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Best Shower Filters

5 Best Shower Filters for well water

There’s nothing worse than getting into the shower only to come out feeling pale because the water from the showerhead is hard and full of toxins.

Yet in the age where you can treat water at any point in your home and make it safe for use, you never have to bathe with hard water.

With the best shower filters for well water, you can take a hot or cold bath without worrying about negative effects on your hair, nail, and skin. That’s because shower filters reduce contaminants in water by up to 95%, making it suitable for treating your skin.

In this guide, we’ll look at some of the top-rated shower filters that you can buy. Let’s get to the reviews.

Best shower filters for well water reviews

The following are some of the top-rated shower filters that you should consider if you’re looking for one right now:

1. AquaBliss High Output Revitalizing Shower Filter

Designed to remove contaminants from well water and deliver it in its purest form, the AquaBliss Revitalizing is by far the best shower filter for hard water out there.

Water filtered with AquaBliss Revitalizing can rejuvenate your hair, enhance the softness of your skin, and improve the quality of your nails.

Given that the AquaBliss Revitalizing water filter is versatile, you can attach it to any type of showerhead. For instance, you can connect it between the type and rain, handheld, or fixed showerheads without the need for an adapter.

AquaBliss Revitalizing shower filter earns a good rating for its effectiveness in removing toxins from well water treated with chlorine.

Instead of using an activated carbon filter, AquaBliss Revitalizing utilizes a premium, 12-stage filtration system to remove contaminants such as bacteria, heavy metals, chlorine, and pesticides.

By removing these contaminants from your well water, this shower water filter hinders scale build-up, improves the lifespan of your shower system, and removes odor from the water.

Even at a price point that’s definitely a steal, the filter cartridge has such a long lifespan. You will notice that the filter stops working well after the sixth month, and that’s the best time to get a replacement.

Based on multiple hands-on testing, AquaBliss Revitalizing proved to be effective at not only trapping large sediment and controlling scale build-up but also softening hard water and boosting oxygen levels.

Plus, it infuses vitamin C into the water so that what comes out of the showerhead is suitable for treating your hair, nails, and skin. 


  • Long-lasting filter; needs changing after 6 months
  • Inexpensive water filter with a 12-stage filtration system
  • Can filter up to 12,000 gallons of well water before you need to replace the filter


  • Won’t remove chloramine from water
  • Somewhat bulky

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2. Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter for hair loss

Aquasana AQ-4100 is the best shower filter for blond hair. Like the Berkey shower filter, this model comes with its own showerhead and it’s easy to install.

Tested and approved for human use, the brand’s patented AquaSorb HX coconut-based carbon shell filter removes up to 90% of chlorine from water and makes it suitable for treating your hair.

Aquasana AQ-4100 is the first shower filter on this list that allows you to customize your bathroom experience. In other words, you can easily switch from one message setting to another.

Aquasana has the filter of this model attached to the filter housing unit. Also, it features a housing nozzle, which you can use to adjust the flow of water when taking a shower.

Aquasana AQ-4100’s ability to enhance the pH scale of water while filtering out toxic chemicals such as lead and pesticides makes it one of the top shower filters to buy right now.

With a lifespan of not less than 6 months and the ability to deliver up to 10,000 gallons of water, the AquaSorb HX carbon filter is ideally the strongest selling point of this shower filter.

Aquasana AQ-4100 can’t remove Total Dissolved Solid from your water. But it can at least trap chlorine and soften hard water to make it safe and healthy enough for your skin and hair. The large surface area of the filter makes filtration more efficient.

The coconut-based carbon shell filter, which removes contaminants from water through a process known as adsorption, has a lifespan of six months, the exact same duration as the filters that we’ve examined in this review.

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  • Easy to install. Come with an installation manual to make the process easier.
  • Tested and certified to remove up to 90% of chlorine from water


  • Won’t add healthy minerals to water
  • The replacement filter is pricey

3. Barclay’s High-Pressure Chlorine Water Filter for soft skin

Treating eczema starts with making sure you use pure water to wash your skin. Unfortunately, water hardly exists in its purest form, leaving a filtration system the only option to consider if you want to at least shower with clean water.

Barclay’s high-pressure water filter can help you with that.

Barclay’s is a dedicated high-pressure water filter that removes up to 90% of chlorine from water thereby reducing the water hardness. Moreover, it removes more contaminants from water, making it healthy for people with eczema, dandruff, and acne-prone skin.

The brand has the filter enclosed in a crack and rust-resistant metal casing for strength and durability.

The rain and message settings give you the option to bathe in style by regulating water flow. Its ability to reduce the amount of Total Dissolved Solid makes it one of the best units for the price point.

So far, we’ve only looked at shower filters that need replacement at the 6th-month mark. Barclay’s filter is a little different. It works for 8 months, lasting at most 2 months longer compared to the other filters on this list.

Also, you do get one replacement filter included in the package, so you won’t have to buy another filter until after 14 months.

By keeping water consumption below 2.5 gallons per minute, this high-pressure filter can help you save a great deal on water.


