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Best Sleeper Sofas

Best Sleeper Sofas

Whether your house is big or small, a sleeper sofa is a must-have piece of furniture. Imagine getting into a situation where you don’t have extra bedding or space for your surprise guests.

The Best Sleeper Sofas will help save the day for you by offering a dedicated soft surface to sleep to your guests while enjoying the stay.

The best part is due to its convertible feature; you can enjoy it as a living room couch while not using it as a bed. This sofa can give a comfortable, cozy corner while enjoying a TV program or reading a book.

1: DHP Emily Futon Sofa Bed, Modern Convertible Couch With Chrome Legs

Quick information

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  • Brand name: DHP
  • Material: leather
  • Color: vanilla faux leather
  • Style: Futon


Elegant design: Its sleek design and chrome legs give it a modern look and add to your house’s beauty.

Sturdy construction: Its strong and sturdy wood frame ensures this product’s durability and gives excellent support to the body.

Versatile: Its split back feature makes it more versatile. It is easy to convert from sitting to lounging to the sleeping surface.

Easy to clean and assemble: The upholstery is of leather material that is easy to clean just with a damp cloth. Its assembly doesn’t require extra tools; everything comes within the package to assemble it effortlessly within no time.

[su_note note_color=”#f9f9ac”]Our opinion: Apart from giving an elegant look to your house, this product offers a sturdy, comfortable surface to enjoy a sound sleep.[/su_note]

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2: Novogratz Brittany Sofa Futon

Quick information

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  • Brand name: Novogratz
  • Style: Futon
  • Color: Navy blue
  • Dimensions: 81.5 x 34.5 x 31.5 inches


Stylish and sturdy construction: The combination of curved arms and slant legs complement each other perfectly and give it a modern look. The durable wooden frame makes it sturdy enough to provide good support to the body.

Upholstery and foam: The beautiful navy blue upholstery not just adds to its beauty but is soft to touch that offers excellent comfort and relaxation.

The polyester filling gives proper support to the body to enjoy your moments of relaxation without getting tired.

Ribbed tufted cushion back: Its ribbed tufted cushion back makes it more elegant and provides excellent lumbar support to enjoy the tireless experience.

[su_note note_color=”#f9f9ac”]Our opinion: A sleeper sofa should not just be comfortable but also be elegant enough to raise your house’s standard. This product is a statement piece that offers everything you might be looking for a sleeping sofa.[/su_note]

3: Divano Roma Furniture Modern, Adjustable Sleeper Sofa

Quick information

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  • Brand name: Divano Roma Furniture
  • Size: Small
  • Color: Orange
  • Product Dimensions: 77 x 31 x 31 inches


Modern and comfortable: The elegantly modern design and fun, catchy color give your space a professionally decorated look. The soft linen fabric upholstery makes it non-irritating and comfy, and its high-quality memory foam ensures maximum support and cozy sleeping and sitting experience for you.

Sturdy construction: The sturdy, well-constructed hardwood frame and high-quality metal legs make it more durable. The high-quality memory foam ensures maximum strength without getting compressed or saggy over time.

Versatility: Its split back feature makes it more versatile than the standard couch. You can recline or turn the half side into flat while the other remains up.

[su_note note_color=”#f9f9ac”]Our opinion: This high-quality, versatile sleeper sofa is worth buying as it is durable and stylish, but also its versatile feature makes it more useful.[/su_note]

4: Mainstay Memory Foam Futon, Black PU Sleeper Sofa

Quick information

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  • Brand: Mainstay
  • Color: Black
  • Fill Material: Memory Foam
  • Upholstery Material: suede


Quality and comfort: High-quality memory foam provides a comfortable, cozy surface without getting tired. The durable foam supports the bodyweight correctly without getting compressed.

Soft upholstery: The suede upholstery gives a soft feel to the body without getting itchy and uncomfortable.

Sturdy construction: The well-constructed wood frame and high-quality metal legs make it more durable and robust.

[su_note note_color=”#f9f9ac”]Our opinion: This product offers a great deal of comfort, coziness, and durability within affordable prices, making it worth buying.[/su_note]

5: Nirvana Futons Eastridge Futon Set Sleeper Sofa

Quick information

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  • Brand name: Nirvana Futons
  • Size: Queen
  • Color: Microfiber Sussex Fudge
  • Cover material: Poly-cotton


Design and construction: This product is elegantly designed to give your space a beautiful, stylish yet classic look. The frame is made of solid hardwood, making it more reliable and durable.

Multi-positional: This sofa is easily convertible from standard sofa to the lounger and a queen-sized bed. The functional arms prop up into the side table tray on each side.

Thickness: The 8″ thick mattress consists of multilayer poly-cotton and four layers of high-density foam of medium firmness that gives proper support to the body.

[su_note note_color=”#f9f9ac”]Our opinion: This classy, versatile statement piece meets up all the lounge needs with good quality material that is durable and comfortable enough to give you immense relaxation and restful sleep.[/su_note]

6: FWD Faux Leather Queen 2 Piece Modern Contemporary Sleeper Sofa

Quick information

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  • Brand name: FWD
  • Size: Corner Sofa L
  • Color: Black
  • Seat depth: 7 inches
  • Material: PU Leather


Quick assembly: This sofa is easy to assemble. It takes only 10-15 minutes to shape it into a comfortable sitting surface, plus it comes with all the tools required to assemble it.

Easy to clean: If you accidentally spilled something on it, you don’t need to panic because you can clean it with just damp cloth, and it will be good as new again.

Quality and comfort: This sofa is made up of high-quality material that ensures its durability. Thick, high-quality foam offers excellent support to the body weight and gives a pleasurable sleeping experience.

