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Best Pull Behind Spreader

6 Best Pull Behind Spreader

Built to help you spread manure, fertilizer, pesticides, and seeds on large lawns and gardens, the best pull behind spreaders can get the spreading job done quickly and save you a lot of time.

Some models attach to garden tractors, some work with ATVs, and some you pull by hand.

The best pull behind spreader is one that’s easy to set up, load, and use. Pick a reasonably large capacity unit if you have a large garden and a medium-sized model if you have a small or medium-sized field.

More importantly, ensure the model is made of rust and corrosion-resistant materials and is easy to maintain.

In the section below, we’ll look at the 6 best-rated tow-behind spreaders you can get right now.

6 Best Pull Behind Spreader Reviews

1. Agri-Fab 45-0288 175-Pound Max Tow Behind Drop Spreader

Agri-Fab 45-0288 is the best tow behind drop spreader that we could find. We didn’t just love it for the not-so-steep price point. Even its coverage is incredibly up to par.

To be clear, this isn’t such a big spreader. Yet given that it guarantees a coverage of up to 40,000 square feet per load, you only need two rounds of drops to cover a field as big as 2 acres.

We’re always skeptical about the design of home and gardening products. Even with such a position that we hold tight, we’re more than willing to admit that Agri-Fab has given its best to the design of this unit.

The agitator is made of galvanized steel, the poly hopper is rust and corrosion-resistant, and the hopper capacity is 175 gallons. Combined, these design aspect means you get not only a functional but also a durable unit.

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Featuring a 42-inch control spread width and limited placement materials attached to the wheels, this drop spreader can ride well in gardens and lawns with small, medium, and large obstacles.

Obviously the wheels are big and rugged, able to hit and ride over stones, ride up hilly areas, and descend quite well on inclines.

The overall performance of this model is adequate. Even so, we think the agitator blades are somewhat thin and could use some improvements.

But if you’re only using it to spread out light materials such as grass seeds, it should serve you well.

2. Brinly BS36BH 175 lbs Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader

Don’t we just love how Brinly designs its lawn and gardening tools? Not to mention that they almost always work as advertised.

It’s the case with the Brinly BS36BH tow-behind broadcast spreader. It’s a higher capacity model, at least big enough to hold up to 175 pounds of ice, seeds, fertilizer, and salt.

Its 3.5 cubic feet volume means a single hopper refill is enough to cover a field as large as an acre.

Speaking of design, Brinly uses heavy polyethylene and steel for construction. You’ll see these on the spinner shaft, hopper, hardware, and agitator.

Further, Brinly sandwiches the glass-filled nylon gears between nylon gearboxes for more protection.

The clear-top hopper cover is a nice thing to have. It’s elastic enough to remove and put back in place. And more importantly, it keeps moisture out of the unit.

The directional spread pattern control is one of the biggest selling features of this unit. It allows you to not only even out but also center the distribution of drops.

As such, you end up with a more balanced application of the materials necessary for your lawn, backyard, field, or garden.

And don’t worry about storage. This unit doesn’t take up a lot of space so it should fit well even in a somewhat crowded garage or store.

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3. Chapin 8620B Tow Behind Spreader

You might want to consider Chapin 8620B if you’re looking for a tow-behind ground-driven manure spreader that fits on a normal lawn mower.

You shouldn’t attach this to a large tractor with a drawbar because you’re likely to end up with an inch-wide opening that can hinder better spreading performance.

This spreader comes with a reference manual that you can look up from time to time.

It’s particularly an important booklet that recommends the right settings for spreading different types of fertilizers or materials you wish to use.

Generally, the settings adjust the size of the discharge port. 

The recommended speed of this spreader is 6 miles an hour.

There’s a drawback to going faster, and mostly the issue is that towing this at a higher speed than the recommended throws your product where you don’t need it. 

Although Chapin 8620B spreader is useful for spreading different materials, it’s important to note that you can’t use it to spread calcium chloride.

The content is hygroscopic and tends to get wet and melt fast. So if you want to spread calcium chloride, consider getting a spreader that comes with a cover

To get the most out of this spreader, check the user guide that comes with the package so that you don’t ruin its quality.

4. Country Manufacturing Model 600 Manure Spreader

Country Manufacturing Model 600 is a small manure spreader suitable for hobby farmers, homesteader, field owners, gardeners, and horseback riders.

Since it’s a ground-driven model that doesn’t need the power to take off or the inclusion of an external engine, you’ll find this to be the most convenient and cost-effective unit for the job.

The brand does a good job on the design. They’ve given the unit a rugged construction, making it an ideal option for spreading any type of manure – even those mixed with straw and hay.

This small tow-behind manure spreader is 46 inches wide. Since it’s a versatile unit that can tow behind any large or 10 HP tractor, it shouldn’t be difficult to maneuver even in rough fields.

The small unit’s weight limit is quite higher than we had initially thought. For what it’s worth, the model can carry up between 350 and 400 pounds of manure, although we strongly recommend carrying a maximum of the lower capacity of 350.

The first look at the 16 OD tires signals that you get a durable wheel for the price point. Put the wheels to work behind a towing tractor, and you’ll love how they roll.

Not to mention that they provide the stability and traction necessary to maneuver different areas of your field.

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5. Field Tuff AS-12V 12-Volt ATV Broadcast Spreader

If you’re on a tight budget or simply looking for an inexpensive tow behind spreader for ATV, go with the Field Tuff AS-12V model.

As small as the unit is, it’s quite flexible in spreading seed and fertilizer. Since there’s an adjustable broadcast lever on the left and right side of the spreader, expect an equal distribution of fertilizer and seed in your garden.

This unit is so flexible that you can mount it on any ATV.

There’s an on and off switch on the handlebars that makes mounting the spreader quite straightforward.

This broadcast spreader can handle a load of up to 80 lbs. That’s much less than what you can carry with the likes of Agri-Fan and Field Tuff models.

Still, it makes a good option for some heavy-duty products.

You will love this model because it’s easy to install. Moreover, the installation job takes only a couple of minutes, after which you’re ready to start spreading the most important materials to your garden or lawn.

Even with its limited load and as compact as it looks, Field Tuff AS-12 doesn’t disappoint when it comes to performance. For the price, you get a unit that reduces the time it takes to fertilize a large garden by at least 50%.

6. Landzie Lawn & Garden Spreaders

You don’t need an ATV or lawn tractor and an expensive spreader to maintain your lawn. If you’re on a budget and a lush and professional lawn is something you crave, get the Landzie Lawn and Garden Spreader and use it to give your field that fine look.

Landzie designed this model to be functional, element resistant, and durable. The double locking clasps make the door open easily for filling.

And given their handy shape when fixed in a locking position, the door stays closed during use even if you roll the unit on a bumpy section of your garden or lawn.

It falls in the same price range as many pull-behind spreaders for ATVs, but at least you don’t have to spend money on gas. All you have to do is to fill it with the material you’d like to top dress your lawn and ride it by hand pulling.

One of the best things about this lawn and garden spreader is that it easily breaks large, clumpy materials when it rolls. That ensures an even flow and spread of materials on your lawn, so every section gets an equal distribution.

You will love this mesh lawn spreader because of its ability to distribute peat moss, compost, dirt, and manure evenly on your garden and lawn.

With the 6 best pull behind spreaders reviewed in this list, you should not have difficulty choosing a model that’s ideal for you.

Whether you are on a budget or just need a unit that works well, there’s something for you in our selection.

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