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Best Refrigerator Water Filter

A constant source of clean water is necessary since we need to intake one to two liters of water every day. However, water bottles are not a way to keep us hydrated due to the plastic footprint.

That?s why you would like a high-quality water filter for your refrigerator. It not only gives you fresh water every time you turn on the tap, but you also don?t have to spend on expensive bottled water.

The thing is, the best refrigerator water filter is hard to find because there are quite many units in the market. Therefore, we have compiled a list of top-rated products for your consideration. Keep reading to find out.

8 Best Refrigerator Water Filters

1. PURELINE GE MWF Smartwater

What we appreciate about PURELINE products is the installation at ease. Neither does it require extra equipment nor you need to turn off the water.

All you need to do is to remove the old filter by turning it to the left.

Then, you replace it with the new one, turn to the right to secure. A valve check will automatically stop the water, preventing any leakage.

Flexibility is the most favorable part of PURELINE GE MWF SMARTWATER. It can be used in place of GE MWF KENMORE 46-9991 HOTPOINT water filter, a more high-end product.

So, you can get an effective filtration for a refrigerator at a reasonable price with PURELINE.

Though the manual guide says that PURELINE filters can stand 300 gallons of water, many users report that they have to change the product after two months, which is pretty short lifespan for a water filter.

Taking into account the affordable expenses and the overall effectiveness, PURELINE GE MWF SMARTWATER is an ideal choice to keep your water clean.

2. Culligan IC 1 EZ-Change

Culligan IC EZ-Change is a product line with interchangeable items, so you can upgrade the Culligan IC 1 EZ-Change just by changing the filter only.

This unit?s capacity is 10 times higher than the previous model, which means it can filter a maximum of 3,000 gallons of water. Such an amazing number.

What we appreciate most about Culligan IC 1 EZ-Change is the after-sales service.
The 2-year warranty policy with exceptional customer support will assist you a lot in case of any arising problems.

Unfortunately, the spare parts of this filter are pretty low in quality. There may be some problems with leaking when you turn the water tap to the highest level, which is very inconvenient.

If you want a refrigerator water filter to go with for a long time, think about Culligan IC 1 EZ-Change. However, it is not suitable for high pressure of running water.

3. Culligan IC-EZ-4 EZ-Change

The second, also the latest model offered by the renowned manufacturer Culligan for water filtration is the Culligan IC-EZ-4 EZ-Change.

This improvised version remains some of the best parts of the EZ product line, for example, the simple assembly thanks to quick-connect fittings.

It also comes in a full package with a filter head, a water filter cartridge, some mounting screws and a sticker as a reminder.

The significant difference between the two water filters of Culligan lies in the performance.
Culligan IC-EZ-4 EZ-Change can eliminate more contaminants than its older brother.

The EZ-4 has been tested and certified by the National Science Foundation of the US so you can believe in its quality.

Still, Culligan IC-EZ-4 EZ-Change can’t exceed the IC 1 EZ-Change in terms of running time. The former can filter 500 gallons, equivalent to 3 months in operation. This number is quite low for a product at a high range price.

Culligan IC-EZ-4 EZ-Change is more effective in cleaning the water, but it can?t last as long as the IC 1.

4. GE GXRTDR Exterior Refrigerator – Best for Budget

If you are looking for a unit within your budget, you should try GE GXRTDR.
With less than $20, you can own a versatile filter that fits most of the refrigerators.

There is a query box on the product website to let you know if your fridge is compatible with GE GXRTDR or not.

Despite the low price, GE GXRTDR works very great.

NSF has testified that it can reduce the nasty taste of chlorine, limit unpleasant odor and eradicate unwanted sediment in running water.

The problem of GE GXRTDR is the mounting points. Though the manufacturer boasts about the easy connectors, they are quite vulnerable. Just a little bit high pressure can make them fall apart.

GE GXRTDR is a budget-friendly unit but not very high in quality.

