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Best Small Marine Diesel Generator

Best Small Marine Diesel Generator

The best small marine diesel generator is one that will fit your needs. Whether it be for commercial, residential, or recreational purposes, there are many different generators to choose from.

It’s essential to understand the difference between a permanent and portable generator so you can make an informed decision when shopping.

This blog post will give you all the information you need to find the perfect little workhorse for your boat. Here’s a highlight of the 3 top Marine Generators.

The Importance of Having a Marine Generator Onboard

A small marine diesel generator is an excellent addition to any boat.

It will give you peace of mind knowing that your watermaker, lights, and other appliances can run even when there’s no shore power available.

In commercial applications, it may be required by law for some boats but in general, having a backup system onboard is always intelligent, especially if you spend a lot of time on the water.

Types of Small Marine Generators

There are two main types of small marine diesel generators that you should be aware of before making any purchases. They include:

1. Permanent Generators

A permanent generator runs off the engine powering your boat.

It can produce enough power for most recreational uses, but it may not hold up to more extensive demands or if there is a lot of demand for power at one time.

2. Portable Generators

The second type of generator is a portable unit that can be easily removed from the boat and used on land.

These are great for use in remote locations where you need to power more than just your boat, but they aren’t always equipped with features needed for more expansive or marine environments.

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Best Small Brand Marine Generators

1. Generac 6864 Diesel Powered Portable Generator

The Generac 6864 is an excellent option if you are looking for one of the best small marine diesel generators on the market. It comes with many features that make it stand out from other models, including:

  • 5000 watts of power
  • Low oil shut down feature that automatically shuts the engine off if it senses low oil levels
  • 50 amp outlet for powering larger items
  • Quieter operation than most other models

The Generac 6864 is one of the most reliable generators on our list, and it comes with a folding handle that makes it easier to transport from one location to another.

It is a great option if you need a small-budget marine diesel generator that will get the job done.

2. AMICO Power AHW6000LE-A Portable Diesel Generator

The AHW6000LE-A is an excellent choice for those who need a portable generator that can be used on land or at sea.

It comes with many features that make it an excellent option for new and experienced boat owners, including:

  • Crank start and easy electric-start – powered by 12V battery
  • Large fuel tank of 3.3 gallons – requires less fueling
  • Low oil shutdown feature – protects the engine and auto shuts down if there is an issue with oil levels
  • 10HP 4-stroke engine; air-cooled; direct injection; oil alert sensor; engine stop switch
  • 50 amp outlets for powering larger items
  • 1-year limited warranty The only potential downside to this product is that it is a bit larger than some other generators on the market, but that doesn’t take away from all of its features.

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3. Pulsar PG7000DLE-CA Diesel Generator

If you need something with a bit more wattage than the other options on our list, then you should consider taking a closer look at the Pulsar PG700DLE.

It comes equipped with many features that make it stand out from some of its competitors and includes:

  • 12V battery powered starter
  • Air-cooled, vertical generator with closed-loop cooling system for less noise and increased durability
  • EPA & CARB compliant – removes up to 99% of carbon monoxide emissions from generator while running
  • 4000 starting watts / 3500 running watts The Pulsar PG700DLE is an excellent option if you need something that will hold up in a marine environment and comes with many features that make it stand out from some of its competitors. Check the price here.

Best Small Marine Diesel Generators Buying Guide

When you are ready to purchase a small marine diesel generator, there are several factors that you need to take into consideration. These include:

1. Type of Generator

Smaller generators can be either portable or permanent, so make sure that you pick the best one for your specific use case and needs right now and in the future.

2. Wattage of Generator

The wattage is the overall capacity that the unit has, so you need to make sure that your generator can handle all of your equipment at once and what you might add in the future.

The higher number here isn’t always better because a lower wattage with multiple outlets may be better for your specific situation.

3. Fuel Type

Depending on where you are boating, it may be easier to use gas or diesel as a fuel source.

Diesel generators tend to have more power but are also larger and heavier than their gasoline counterparts. Gasoline is cheaper, so if budget is an issue, this might be the best option.

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4. Generator Brand

You may have heard of particular brands and wanted to stick with them, but it is a good idea to look at all of your options before making a final decision.

Some generator manufacturers offer better warranties, while others are known for their overall quality over time. Make sure that you do some research to find the best brand for your needs.

5. Price

The price is an essential factor in buying any equipment, but you should also consider how much use you will get out of the generator before making a final purchase decision.

Think about what features are essential and if they are worth spending more money on to get them. If you are looking for something to use on the weekends, a less expensive generator might be best.

At the same time, if you want one that can handle more frequent usage or have additional features to maintain easily, then it may make sense to invest in a higher-quality option.

How to Make the Most Out of a Small Marine Diesel Generator?

There are a few things that you should keep in mind when using your small marine generator. They include:

  • Always make sure to use the right oil for your engine and check it frequently – this will ensure maximum performance from your machine.
  • Ensure to let the unit cool down before storing or transporting it, as this will also help increase the unit’s lifespan.
  • Use your generator for short periods and never leave it on if you are not using it, as this can cause damage to the engine over time. This is especially important in marine environments where there are large fluctuations in temperature that could be harmful to your machine.
  • Read the manual thoroughly before using your generator for the first time. This will help you avoid any damage that can be done to it if not used properly.

FAQs on Marine Generators

1. How much power do small marine diesel generators produce?

Smaller models of these machines are typically designed to provide anywhere from 600-4000 watts, while larger units will often come with engines that produce between 2000-5000+ watts.

2. How much do small marine diesel generators cost?

The price of these machines can vary depending on the wattage, features, and engine power that they come with. They range anywhere from $500-3500+.

3. What are some common uses for a generator in this size category?

Some examples include powering lights or appliances while at sea and providing backup power for larger items if the primary boat engine fails.

4. What is a small marine diesel generator used for?

Smaller models of these machines are typically designed to provide anywhere from 600-4000 watts, while larger units will often come with engines that produce between 2000-5000+ watts.

5. How do I know what size small marine diesel generator to get?

The higher number here isn’t always better because a lower wattage with multiple outlets may be better for your specific situation.

6. Is it better to buy a generator with an electric start, or is manual start good enough?

Electric starters are excellent in most cases, but if you live somewhere where there isn’t much wind and plan on using the machine regularly, they may be overkill since you will likely not need them that often.

7. What does no load mean?

No Load refers to the generator running at full speed with nothing attached to check the output and ensure it is working correctly before using it for more serious purposes.

Get a Small Marine Generator               

A small marine diesel generator is a valuable tool for any boat owner to have on hand.

Not only can it be used when the main engine fails, but also when you’re out at sea and need some lights or power for other appliances.

Knowing how these generators work will help you make an informed decision about which one to buy, which you can do by following the tips provided in this blog post.

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