The product is made from high-quality material that is sturdy and breathable, comfortable, and soft to touch.

Easy to install

This cover is easy to put on your sofa as it comes with simple and easy to follow instructions. It comes with the foam strips that, unlike other sofa covers, make it easier to fit in the grooves without getting bunched up.

Easy to clean

This sofa cover is machine wash safe, making it easier to maintain your house’s hygiene without worrying about spending money on dry cleaners.

Our Take

[su_note note_color=”#f9f9ac”] This product is a straightforward approach to give a new look to an old couch.
Its stretchable material is easy to put on, and a variety of colors give you a wide range of options to choose from to provide an elegant look to your home.[/su_note]

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3: Rose Home Fashion Reversible Sofa Cover

Quick information

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  • Brand: Rose Home Fashion
  • Material: Fabric
  • Size: Large
  • Colors: Chocolate, Blue, Green, Beige, Black, Grey, Pink


Reversible sides: This sofa protector has two different and colors on both sides so you can give your sofa a fresh look for a new season.

Dust and hair proof

This cover protects your sofa from stains, dust, and hair, making it hypoallergenic and more hygienic. You don’t have to worry about the extra work to keep it clean.

Perfect fit

This sofa cover is designed to hug your sofa perfectly, and its sturdy elastic straps help to keep it in place and from sliding.

Machine-wash safe

This cover is easy to clean as it is machine wash and dryer safe. You can simply put it in cold water in the machine, and it will come out brand new.

Our Take

[su_note note_color=”#f9f9ac”]You can give your home a fancy elegant look with this beautiful sofa cover that gives a fresh look to your old sofa and offers a different seasonal look with its reversible feature.[/su_note]

4: Subrtex Sofa Cover

Quick information

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  • Brand name: Subrtex
  • Size: Medium, Small, Large, X-Large
  • Material: 85% polyester/15% spandex
  • Colours: Gray, orange, green, white, beige, black, blue, maroon, brown, pink, navy
  • Material care instructions: Do not bleach


Fabric: This sofa cover comprises 85% and 15% spandex thick jacquard fabric that makes it more durable and elastic. Its sleek, elegant look and fresh color give a fashionable and sleek throw to your home.

Snug fit

This cover is easy to put on and perfectly fits the sofa without bunching up in the grooves. Its sturdy thick elastic straps keep it in place and keep it from sliding.


This soft and comfortable cover gives you additional comfort and protects your sofa from pet scratches, spills, and stains.

Our opinion

[su_note note_color=”#f9f9ac”]Everyone enjoys giving in a budget new look to the house. Surprisingly a simple sofa can play an essential role in it.
This cover is a perfect choice to refresh your old sofa into a more comfortable and elegant look with an affordable, convenient, and sleek look.[/su_note]

5: Link Shades Anti-Slip Sofa protector

Quick information

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  • Brand name: Link Shades
  • Material: Microsuede
  • Color: Black, Chocolate, Natural
  • Product Dimensions: 28 x 11.34 x 5.35


Stay-put and adjustable straps

This cover gives a customized fit to your sofa with its adjustable straps. Its stay-put straps keep the cover secured in place and give it extra grip.

Water-resistant: Its waterproof feature makes it more convenient for a house with kids and pets. It also keeps the dust and hair from sticking, thus making it more convenient to use.


This product is compatible with both armless and arm sofas. This product is perfect to complement the setting of any area in your home.

Easy to clean

This sofa cover is washing machine safe. You can throw it in your washing machine and dryer without worrying about ruining it.

Our opinion

[su_note note_color=”#f9f9ac”] This versatile and easy to install product is enough to give a professionally decorated look to your house.
That just adds to the beauty of the home and makes your sofa more comfortable and cozy.[/su_note]

6: PureFit Super Stretch Sofa Slipcover

Quick information

Premium fabric

This sofa cover comprises unique water-resistant fabric that protects your couch from accidental spills and daily stains. This is a great choice to preserve a sofa in a household with kids and pets.

Perfect fit

Its soft stretchable material is easy to install and gives your sofa a neat wrinkle-free look. It hugs the couch perfectly with its full coverage.

Comfortable and easy to clean

This plush, soft to touch cover, adds to the comfort and coziness of your couch. It’s machine wash safe, so you don’t need to spend extra on the dry cleaners.

Our opinion

[su_note note_color=”#f9f9ac”] It is challenging to keep a sofa clean and new in a household with kids and pets for a long time.
This product is a solution to your problem as its scratch, and waterproof properties make it a reliable choice. Its beautiful colors and anti-sliding features make it easy to maintain.[/su_note]

8: Lamberia Printed Sofa Cover Stretch Couch Cover

Quick information

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  • Brand name: Lamberia
  • Product Dimensions: 18 x 8.31 x 4.49 inches
  • Material: 92% polyester & 82% spandex
  • Material care instructions: Do not bleach


Elegant prints

The stylish and elegant print of this cover enhances the beauty of your house. Its fresh colors give a soothing effect to the eyes.


