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Best Pull Behind Plows for Lawn Mowers and ATV/UTV

Best Pull Behind Plows for Lawn Mowers and ATV/UTV

Looking for the Best Pull Behind Plows for Lawn Mowers and ATV/UTV?

The ability and potential of the lawnmower or the lawn tractor are surprisingly unknown to many. This machine can carry out burdensome tasks and make your gardening experience an enjoyable and less expensive one.

You only have to find the right attachments for the machine, and you will be good to go.

Land preparation is one of the essential activities any gardener has to undertake. This activity includes plowing the ground, which for a fact, is very important for the plants to thrive.

Below are some of the best pull behind plows that can be attached to your lawnmower or ATV/UTV. An interesting fact about these pull-behind plows is that connecting them is a simple task; of course, they do not dig deep into your pocket. It is about time you plow your soil to a near-perfect condition.

Best Pull Behind Plows for Lawn Mowers and ATV/UTV

Black Boar Pull Behind Chisel Plow for ATV/UTV

The Black Boar Pull behind Chisel Plow is arguably the best plow for ATV/UTV. It comes with six independent chisels that you can easily adjust.

It weighs 45 pounds, making it easy for a single person to set up. The design is perfect for breaking up hard turf and gravel-filled grounds.

The equipment comes with six chisels independent of each other and can adjust vertically, making it perfect for plowing rows or channels. With this plow, you are sure of its durability because it is made of hardened steel, which increases the chisels’ wear and tear resistance. The heavy-duty features make the Black Boar Chisel Plow stand out in many ways.

For instance, it accommodates a wide range of motions, and you don’t have to manually move pins or drop the hitches. Moreover, this machinery has an excellent parallel linkage design suitable for implementing a parallel angle implementation when lowered.

Its lightweight nature does not affect its performance. It has extraordinary power that will give you your most desired results.

Whether you are breaking up new ground, cultivating your crops, establishing your food plot, or general land maintenance, you should expect maximum performance from this machine.


  • It is easy to set up and install due to its lightweight nature. One person can easily attach and detach it.
  • The chisels are tough and made of durable steel suitable for breaking hard ground.
  • Each piece of equipment easily attaches to the Black Boar motorized implement lift.

How to make a pull behind lawn aerator

FAQ – Black Boar Pull Behind Chisel Plow for ATV/UTV

Is the middle compartment large enough for a gas can?

When you take a close look at the pictures, you will find that the middle compartment measure about 16″ and can comfortably fit a one-gallon gas can.

Will this fit in 2021, Can-AM outlander 450 Max?

The manufacturer does not have specific information on product-specific fitment. However, the Black Boar manufacturers produce universal fit products.

What is the weight of the chisels?

The entire setup weighs 45 pounds.

Do you need extra weight for the equipment to work?

This equipment is designed to work without any extra weight.

Brinly Sleeve Hitch Tow Behind Moldboard Plow For Lawn Tractor

When you are finally ready to break new ground, the Brinly Sleeve Hitch Tow behind Moldboard plow is the perfect fit for you.

The moldboard effortlessly turns over grass and old vegetation in preparation for new planting. This plow allows you to break through hard ground and tough soil while seated comfortably on your lawn tractor seat.

The heavy-duty steel blades effortlessly cut through the land, turning over old vegetation in preparation for new plants. It weighs an impressive 68 pounds, so you can easily set it up without any mechanical expertise.

Durability is always a concern for anybody looking to purchase any machinery. On that note, this equipment comes with a heavy-duty ΒΌ in. Steel plowshare and a 13 gauge steel coulter that assures you extensive durability even when cutting through the most challenging turf.

Although it doesn’t come with sleeve hitches, they are available and purchased from the lawn tractor manufacturer. The attachment allows you to adjust the depths without using tools for convenient plowing easily.

According to your preference, the adjustable cut wedges allow eight to 10 inches for narrow or broader furrows. Plowing has never been easier, but with the 10-Inch Brinly Sleeve Hitch Tow Behind Moldboard, it is a whole new and fun experience.


  • Its lightweight nature allows you to set it up and operate it efficiently.
  • The machine performs heavy-duty when cutting through the new ground in preparation for new plants.
  • It is made of high-quality steel materials that provide wear and tear resistance even when dealing with challenging grounds.


  • Although your lawn tractor manufacturer can provide it, it doesn’t come with a sleeve hitch.

Effectiveness of tow-behind aerators

FAQ – Brinly Sleeve Hitch Tow Behind Moldboard Plow For Lawn Tractor

Can you use it to make hills when planting potatoes?

This equipment has not been designed to make garden hills.

What type of tire does it come with?

The plow does not come with any tire. What looks like a tire is referred to as a coulter blade.

Will this require a sleeve hitch adaptor?

It will require a sleeve hitch which your lawn tractor manufacturer can provide.

Where can I buy the sleeve hitch adaptor?

The simplest way is to contact your lawn tractor manufacturer for directions to verified distributors.

Bad Dawg Groundhog Max Disc Pull Behind Plow for ATV/UTV

This set of machinery is a superb product for your gardening needs. With this attachment, you will not be required to add any weight because it uses the vehicle’s weight to dig deep into the ground, giving it an aggressive cut.

It is perfect when preparing food plots or creating fire breaks in your garden. You can also use it to till your garden and plow in wetlands. It comes with a compact 21 in. cutting width that is half as wide but works twice faster.

The cutting discs are heavy duty made from durable steel to withstand wear and tear.

The installation process is quite simple and does not require any experience beforehand. Its extraordinary power and hard discs will give you the desired results, whether you hit new challenging grounds or previously dug areas.

It effortlessly works both in wetlands and dry regions. The Groundhog Max Disc Plow can work with your ATV/UTV


  • The discs are rigid and work efficiently in all areas.
  • It does not require you to add more weight since it is designed to use your tractor’s weight.
  • It weighs 66.5 pounds, so you can easily install it without any mechanical expertise.
  • The plow comes pre-installed, and all you have to do is fix it to your lawn tractor.


  • The hitch kit might not be able to work on your vehicle; however, you can contact the manufacturer for more details on work on that challenge.

Pull behind lawn sprayer operation

FAQ – Bad Dawg Groundhog Max Disc Pull Behind Plow for ATV/UTV

Can it work with a lifted wheeler?

This depends on how high you are lifted, although it has the up and down adjustment. However, that is how to adjust the tilling depth.

Can this be used with a garden tractor or lawnmower?

This product can work with a garden tractor or lawnmower, incorporating D a receiver hookup.

Does the kit come with a receiver switch?

It comes with everything you need to adapt to an ATV/UTV.

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