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Best Pull Behind Road Grader

Best Pull Behind Road Grader

Never subject your car or motorcycle to mechanical damages caused by bad roads. Instead, map your usual off-road routes, then invest in the best pull behind road grader to level bumpy terrains, and fix driveways filled with potholes.

Pull behind road maintainers may be pricey, but they can save you thousands of dollars each year. 

Don’t worry if you have no idea which model to choose yet. We’ve reviewed the performance rating of several graders and have put together a list of the top five models you might want to consider.

Best Pull Behind Road Grader Reviews

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1. Field Tuff ATV 05ATVGB Grader Blade

You don’t deserve to drive your car or ride your motorcycle on bumpy roads. Such driveways simply don’t go easy on the tires and could cost you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in yearly tire replacements, repairs, and maintenance.

Get the Field Tuff ATV-05ATVGB Grader Blade and use to smoothen rough paths, level bumpy driveways, and fix uneven areas so you can drive and ride comfortably.

Field Tuff ATV-05ATVGB is a well-built grader blade that goes for under $600.

So if you’re on a tight budget with insufficient money to spend on a model such as the Stronga RoadGrada, Field Tuff ATV-05ATVGB is the model you should consider.

For what it’s worth, Field Tuff land lever feature a pin hit that easily attaches to an ATV, a UTV, or a tractor. The turnbuckle adjustment on the grader’s blade is an excellent and useful addition that offers depth adjustment for proper grading of the lawn.

Besides the tough, sturdy, and durable construction, Field Tuff ATV-05ATVGB grader’s blade offers up to 6 unique height adjustment levels, making it suitable for different leveling jobs.

Field Tuff has also designed this model so that you can adjust it to 5 unique angles. The addition of 2 built-in weight trays with equal dimensions of 12 by 19 inches steps up the performance of this grader blade.

The presence of these trays means you can do deeper cutting and grading if the need arises.

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2. Guide Gear 60-Inch Blade with Box Ends

Guide Gear 60-inch Blade isn’t a perfect build, but it is close. Even with a few design drawbacks here and there, the model is a strong and sturdy blade that gets the job done quite well. 

If there’s one good thing that we can state about this product, it works exactly as advertised. It’s a good recommendation for those who want to occasionally grade and maintain dirt as well as gravel driveways.

The Guide Gear blade isn’t a one-pass driveway grader for tractor. You will need a couple of passes to loosen the hard ground and fill in potholes. About 30 minutes on the grading job with this blade result in a smooth driveway that doesn’t go hard on tires.

Keep in mind that this won’t work well for lifting stumps, but it does a great job when leveling rocks and loose dirt.

You will love working with this 60-inch blade because the boxed en holds more dirt, allowing a complete fill with just a few passes. With 3 height adjustments and a 3-degree angle tilt in either direction, you get the flexibility necessary to grade your driveway well.

The welding of the fins on the box isn’t up to the best standard and might break during the first use. It’s best to consider reinforcing the fins on the box first to ensure better performance.

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3. Handozer Dirt and Gravel Drag for Lawn Mower

Handozer Dirt and Gravel Grad is the road grader many landowners wish they’d known about sooner because it works so well.

It’s a more compact and less expensive option, yet it performs well, just like the high-end models. Whether you’ve neglected your driveway for too long or have the habit of leveling it every once in a while doesn’t matter.

This grader will make it easier for you to maintain the property.

One of the best things about this equipment is that it attaches to many lawn mowers. So you shouldn’t have a difficult time fixing it on the drive. Just make sure there’s a hitch pin hole in the rear. If yours doesn’t have this, you should buy and install a MOJACK hit on the rear to get it to work.

Handozer Drag Performance

It levels potholes and ruts that are up to 8 inches deep. It won’t grade the driveway well with one pass, and that’s okay.

You’ll have to do a few repeated passes to fill the potholes and level the deep ruts. The result is a well-graded driveway that goes easy on the tires of cars, bikes, and anything else that moves on wheels. 

Handozer Drag even smoothens out rut caused by a cement truck. Just make sure your lawn doesn’t have a lot of grass; otherwise, the grader can tear up the lawn fast. You could try to level out a patch, pull the rocks, and later put down the grass seeds.

The Deal Breaker

The first problem is with the design, but it’s easily fixable. You may notice bolts loosening a little in the initial run. Make sure you have these tightened.

Better yet, it saves you time and frustration if you can just tighten the bolt first before you start using the unit.

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4. Stronga RoadGrada Pull Behind Road Grader

Stronga RoadGrada was built with one very purpose: to save you thousands of dollars that you would otherwise spend in costly road repairs. It’s a heavy-duty tow-behind road grader appraised to be performance efficient and highly reliable.

You don’t need additional materials if you have this; you can use it to maintain roads year-after-year or rent it out to small road construction companies that need such equipment for occasional roadwork.


Stronga RoadGrada features a tough build, which can stand up to any kind of road. The blades are strong, the teeth are sharp, and the plate chassis are wear resistant.

Given such a robust design, consider this equipment as the machinery you need for a lifetime of road grading.

What Stronga RoadGrada Can Do    

The one aspect about this road grader that stands out is that it doesn’t consume a lot of fuel. Too lightweight for your tractor to pull, the fuel consumed will be more than likely negligible.

On what it can do, Stronga RoadGrada can create camber to racks, rides, roadways, and trails. Not to mention easily removing grading and potholes from roads.

To use it, scratch the surface, interlock the Hardox 450 blades, and then level the surface. It’s important to make sure you don’t miss the debris. That way, you can grade the road only once and have the best results thereafter.

Why Stronga RoadGrada is Important

The advantage of having such machinery may not be so obvious initially. At least not until you drive on a bumpy and then on a leveled road and tell the difference.

In any case, leveled, well-maintained roads can significantly increase the lifespan and service of any machinery.

So when you buy the Stronga RoadGrada tow behind road grader, you will reduce tire damages caused by bad roads and easily improve transportation.

5. Yard Tuff Landscape Drag

Has the ground in your driveway torn up so badly that you itch for a quick fix? You might want to consider using the Yard Tuff Landscape Drag. It’s cost-effective equipment that levels and smoothens out land no matter how rugged it looked initially.

This landscaped drag is easy to assemble, taking only 15 to 20 minutes. The assembly manual isn’t as comprehensive, so you won’t get much value from it.

But even with some thought and common sense, it should be easy to figure out the assembly process on your own.

Here’s what it can and can’t do very well: 

Smooth Out Road

Don’t worry if your driveway looks bumpy with potholes. The Yard Tuff Landscape Drag can help with that.

It’s sturdy, works well, and is a good choice for anyone who wants to smooth out the driveway or some land. It can also work well behind a zero-turn mower. 

Grading Gravel

Yard Tuff Landscape Drag may be too light duty, but it can grade a gravel driveway well. You may have to subtract or add weight, which will depend on the level of your gravel.

Concrete blocks tend to fit well in the center, especially if there’s extra weight. And as long as you go slowly on grading, you should get better leveling results.

To be clear, this drag won’t move gravel from spot to spot over long distances, but at least it works well for leveling.

Digging and Breaking Up Holes

While Yard Tuff Landscape Drag can dig and break up holes with enough weight, it isn’t ideal for the job. It’s more of a grading and leveling equipment that works well on gravel and dirt roads. 

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