[su_note note_color=”#f9f9ac”]Our opinion: This sofa provides enough sleeping space to accommodate two adults.
This multipurpose sofa is suitable for sitting and sleeping and turns into a lounger so you can enjoy your leisure moments with great comfort.[/su_note]

7: Fun Furnishings Sofa Sleeper

Quick information

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  • Brand name: Fun Furnishings
  • Color: Blue, Green, Pink
  • Assembled height: 8 inches
  • Seating capacity: 2


Quality and comfort: This product is an excellent cozy, and comfy place to sit while reading or relaxing with family. The well-constructed wood frame makes it durable and long-lasting.

Design: This sofa is excellent for areas with limited space. The beautiful fresh blue color soothes the eyes.

Easily convertible: It is easy to convert into a bed. You just need to flip open the sofa, and it turns into a cozy, comfortable bed to lay.

[su_note note_color=”#f9f9ac”]Our opinion: This sleeper sofa is an excellent option for a small space as it takes a smaller area. This is also great for kids to sit on while playing and lying on when tired.[/su_note]

8: Signature Design By Ashley – Balden Contemporary Plush Upholstered Sleeper Sofa

Quick information

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  • Brand name: Signature Design By Ashley
  • Color: Coffee
  • Material: Faux leather
  • Frame material: Metal


Quality and comfort: The plush comfortable material makes it a cozy surface to lay, and the double stuffed armrest helps achieve a relaxing posture. The robust, high-quality metal frame adds up to the durability and life of this product.

Versatility: This couch is comfortable to transform into a bed without putting any extra effort. It turns into a full-size bed that gives a lot of space to fit two adults comfortably.

Classy and elegant design: This coffee-colored couch gives your space not just an elegant but classy and fashionable look.

[su_note note_color=”#f9f9ac”]Our opinion: Offering a comfortable and personalized space for your guests to sleep is hard to achieve.
But this piece of furniture made this job easy for you.[/su_note]

9: Gold Sparrow Albany Convertible Loveseat Sleeper Sofa

Quick information

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  • Brand name: Gold sparrow
  • Color: Beige
  • Seat Depth: 18.5 inches
  • Assembled Seat Height: 15.5 inches


Practical and elegant design: This European style couch has a unique eye-pleasing that can give a stylish look to the household of limited space. This convertible couch gives enough room for one adult to sleep comfortably.

Quality: This couch is made of high-quality material that gives it a fancy stylish look and gives it strength and durability.

Easy to maintain: The premium fabric of this couch is easy to maintain without worrying about hygiene.

[su_note note_color=”#f9f9ac”]Our opinion: This sofa is the best option for the place with limited space. It satisfies the need to have the couch and gives you a proper and comfortable surface for your guests to sleep.[/su_note]

10: Pawnova Sleeper Sofa

Quick information

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  • Brand name: Pawnova
  • Color: Blue
  • Frame Material: Wood
  • Seat depth: 22.5 inches


Design and style: This sofa gives your space a fashionable look. Its beautiful fresh blue color adds to the beauty of your home. The design of split-back makes it versatile.

Adjustable backrest: The backrest can be adjusted at three different angles to get into a comfortable position. 100-degree angle supports the straight sitting, 125 degrees turns it into a lounger to enjoy a movie, and 180 degrees change it into a cozy, comfortable bed.

Strength and durability: This product’s strength is depicted from its high-quality wood frame that ensures its durability in the long run. The high quality tufted material avoids wear n tear and keeps it fresh for a long time.

[su_note note_color=”#f9f9ac”]Our opinion: This beautiful Multifunctional piece of furniture is a must-have product to raise your house’s level, and it is a real space saver.[/su_note]

A Guide for Buying Best Sleeper Sofas

To avoid any surprises and unexpected guests or find a perfect solution to the small space and deprived of having a guest room, sleeper sofas can be helpful. While looking for an ideal sleeper sofa, the following features must be kept in mind.

Size: A standard sofa length is 6 to 8 feet, so you can see the options of queen size sleeper sofas if you have enough space to accommodate it. It will give enough room for two persons.

If your house is smaller and does not have enough space for a full-sized sofa you can go for more modest options to give you enough space for one person.

Mattress: The mattress’s thickness determines the support and comfort that the sofa will offer, whether using it for sitting purposes or for sleeping. The thicker the mattress, the more comfortable and durable it is.

Upholstery: Upholstery texture determines the softness and comfort level of the sofa. Linen or cotton material is best for warmer weather as apart from soft and smooth to touch; they tend to remain cold and maintain the body temperature.

While on the other side, leather and faux leather are soft and comfortable, but they tend to warm up, resulting in sweating and uneasiness. Velvet material offers the same comfort as cotton or linen fabric, but they are hard to clean and difficult to maintain in the long run.

[su_note note_color=”#f9f9ac”]Conclusion: Whether for the sitting purpose or as a sleeping surface for your guests, an excellent cozy sleeper sofa proves to be a smart choice.
This is the option rather than piling up extra bedding for guests and worrying about sparing space for its arrangement.[/su_note]

FAQs on Sofas

What is the difference between the futon and sleeper sofa?

The main difference between sleeper sofa and futon is that the sofa has a separate mattress that comes out when you open it, but the futon folds down to turn into a bed.

How easy is that sofa bed to clean?

That depends on the material of the sofa. You should buy the sofa bed that mentions easy to clean or stain-free cover.

What upholstery should I prefer?

Linen or cotton upholstery is the best option. It’s soft as well as a breathable option.

Does the sleeper sofa get compressed or saggy?

That depends on the quality of the sofa you’re buying. There is a possibility it will get permanently compressed over time if it’s not of good quality.

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