Its high-quality stretchable fabric is eco friendly and durable. It gives a customized fit to your couch. Its strong elastic straps anchor it entirely to provide it with a clean and neat look.

Easy to install and clean

This product comes with easy installation instructions, thus making it handier. It’s machine washable and dryer safe. Wash it in cold water at gentle cycle and tumble dry.

Our opinion

[su_note note_color=”#f9f9ac”] Its beautiful pattern color is perfect for renewing an old sofa into a beautiful and stylish one. Its pillowcases make it a whole package to decorate your home with this elegant looking sofa set.[/su_note]

9: TAOCOCO Sectional Couch Covers 2pc L-Shaped Sofa Covers Softness Furniture Slipcovers With 2pc Pillowcases

Quick information

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  • Brand name: TAOCOCO
  • Size: L-Shaped 3+3 seats
  • Fabric: 88% polyester & polyester blend
  • Colors: Gray, Black, Chocolate


High-quality fabric

This high-quality elastic fabric is soft to touch and breathable. It protects your sofa from dirt, stains, and spills and gives you a comfortable feeling.

Suitable for corner and L-Shaped sofa

This cover consists of two parts, chaise, and main sofa. It gives a perfect customized fit to an L-shaped sofa. You can tuck the extra fabric in the gaps of corners and back for a neat smooth, and wrinkle-free look.

Practical and durable

The elasticized bottom makes it easier to install without any extra effort and keeps it in place. Its high-quality material has flexibility and high tensile strength. It is scratch and dustproof that adds to the life to the life of this cover.

Our opinion

[su_note note_color=”#f9f9ac”]Finding a beautiful, perfectly high-quality cover is not a piece of cake. But TAOCOCO made it possible for you by offering the best quality product that is not just durable but also adds elegance to your house.[/su_note]

10: H.VERSAILTEX Modern Velvet Sofa Slipcover

Quick information

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  • Brand name: VERSAILTEX
  • Fabric: Velvet plush fabric
  • Colors: Brown, Beige, blue, maroon, natural
  • Product Dimensions: 15x 12 x 2 inches


Great fit and protection

This unique four-piece sofa couch cover includes a piece of base covers and three pieces of cushion covers. It fits perfectly on both leather and cloth sofas. It protects your expensive sofa from the stains and keeps it fresh and new for a long time.


Its durable elastic straps on the bottom keep the coves in place and avoid slipping and sliding. It gives a neat, clean look to the sofa.

Ease of cleaning

This cover machine wash and dryer safe. Clean it with cold water at a gentle cycle; it is perfect as new again.

Our opinion

[su_note note_color=”#f9f9ac”]This plus velvet couch covers not just gives protection but also elevates your house’s standard and beauty. Its proper and snug fit gives it a customized look.[/su_note]

A Guide For Buying The Best Sofa Covers

Certain features add up while choosing a cover for your sofa. These features include the type of material, fit, durability, and surface. Here we will give you detailed information about these features so you can make a wise choice.


The best material for a sofa cover is undoubtedly polyester. It makes the cover durable and keeps the dust, stains, and pet hair away from the sofa.


The cover should fit the sofa properly so it can be able to offer proper protection and neat look to your sofa.


While purchasing a cover, it is necessary to have proper measurements of your sofa to buy perfectly fitted cover. Else it might not cover your sofa correctly, or it might be too big, causing bunching up of the excess fabric and leading to early wear n tear.


The feel of the fabric should be soft and decent, so it does not damage the sofa’s surface, and you can also enjoy it without getting uncomfortable.


[su_note note_color=”#f9f9ac”]Whether to retain your couch’s aesthetic or renew the old one, we find the sofa covers extremely helpful.
From protecting your sofa from wear n tear from everyday use or spills while having a gathering, parties that indicate a strong possibility of it happening to add life to the old couch without getting ripped off the best cover is the clear winner.[/su_note]

FAQs on Sofa Covers For Cat, Dogs & Sectional

How can I measure my sofa to get a perfectly fitted cover for pets?

You can use a measuring tape to get an idea about its size but it is not necessary to know exact measurements, because the covers are supposed to be so it can give you room plus its the shape of a sofa that matters.

How well fitted my sofa cover should be?

We suggest a perfectly fitted cover, but it should not be much fitted so I could distress the surface of your sofa also there is a chance that tightly fitted cover can get distressed easily.

How often should I wash my sofa cover?

We will suggest that it should be washed every 3-6 months.

How can I get off a stain from my slipcover?

You should see the instruction manual for this information. We will suggest a quick rinse with mild soap and cold water.

Does the cover make the sofa more bouncy?

Covers are just fabric without any foam fillings. So we will say it doesn’t make it more bouncy, but it helps to make it soft to touch.

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