  • Includes installation instructions that make the setup process easy and straightforward
  • Comes with an additional replacement filter
  • The replacement filters for this model is cheap
  • Removes up to 90% chlorine and contaminants from water, making the water safe for people with eczema
  • Long lifespan for the filters


  • This product is not NSF certified
  • Might make a humming noise when in use

4. Berkey Shower Filter for Hard Water

If you’re in the market for the best shower filter for hard water, get the Berkey model.

Even if the water in your area is insanely hard above the 120 parts-per-minute, Berkey should help to remove chlorine and make it suitable for bathing. The design includes a back-flush attachment, which helps to prevent clogging during filtration.

There’s a housing unit that keeps the filter from damage and contamination. And although it’s made of plastic, it’s still strong enough not to break down easily even from intense water pressure.

Note that it comes with its own showerhead, so you should only select it if you don’t have an issue with replacing your current showerhead.

The Kinetic Degradation Filter (KDF) media filter, which is effective for hot and cold water, built into Berkey makes it suitable for reducing lime, scale, chlorine, fungi, and mold.

And with a 10,000-gallon lifespan, you get enough water to bathe for at least 6 months before you change the filters again.

Given its ability to remove up to 95% of chlorine from water, Berkey not only promotes healthier hair but also rejuvenates your skin in every bath.

Based on multiple hands-on testing, we confirmed that the Berkey shower filter is performance-optimized and works exactly as advertised. Not only does it remove up to 95% of chlorine, but it also removes contaminants such as mold, scale, and fungi, thanks to the KDF filter.

Specifically, the KDF filter combines copper and zinc in a redox process to reduce iron, chlorine, and lead. In the process, it also removes elements such as fungi, bacteria, and algae, making the water safe to use.

The filter isn’t NSF certified, but given that it lives up to its promise, this shower filter is definitely worth the investment. 


  • Easy to install
  • Include its own showerhead for the price
  • Decent KDF filter with a decent lifespan


  • Plastic design can crack if not handled properly
  • Not NSF certified
  • Not effective in reducing chloramine

5. Sonaki Vitamin C – best shower filter for eczema

Vitamin C shower filters are a big deal these days and for a good reason. They don’t just remove chlorine from water, they also reduce the amount of chloramines, making the water safe to consume.

By using such a shower filter, you diminish your exposure to elements and give your body the best bath instead.

Sonaki takes the lead in the production of the best vitamin C shower filters. It has the ability to remove chlorine and chloramine. What’s more, it helps with some skin problems, such as contact dermatitis and itchy skin, thus making it worth buying.

Tiny as it looks, the Sonaki vitamin C washer filter is so powerful that it can remove up to 99.9% of chlorine and chloramine toxins from the water. You end up with water that’s safe enough for your skin and hair.

It includes a transparent cartridge made of brass and resin completed with a chrome finish. The result is a unit that has a luxurious feel. Not only does the package include 3 vitamin C filters, but it also includes a wrench that you can use to change the filter.

Perhaps the downright of this unit is the amount of water it can generate before the filter demands a replacement. With the lifespan for each filter around 1,400 gallons of water, expect to change the cartridge sooner than later.

Sonaki vitamin C shower filter is easy to install, so you don’t need to hire a plumber to come to your place to fix it for you. You only have to attach to it your existing showerhead and arm and start using it.

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  • This shower filter is easy to setup
  • It removes up to 99.9% of chlorine and chromium from water


  • This shower filter is a little expensive
  • The filters have a shorter lifespan

FAQ’s on shower filters for hard water

1. Are shower filters good for hair?

Shower filters are good for hair because they remove pollutants from the water that would otherwise soak up in your skin when taking a shower.

By removing chlorine and chromium from water, these units ensure that the water that gets onto your scalp is clean, so you never have to worry about hair loss.

2. What type of shower filter is the best?

The best shower filter is the one that removes contaminants from water, making it safe for showering. Specifically, the best model should be able to reduce the amount of chlorine, chromium, arsenic, lead, and other toxic chemicals without altering the quality of the water.

We recommend that you look for a shower filter with high quality, long-lasting cartridge. Filters that need replacements after six months are great, but if you can find one that needs replacement after every eight months, go for it.

Also, it’s important to consider the amount of water the unit can filter until you have to replace the cartridge. A 10,000-gallon water filter is a good option to consider.

3. How often should you change your shower filter?

You should change your filter every 6 months. That’s usually after filtering about 10,000 gallons of water. However, note that some filters have a longer lifespan and can work well for up to 8 months.

We suggest that you check the manufacturer’s recommendation to know when exactly to replace the filter that comes with the shower filter that you purchased.

Based on our research, extensive hands-on testing, and existing verified reviews, these are some of the best shower filters on the market.

By removing contaminants such as fluoride, arsenic, chlorine, and chloramine from water, you end up with clean water to give your body the right treat.

There’s no guarantee that these shower filters will remove all the total dissolved solids from the water. However, you can be sure they’ll remove many contaminants from water and make it safe for consumption.

It doesn’t matter if you get your water from a well or city water supply, these units should work well for you.

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