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Best Small Food Processor for Baby Food

Best Small Food Processor for Baby Food

An efficient and versatile, best small  food processor , will soon become an indispensable part of your kitchen facade once you begin to appreciate the functions it brings to your kitchen top.

The busy lifestyle you are most probably living today gives you so little time to prepare your food using traditional methods. Some time back, people had much more time to spend around food preparation.

Not anymore, but fortunately, technology has come to the rescue, in the form of the food processor.

Of course, you can easily do most of the food preparation procedures food processors undertake. The important part however, is the length of time the process takes. This kitchen appliance is designed to conveniently and easily take over the more labor-intensive activities of food preparation.

Before undertaking that shopping venture for your preferred kitchen counter-top food-processing appliance, take time to consider the issues reviewed here. This way, you will make a more enlightened decision and save yourself loads of trouble in your food preparation in the future, once you select one that meets your needs.

Best small food processor reviews

1. ​The Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor, – best food processor for baby food

​This kitchen food-processing machine is the perfect little assistant when you need to undertake small food preparation. This is from chopping breadcrumbs or herbs, to grinding your cheese finely.

Its resourcefulness comes from its unique auto reversing smart blade that makes it much easier to prepare both hard and soft food items. It has been designed in Italy and its Mini Prep Plus sleek touch pad gives you easy and precise controls, an elegant look, and easy cleaning afterwards.

Irrespective of its space saving size, it possesses more power than other choppers in its range. This means you have an instrument to prepare small quantities of your food items efficiently and faster than ever before.

Facts and Utilities

This small 250-watt kitchen top workhorse becomes quite handy where a full-sized food processor is not a necessity. Its three cup working bowl is apt for making a salad dressing or pesto. Its two receptacles on the lid have pinholes through which a stream or two of oil goes into the bowl as you blend that perfect emulsion on the processor.

You will have an ideal machine for grinding and chopping with this machine on your countertop. Simply press the chop button to deploy the sharp edge of its reversible blade, patented by Cuisinart, to chop breadcrumbs, herbs, and onions.

Press the grind button to whirl the blade in the opposite direction so that its blunt side can grind cheese, coffee beans, or nuts. With its compact nine-inch high and lightweight plastic body, you can tuck away the Mini Prep Plus model in your cabinet while its little spatula that accompanies it will go into your drawer.

The lid and work bowl, made of plastic, are safe in your dishwasher. However, you will need to hand wash the stainless steel blade to protect its edges.

The Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor Features

The product measures 5 by 7 by 9.2 inches in dimension, and weighs 2.9 pounds on your kitchen counter top. It has a three-cup working bowl capacity, originates in China, and is manufactured by Cuisinart.

It has a reversible blade, push button controls that give you grind or chop options and is powered by a 250 watt motor.

For adding food ingredients as you operate it, there are two lid receptacles. Its housing is made of plastic, dishwasher safe components and there is a spatula included. Its default color is silver.

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  • ​The small size of this food processor is not a disadvantage after all but is rather a major benefit. It fits easily onto your kitchen countertop or you can stow it away in your cupboard when you are not using it.
  • ​Incidentally, with its sleek design and brushed chrome, you will not need to put it away because it rhymes easily with any kitchen interior design.
  • ​It is made mainly of plastic giving it a durable lightweight and making it easy to clean, store, and move.
  • ​It has a simple, easy to read and operate interface that has only two buttons. Grind and chop. This interface and its base wipes off easily for that quick after use cleaning up.


  • ​Its small size implies that you have to undertake some food preparation before you can process it.
  • Food has a tendency to stick onto the working bowl sides if one ignores elements of the instruction manual. When this happens, you will have to stop the appliance and scrape off foodstuff using an included spatula.
  • It has an inherent inability, when it comes to processing relatively harder and heavier foodstuff.

Should you have a small family to feed, or you are a couple, or you are alone in your home, or you simply need to prepare small batches of food regularly, the Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor, Brushed Chrome should be among the top items on your kitchen appliance shopping list.

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2. ​The Cuisinart DLC-8SY Pro Custom 11-Cup Food Processor, White- best mini food processor

​​With this product, the Cuisinart Food Processor manufacturer proudly announces to the world that their signature is innovative culinary tool creation. As regards style, quality, and performance, Cuisinart continues to set the prevailing standards with superior food processors.

They promise that this product will bring excellent functionalism and elegance to your kitchen. This product will allow you to savor the good life when it comes to preparing your food dishes.

Facts and Utilities

You have to hand it to Cuisinart, the entity that started it all, to take your kitchen counter top food processor technology to even greater heights. With The Cuisinart DLC-8SY Pro Custom 11-Cup Food Processor, White, operating from your kitchen counter top, you have a huge feed tube and a unique compact chopping cover augments this. An industrial quality motor powers them all.

The result is a powerhouse of a kitchen counter top appliance that is fabricated for long years of top performance and convenience.

It will give you eleven cups of a work bowl capacity assisted by an extra-large feeding tube. These will enable you slice entire vegetable items, and whole fruits. In addition, it has enough power reserves to kneed you preferred bread with simplicity and ease.

Its compact cover has easy to clean features that also allow excellent bottom of the bowl clean up procedures. Simple operations are activated using pulse, on, and off paddles. Its stainless steel blade, coupled with shredding or slicing discs, will give you a speedy and efficient food preparation operation.

It will remove pre-cutting procedures that normal food preparation demands through its big feeding tube. In addition, a small feed tube insertion will hold smaller food items, such as carrots or cucumbers, securely in place for efficiently done slices.

Powered by a 625-watt motor, every one of these food preparation tasks will take place with consistency, speed, and ease.

The Cuisinart DLC-8SY Pro Custom 11-Cup Food Processor Features

The Cuisinart DLC-8SY Pro Custom 11-Cup Food Processor, White, has its housing material made of ABS plastic and measures 7 by 11.25 by 14.5 inches in dimensions. It is manufactured by Cuisinart and originates in China. It will weigh 16.2 pounds on your kitchen counter top.

It comes with three stainless steel thin-slicing, shredding, slicing discs. Other components include a spatula, a chopping and dough blade, an extra-large feeding tube that caters for bigger food items, and an eleven cup sized work bowl.

You can pick a color scheme you desire from almond, black, or white and depending on the prevailing conditions, as your customer service provider will exemplify, the motor warranty lasts for five years, while the entire unit enjoys a three year limited warranty.

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  • ​This machine promises solidness and excellent food preparation. It has a heavy base and its rubber feet keep it firmly rooted in place on your kitchen countertop as it processes your food items.
  • It has sharp disc blades that make quick work out of mixing, shredding, and slicing, with a motor right up to this challenge.
  • This machine is designed for a home kitchen but reports exist of owners using it professionally, which proves its durability and effectiveness. Do note however that its warranty covers home use only.


  • ​You might have an initial problem to put on its large tube lid. This is because it goes on with the tube from the back of the processor. For you to operate the controls, you have to reach over the bowl to use the chuting, compared to other machines whose controls and chuting are placed in front of the processor.
  • Its lid requires a pusher sleeve, a difficult contraption to clean, and which is made from flimsy plastic, which must also connect with a slot for the motor to engage.

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