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Best RV Propane Tank Gauge and Level Sensors

Best RV Propane Tank Gauge and Level Sensors

An RV can be an excellent home or travel solution for your needs. If you are planning on using fuel sources such as Propane, ensure you also get the right components for this purpose.

It’s not always easy to detect the presence of propane in your RV, which can be dangerous. And, the last thing you want is to experience the level of damage these leaks can cause to your property.

So, we take a look at the best RV propane tank gauge and level sensors to help keep your property safe. These are convenient mechanisms that you can use to keep track of propane gas levels.

The tank gauge sits at the knob of your tank, while the sensor sits on your preferred location. Before you can buy one, it’s good to gain insight into some of the top ones and more:

Best Tank Gauge Reviews

JEASOM Propane Tank Gauge Level Indicator 

Designed to be compatible with various propane tanks, the JEASOM Propane Tank Gauge Level Indicator is a reliable unit. It can work well with propane tanks of up to 40lbs in capacity. Furthermore, the tank gauge also has a leak detection function, which you can use to control gas flow.

You will be pleased that it monitors the fuel level without you having to detach the tank. Plus, it’s color-coded, making it easy to determine when the propane level is low. Made using high-quality brass, this unit is durable and exceptionally sturdy.

The good thing is that installing this unit is easy with a handheld grip mechanism. The mechanism makes it easy to adjust and set up the tank gauge at your preferred position. Aside from your RV propane tank, you can also use it on your heater, camp stove, lantern, fire pit table, and more.

The Good

  • Compatible with QCC1 connections with up to 40 lb. tanks
  • It comes with a convenient leak detection function.
  • It makes it easy to monitor the fuel level without removing the tank.
  • It has a color-coded dial for easy viewing of the propane level

The Bad 

  • Requires calibration to provide accurate gas readings

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WADEO Upgraded Propane Tank Gauge Level Indicator 

With the Wadeo Upgraded Tank Gauge Indicator, you have a highly convenient and efficient device for your RV tank. The tank gauge features a unique color code dial, that easily shows the remaining fuel level. It does this by showing the ambient temperature levels.

This propane tank is made using 100% solid brass and is resistant to issues such as breakage. So, you are sure of a tank that provides longevity and a secure link that is not prone to leaks. Designed to be easy to install, you won’t need any tools to set up this tank gauge. Besides, there is a handheld grip included making it easy to tighten.

The ability to store your level indicator conveniently should be of value. Thanks to the convenient dust cover, you have a convenient way to protect this gauge from exposure to the elements.

The Good

  • Compatible with QCC1 connections and 40lb propane tanks
  • It comes with a color-coded dial for convenient use 
  • Easy to install and available with a handheld grip
  • Has a dust cover included 

The Bad

  • The metric indications are small and not easy to read

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GasOne 50120 Propane Gauge for Propane Tanks 

No more guessing games when you have the GasOne 50120 Propane Gauge. With this unit, you can easily determine the amount of fuel remaining in your tank with ease. 

The first unique feature of the 50120 would be the universal fitting connection. It’s suitable for the standard 5-20lb gas tanks and easy to install in a few steps. Plus, the high-end measuring mechanism provides accurate readings of the propane levels each time.

Made using high-quality solid brass material, you are sure of a sturdy and durable tank gauge for your needs. Plus, the durable tank gauge is suitable even for people who are used to using propane energy sources.

The other good thing about this tank gauge is that it comes ready to use right out of the box. You will find it easy to attach to your traditional propane tank, and it’s available with a colored indicator. 

The tank gauge comes with three inbuilt level indicators: the “refill, low gas, gas” levels. These unique controls provide accurate and easy readings on the remaining propane levels.

The Good

  • It comes with a universal fitting connection
  • The solid brass connection is sturdy and offers longevity
  • It has an easy-to-read and colored indicator for convenience
  • Simple to use gauge mechanism for novice users

The Bad 

  • The metric readings should be more visible 

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Best Level Sensor Guides

EG Propane/Natural Gas Detector, Home Gas Leak Alarm, Tester 

Make it easy to determine the propane gas level in your property when you have the Propane Home Gas Leak Alarm. This unit features a powerful alarm that features an exceptional 80Db siren and speaking alarm.

The alarm beeps in combination with a flashing red light when it detects the presence of combustible gases. So, you are always informed of any leaks in your RV.

Customizing this unit to suit the size of your interior space is easy in many ways. The metrics are easy to read, and the LED is visible at night. The sensor will also measure and display the amount of concentrated gases using a convenient LED screen.

The alarm will produce a sound when the gas level goes below 5%. You will also be pleased that this alarm won’t add energy costs to your bills, as it only uses 3 watts. With its double-sided ABS construction, this unit offers anti-pest and anti-corrosive benefits.

The Good

  • It comes with a powerful 80Db siren and a speaking alarm.
  • The LED on this unit makes it convenient to use
  • The level sensor is shelled using double ABS material

The Bad 

  • Could use a stain-resistant finish

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EG Air Propane/Natural Gas Detector, Home Gas Leak Alarm 

The EG Air Propane Natural Gas Detector is another excellent addition to your RV safety. The sensor features a powerful alarm that can provide an audible 85Db alert sound. Furthermore, the gas detector lets you view the combustible gas level on a convenient LED screen.

The LED screen is highly visible and provides insight into all the metrics you can expect from the sensor. Usually, the alarm will trigger when the gases reach the Lower Explosive Limit (LEL).

Powered using a USB cable, plugging in this detector anywhere is a breeze. Plus, it features a powerful alarm that uses ~110 mA of current and <0.55 watts of electricity. So, you are sure of a unit that leaves a small energy footprint on your energy bills. Thanks to its durable and double-sided ABS construction, you are sure a sensor that guarantees longevity.

The Good

  • Equipped with a convenient LED for displaying the gas levels
  • It has a powerful 85Db alarm which is powerful.
  • Made using double-sided ABS material

The Bad 

  • Takes time to master the user controls on the LED

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How to Buy the Best RV Propane Tank Gauge and Level Sensors

While these sensors can make your RV safer, you still have to make informed decisions to ensure you get the right one. In this case, a few things to consider include:

How to Buy the Best Tank Gauges 

  • Connection type – refers to the mechanism you use to connect the gauge to your propane tank. Usually, the high-end types feature a unique QCC/ type 1 connection, which you can conveniently connect to a gas cylinder.
  • Gauge construction – a good gauge should have a dynamic range to provide accurate readings. Go for the types made using corrosion-resistant steel or brass material for longevity.
  • Leak detector – remember to consider a tank gauge that you can use to conveniently determine the presence of leaks. Some gauges even feature alarms, alerting you of such an issue. 

How to Buy the Best Tank Sensor 

  • Safety – a sensor should come with the right features for safety. These include a powerful alarm in combination with flashing lights.
  • Accurate and scientific – the sensor should provide accurate readings, usually through a simple to use LED screen. Most brands ensure their sensors come into action when oxygen goes below the 5% Lower Explosive Limit (LEL).
  • Durable – the right level sensor features a double-sided ABS structure, which provides resistance against pests, mildew, and more.

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Safety should be an essential priority for using products such as propane tanks in your RV. Therefore, one of the main reasons we have this guide on the best RV propane tank gauge and level sensors you should consider.

When you have one of these units, keeping track of combustible gas levels in your RV will become a breeze. Your house will become safer, whether present or away from home, such as at work.

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