5 AQUACREST Replacement GXRTQR Refrigerator Water Filter

One more refrigerator water filter for a limited budget is the AQUACREST Replacement GXRTQR. The price of AQUACREST is even somewhat more affordable than the GE GXRTDR.

The unit achieves the optimum result within six months or after filtering 2000 gallons of water, which is a super high capacity in the low price range.

The innovative technology of granular activated carbon, AQUACREST not only remove the pollutants in the water, giving it a fresh and clean taste, but the device also retains healthy minerals to promote health benefits.

Although this is a substitute for GE GXRTDR refrigerator water filter, assembling the unit to GE GXRTQR fridges is a bit confused. You will need to follow the instructions strictly to avoid leakages.

If you can handle the assembly yourself, you should purchase AQUACREST instead of GE GXRTDR to save money and get some health advantages.

6 Woder 10K-JG-1/4 Ultra High Capacity

Woder 10K-JG-1/4 is a small tool to help you gain the ultimate cleaning effect thanks to the so-called selective filtration.

This unit can filter out 99.99% of contaminants, some of which are heavy metals like chromium 6, trihalomethanes, lead, chlorine, mercury, glyphosate, PFCs, TMHs, VOCs.

Woder 10K-JG is capable of dealing with 10,000 gallons, enabling you to use this filter within three years continuously.

Its capacity is regarded as the biggest among the available models in the market. If you have high demand or the water line in your area is dirty, this is your solution.

The downside of Woder filter is that it reduces the water pressure, lengthening the time for you to fill up your water bottle. Tricking problems may also happen but rarely.

Woder 10K-JG-1/4 is an incredible unit to provide water free from harmful chemicals but full of beneficial minerals.

7. Samsung DA29-00020B-2P

Samsung is a famous brand for household appliances, including refrigerators with water connection.

Therefore, they also make some of the best fridge water filters as a supplement for the main products.

Samsung DA29-00020B-2P is the best seller among Samsung water filtration devices.

The premium activated carbon filter can remove 99% of potential adverse particles, making the water and also the ice cubes from the fridge tastier and healthier.

The best part of Samsung?s products is the light indicator on the digital panel to let you know when it?s time to change the cartridge.

The light will turn red if the filter is stuck or the number of gallons has reached the maximum.

One thing you will want to change about Samsung DA29-00020B-2P is low capacity. With a filter of more than $80, I wish it could manage more than just 300 gallons of water.

If you own a Samsung fridge, Samsung DA29-00020B-2P will make a perfect match though the price is a bit high in comparison to the capacity.

8. LG LT700P Refrigerator Water Filter

Like Samsung, LG also produces water filters for its refrigerators. LG LT700P is a pack of three cartridges; each can dispense around 200 gallons of water.

Though this is a quite small capacity, you have quite many units to replace once one filter reaches its highest level of filtering.

The water flow from LG LT700P complies with NSF-42 and NSF-53, which are vital standards for refrigerator water filters. It is also a convincing proof for the quality of this product.

Since LG is successful with the house-care devices, you can easily find the replacements for the cartridge or any other part of the filtration.

A disadvantage of LG LT700P is that there are plenty of alternatives with more affordable expenses. So, you can reduce the cost by buying other water filters, and they will still match your LG refrigerator.

LG LT700P is a trustworthy water filter for a fridge with certified quality. Still, you can find more affordable substitutes in the market.

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What Is A Refrigerator Water Filter?

Many recent models of refrigerator come with water running tap, meaning that it can be linked to a water line to provide fresh and chilled water within several seconds.

The water filter for the fridge is in the middle of the flow to remove any contaminated substances in the input so that the water output can be clean as much as possible.

A refrigerator water filter acts as a layer, keeping the odor, bad taste, heavy metals and letting go of high-quality water for you to enjoy. It is a prominent accessory for a fridge with a water connection.

How Does A Refrigerator Water Filter Work?

