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best pure sine wave inverter with automatic transfer switch

Best Pure Sine Wave Inverter with Automatic Transfer Switch

A pure sine wave inverter is not for the faint-hearted. It’s for the people that want nothing but good quality. Of course, these are monsters with high power and expensive digital components.

Well, the best pure sine wave inverter with automatic transfer switch do an exceptional job with some of the most sensitive electronics in your household.

The inverters also help get the most out of your power storage system or battery bank. As a result, your laptop and other sensitive electrical equipment can work more efficiently and safely.

We list some of the best pure sine wave inverters with an automatic transfer switch to help with your decision-making process.

Best Pure Sine Wave Inverter with Automatic Transfer Switch Reviews

1. Tripp Lite Power Inverter / Charger w/ Auto Transfer Switching

If you are looking for industrial strength output, then this pure sine wave inverter is your thing.

Tripp Lite Power Inverter / Charger w/ Auto Transfer Switching, 1250W, 12VDC 120V, 5-15R, 2-Outlets for RVs, Trucks, Fleet Vehicles &...
  • 1250 watts continuous output power; up to 2500 watts instantaneous power
  • Extended peak surge power handles heavy connected loads
  • Auto-transfer switching option for UPS operation
  • 2 AC outlets; rugged polycarbonate housing resists moisture and impact
  • 1-Year limited warranty


  • 1250 watts continuous writing
  • 200% extended peak surge power
  • 1440 watts when you connect it to an AC power source
  • Automatic transfer switching of 16.6 millisecond

It effectively converts dc power into ac power that you can use with pumps and heavy-duty drills, among others. Even better, you can use the converted 120 volts ac power on sensitive monitoring equipment and expensive devices.

We especially love the frequency control feature for monitoring and control of the frequency line. As a result, you receive cleaner computer-grade power, and the frequency control feature ensures that your DVD player works as smoothly as possible.

It has ample reserve power in OverPower mode to deliver up to 1875 watts for about an hour. On the other hand, the APS1250 can deliver 2500 watts DoubleBoost mode for startups of power-hungry equipment.

The inverter has an impressive continuous power of 1440 watts when you connect it to the AC power source. Well, APS1250 has an automatic transfer switching of about 16.6 milliseconds, which is undoubtedly near-instantaneous.


  • Effectively converts dc power into ac power
  • You can use it with sensitive monitoring equipment and other heavy-duty equipment
  • Frequency control feature to control the frequency line
  • It has 200% more output for peak surge demands


  • It may not be sufficient for heavy-duty equipment

2. Samlex Solar PST-300-12 PST Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter

The commercial-grade design of this pure sine wave inverter is what makes it one of our favorites.

Samlex PST-300-12 PST Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter - 300 Watt
  • Industrial grade
  • Silent Operation - temperature controlled cooling fan runs quietly and reduces energy consumption
  • Low Interference - won't disrupt the reception of your TV, radio or audio equipment
  • Two GFCI Protected Outlets
  • Safety Certified - to UL standards, FCC Approved


  • 10.5 – 16.5 V DC input range
  • Universal Protection Circuit for 4/40 inch low voltage and over-temperature among others
  • Detachable cable with 12V plug adapter and detachable cable with battery clamps

This bad boy can go for long periods of continuous operation while handling heavy-duty loads. Also, it is available in different sizes, and you can always find the best one for you.

Other features include the temperature-controlled cooling fan to keep everything inside working correctly and efficiently. As a result, it has a low idle power draw and reduced power consumption.

The universal protection circuit protects your sensitive equipment from over-temperature, over-voltage, and low voltage, among others. We love the fact that it has an extensive operating DC input, which is always a great option to have.


  • Can handle long periods of continuous operation and heavy-duty loads
  • Available in different sizes
  • Temperature-controlled cooling fan for efficiency
  • Low idle power draw and reduced power consumption


  • Some equipment may produce a bus sound

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3. AIMS Power PWRIX120012S 1200W Pure Sine Inverter with Transfer Switch

With a decent continuous pure sine output of 1200 Watt, this unit is inarguably a suitable acquisition.


  • 1200 Watt continuous output
  • Automatic transfer switch of 10 amps
  • On and off remote available

Your work doesn’t have to stop, thanks to an automatic transfer switch rated at ten amps. You never have to lose power in the middle of a project.

The pure sine wave inverter comes with clear instructions, and using it or operating it is a breeze. The fact that it is wallet-friendly is music to the ears of those people on a budget.

It also features a cooling fan to keep it functioning at optimal levels without issues. Please note that the ac and dc input and output respectively will require to hardwire connections.

There is also an optional on and off remote that you can get for convenience. It is moisture-resistant, and you can use it on the boat.


  • Automatic transfer switch rated at ten amps
  • A cooling fan to keep it functioning at optimal levels
  • A convenient and optional on and on remote
  • Comes with clear instructions
  • A budget-friendly option


  • May not be ideal for heavy-duty use

Learn the importance and key functions of the internal transfer switch in the above video

Disadvantages of pure sine wave inverters

How to Pick the best pure sine wave inverter with automatic transfer switch

The best thing about pure sine wave inverters is that they convert the DC from the batteries to AC, which is almost similar to what you get through the grid system. The current is palatable for refrigerators, laptops, and sound systems.

No doubt, there are several pure sine wave inverter models on the market. However, you cannot always take the claims of various manufacturers at face value. The following factors will help you get more bang for the buck.


The primary function of power inverters is to convert electrical energy from direct current to alternating current. They come in an extensive variety of options and power functions, depending on your needs.

For example, you can get a power inverter to back up a building in case of an outage or powering a car radio. What do you want the inverter to do for you?

Output Size

Ideally, the size of the pure sine wave inverter should be a tad higher depending on the usage or output requirements. The first step is usually to figure out the power requirements and then add 15% of the total to accommodate the overhead. Here, we are talking about continuous wattage.

The Efficiency of the Inverter

Inverters will have different efficiencies depending on the model and brand. The conversion of the current will generate heat, and some power will be lost in the process.

For example, you may lose up to 10% of the battery power, or even more. What matters is the efficiency gap of the inverter. So, what can you do to get the most efficient inverter?

One thing you can do is take the specifications, and of course, the reviews from other users. Or remember to turn the inverter off when not in use.

Battery Power

The battery power is another critical consideration. Well, it makes no sense to get an excessively high wattage inverter well you only require a few hundred amps.

You would be dealing with a case of drained battery if that were to happen. No doubt, pure sine wave inverters cost a pretty penny, and you must get the right one.

The best pure sine wave inverter with an automatic transfer switch is always worth the cost that you pay. The excellent quality sine wave inverter is efficient, and versatile in that you can use it on a wide variety of equipment, and protective for your equipment.

Don’t take a chance with your sensitive electronic equipment such as laptops and refrigerators, among others.

Pure sine wave inverter reviews

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