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Best Pull Behind Child Carrier for Bikes

Best Pull Behind Child Carrier for Bikes

Cycling with kids allows you to explore trails that cars can’t easily access. But you can’t have them seated on a front or rear rack for short or long distant rides.

Besides, modern bicycles, from road and mountain to hybrid and electric bikes, don’t even come with racks that are comfortable for humans. Using the best pull behind child carrier for bikes is the right way to bring kids with you on a bike ride.

The best bike trailer for kids should be roomy enough to accommodate tall and short kids, feature padded seats for extended rides, durable wheels with lower rolling resistance, and sturdy enough to carry your child’s weight.

With that said, here are the top three kid’s bike trailers to buy right now.

Best Pull Behind Child Carrier for Bikes

1. Burley D’Lite X Bike Trailer

Whether you need to upgrade your current kids’ bike trailer or you need a well-built model to bring your children to extended cycling adventure, Burley D’Lite X is a worthy consideration.

It’s a three-in-one build, an upgrade and replacement of the Burley D’Lite, and a model that works as a trailer, convertible to a jogger, and makes a good stroller too.

The combination of seat pads and reclining position adds comfort for the kids. And the inclusion of a floor mat and adjustable suspension adds to the quality of the unit.

Moreover, the full-length tinted windows allow them to see where you’re going (the trail). And Aggressive, 20-inch tires with lower rolling resistance make it easy to forget that you’re pulling one or two lovely youngsters to an outdoor adventure with you.

On the rim are 20-inch wheels that roll smoothly. Thanks to the low rolling resistance, the model responds to each pedal strokes, which means you don’t have to huff and pump despite the load of the child.

Model is available in double and single capacity, and the one you choose depends on the number of kids you have or want to bring with you to a cycling adventure.

The maximum weight is 100 pounds, beyond which it can be challenging to have the model working properly. That means 80 pounds of humans and about 20 percent of cargo. 

The design has enough room, with bowed out sides that allow kids to lean for a more comfortable sitting position. And provided the user is under 5 years

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  • Smooth riding experience for the kids thanks to the added suspension
  • Easy-to-use receivers let you transition between trailer, jogger, and stroller functions
  • Reclining seat for a luxurious time in the stroller
  • Includes sunshade and rain cover
  • Storage space included for carrying important stuff for the trip


  • The cover won’t pull tight.
  • No handbrakes are included in the jogging stroller mode

2. Schwinn Rascal Bike Pet Trailer

When your child wants to ride with you along with their favorite pet, the Schwinn Rascal would be the best option to consider.

The unit is easy to put together, taking about 20 minutes to complete the assembly. With a weight capacity of 50 pounds and a roomy interior, this should be large enough to carry both your child and their pet.

Schwinn uses tough steel to design the model’s frame while optimizing the weight, so the trailer isn’t too heavy. At 34 pounds when fully assembled, the model shouldn’t be too difficult to tow behind a two-wheeler. On the aluminum rims are 20-inch wheels, which roll smoothly and provide traction and stability even when cornering.

This model features a universal coupler, so it fits any type of bike. The installation is a two-step process. First, you have to set up the tow bar. Then, you have to set up the wheels. The process takes roughly half an hour to complete, and it’s worth it because you will never have to do it again.

The model is unquestionably sturdy. And provided the load doesn’t exceed the recommended limit, it will serve for a couple of months before you itch for an upgrade.

There’s enough ventilation, meaning your child and their pet will breathe well as they enjoy the bike tour to wherever you lead.


  • Enough room in the interior
  • Reasonable weight capacity
  • The rear door provides easy access to the interior
  • There’s a tether inside, one that is good and strong enough to keep pets inside, so they don’t escape
  • The model is easy to put together. Take about 30 minutes to put together


  • It doesn’t have a locking mechanism when it’s not in use
  • It doesn’t include rear lights or a reflector flag
  • There’s no ventilation on the back screen
  • The fabric isn’t strong and can therefore tear easily 

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3. Burley Minnow Kids Bike Trailer          

Do you feel like the price point of Burley D’Lite X is too steep and would instantly jump on an alternative with your eyes closed? Consider Minnow Kids Bike Trailer.

Although it looks simple from a design standpoint, and it is, it’s a safe model with a reasonable capacity and optimized for performance. And it goes for under $300, almost three times less than the asking price of the D’Lite model.

This model looks exactly like the Bee, and they happen to share almost all the features. It’s also in the $200 and $300 price range, making it a perfect choice for parents on a tight budget.

One particular aspect of the design is the roomy interior, which accommodates tall kids quite well. Unlike many standard single trailers, which accommodate kids’ heights 24 inches, this one is so spacious between the seat and canopy that it can easily fit a kid as high as 27.5 inches.

With an internal width of 16 inches, the interior of this trailer is bigger than many average single-trailers. Minnow bike trailer works as advertised. The spacious room in the leg and roof area inarguably accommodates tall kids.

The clear UV windows allow kids to enjoy their trailing adventure. With a bigger compartment at the back, you can bring packed lunch or snacks to long trips.

The five-point harness, which you can adjust around the buckle and the shoulder by pulling the nylon strap, helps to tie your child in position, so they don’t fall blindly as you ride the trailer on bumpy roads.

The hammock-like seat doesn’t have padding, but that should not be an issue per see.


  • There’s enough room for your child’s head and leg
  • Includes a large storage compartment to carry items
  • You can remove the cover for easy cleaning


  • The hammock-style seat may be uncomfortable for some kids
  • It can’t convert into a stroller or jogger

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With these best pull behind child carriers for bikes, you and your children can tour any trail in your neighborhood.

Whether you’re on a tight budget or you just need a sturdy model for your youngsters, the models we’ve reviewed should give you the value you’re looking for.

And provided you maintain them regularly and store them away properly when not in use, they should last and serve you and your children for months.

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