A filtration system for refrigerator often contains several filters to obtain the best result. Water will flow through these layers in order from the large mechanical drain to the fine filter, and finally the activated carbon filter.

a) Large Mechanical Filter

This is the first filter medium to use the mechanical principle in the filtration system. The purpose is to trap elements that are visible to human eyes like debris, sediment, rust, and any other strange things in the water.

Fiber and sand are often used to make the large mechanical filter.

b) Fine Mechanical Filter

The fine mechanical filter reduces the stink and the bad taste caused by bacteria and organic compounds living in the water. These are smaller contaminants that we couldn?t see without a microscope.

c) Activated Carbon Filter

The activated carbon filter is the heart of the filter cartridge. Each producer will have different techniques to make this medium, but the porosity in the material is a shared feature.

It helps to exclude heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, and some pharmaceuticals.

Compelling Benefits of A Refrigerator Water Filter

Hydration is, without doubt, one of the fundamental things to make your body function properly. Therefore, having a water source on hand is very advantageous.

Still, running water from the faucet can be polluted by bacteria and a lot of harmful components.

The water system of the city often adds chlorine, a disinfectant to treat waterborne diseases.

However, a study shows that chlorinated water nearly doubles the risk of cancers.

Another big problem is when chlorine mixes with organic compounds floating in the water, the outcome is a dangerous particle named Trihalomethanes, which enhance the creation of free radicals resulting in cell damage.

A refrigerator water filter not only eliminates damaging components in the water, but it also gives a pure and fresh taste back to our living source. Some models own a system to retain positive minerals, so your water is both clean and healthy.

How To Install A New Refrigerator Filter

New installation is the hardest part of getting a refrigerator filter in place.
Different models will have different instructions, so the first thing you need to do is to read the manual guide carefully.

Nowadays, all filtration system for fridges are lightweight, and you can do the assembly yourself without any special tools.

After understanding the instruction, you would want to block the water supply for the fridge to avoid messy leakage.

Then, attach the filters to the mounting points as instructed in the guideline.
Make sure all the connections are secured before you activate the water line and open the refrigerator?s water tap.

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How To Change Refrigerator Filter

Why Do I Need To Replace My Fridge Filter?

a) Mechanical Filters Lifespan

Mechanical filters shape like a fish net with super tiny holes to let the water run through evenly while blocking contaminants.

However, these toxic rusts, sediment, debris, parasites, and bacteria can also stick in the pores, which decreases the water pressure.

You will notice this problem when the water starts to run lower and lower. Finally, when all the holes fill up, the mechanical filters become useless.

That?s why water filters have a certain lifespan, and after that, you have to change the filter.

b) Activated Carbon Filters Lifespan

The activated carbon molecules attract harmful chemicals thanks to the uneven ditches on the surface.

When the water passes through this filter, the canals will retain pesticides, herbicides, chlorine, pharmaceuticals, and other left-overs.

Due to the limited capacity, it will stop doing the job after reaching the maximum.
The water at that time still has damaging elements, so it?s back to the unpleasant smell and awful taste. That?s when you need to change the filter.

When Do I Need To Replace My Fridge Filter?

It depends on the capacity of the refrigerator water filters. Some need to change every two months while others can use for years. This information will be on the label in the form of gallons of water or lifespan.

Several high-end filters even feature a function to remind users to swap the water filter when the time comes.

How Do I Replace My Fridge Filter?

After the first installation, replacing the cartridge is pretty simple.

You just need to find the compartment of the filter, open it by twisting off, then take it out and mount the new filter by twisting on. Now the filtration system will work again.

A purified source of water is a fantastic but easy way to keep the normal functions of the body and avoid some water-related diseases.

By investing in the best refrigerator water filter within your budget, you can have a fresh sip on hand right when you feel dehydrated.

The installation and replacement don?t take up much of your time and effort as well. So, why not buy one of our recommended filters for fridges now?

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