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Best Pull Behind Bike Trailer for Dogs

Even if you don’t have a strong emotional attachment to your dog on a deeper level, you may occasionally want to connect with them on a short or long cycling adventure.

What’s a better way to move around with them than with the best pull behind bike trailer for dogs?

Whether you want to give your doggy one of those once in a lifetime treat or you want them to enjoy the thrill of the environment they have never been to before,

the trailer will make moving from place to place possible.

To be clear, dog trailers aren’t just for injured dogs or old doggies struggling with mobility.

They’re also suitable for physically fit dogs. Not to mention that they have different weight limits to accommodate dogs of different sizes.

Best Pull Behind Bike Trailer for Dogs

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Best Pull Behind Bike Trailer for Dogs 5

1. Burley Design Tail Wagon Bike Trailer

Built for short rides and long bike tours, Burley Wagon bike trailer is the ideal model to consider if you wish to bring your dog with you on a ride.

Lightweight in design, with wheels that roll smoothly with pedal-to-pedal strike, the unit can handle varied terrains and stand up to regular use quite well.

From a performance standpoint, the wheels ride well, with a greater level of stability and traction on rocky roads, smooth pavements, muddy paths, and over potholes.

The frame of this trailer is made of aluminum, a lightweight yet durable material, which explains why the unit weighs only 23.5 pounds when fully assembled.

The many models we looked at weigh more than this, thus making Burley Wagon the best option to consider if you need a trailer that can ride fast under minimal pull.

Burley is spacious enough to accommodate a big dog, and that’s so provided the pet’s weight doesn’t exceed 75 pounds.

The interior height, width, and length are 23, 19, and 32.5 inches respectively. That’s enough space for your dog to spend her time, and you can even add a dog bed to it to give her more comfort.

One of the best things about Burley Wagon is the overall weather-friendly design. The plastic covers with rollup zipper keep raindrops from getting in.

The mesh window ensures ample airflow to keep your dog cool and dry throughout the cycling adventure.

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  • Mesh sides lets air in and out, thus making sure your doggy is comfortable throughout the cycling adventure.
  • Rear entry gives your dog the freedom to enter and leave the trailer at will
  • Include sizable pockets for storing valuable items such as dog treats and water bottle
  • Easily folds down for storage


  • Burley Tail Wagon is a little expensive
  • It doesn’t include a suspension

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2. PetSafe Happy Ride Steel Dog Bike Trailer

Unlike Schwinn Rascal, PetSafe Happy Ride is a safe dog bike trailer made by a company that deals in pets.

The model comes in two sizes, a medium-sized option with a weight capacity of up to 50 pounds and a larger one that can handle a dog as heavy as 110 pounds.

Your dog deserves to connect and fall in love with nature. That’s why the sunroof is important.

In addition to allowing your dog to enjoy the surroundings as they ride along with you, the sunroof ensures consistent airflow to keep your dog cool and fresh.

The weather outdoors is undeniably unpredictable. From the harsh cold to rainy weather, your dog is susceptible to harsh conditions as long as they come for a ride with you.

PetSafe accounts for this quite well by waterproofing the front door, keeping your dog safe from all-weather elements so you don’t   have to worry about them getting sick.

Dog trailers that include compartments are hard not to love. And the PetSafe Happy Ride is not an exception.

You will love it because it includes 3 sizeable pockets, which you can use to bring long dog treats, poop bag, dog wipes, water bottle, and even your own food.

Just make sure you don’t carry more than the recommended weight.

PetSafe Happy Ride includes a dog leash that you can attach to your dog’s harness.

Attach the leash to the harness and anchored it to the trailer, then ride with the confidence that you dog will stay still in the trailer as you ride your bike.

The extra-wide wheelbase has a lower center of gravity, and therefore your dog gets more stability on different terrains.


  • Ventilated window ensures maximum air circulation
  • Includes compartment for keeping dog accessories and your snacks
  • Includes a removable and washable cushion for additional comfort for your dog
  • Easy to connect to a bicycle


  • Only works well with bikes with Shimano gear set

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3. Schwinn Rascal Bike Pet Trailer

Schwinn Rascal earns a top spot for the best dog bicycle trailer that sturdy enough to carry a dog as heavy as 50 lbs.

It’s a well-built model for the price point, and it can last for months if you maintain it well.

While it’s pricier than some models out there, it’s hands down the most comfortable model that money can buy.

Schwinn Rascal has two entry points, one at the top and another at the rear.

The rear entry point gives a dog some independence, allowing them to climb in and out of the trailer freely.

Moreover, the rear door is closer to the ground, so your doggy won’t have a difficult time getting in and out of the trailer.

There’s an adjustable leash in the trailer that keeps your dog from trying to escape.

It’s also a useful addition to the design since you can adjust it and make it easy for your dog to switch between sitting up and lying down.

For your dog’s safety, tie the leash on the harness not on the collar.

On the rims are 16-inch tries that have a lower rolling resistance. They offer reasonable grip and good level of stability provided you fill them with the recommended pressure of 40 PSI.

One of the things you’ll love about this pet trailer is how easy it is to take apart. Unlock the crossbar, detach the clip on the bracket, fold down the sides, remove the wheels, and then store it away.

Make sure you don’t ride fast on rough terrains or make quick turns on sharp corners as the trailer can tip rather easily.


  • Includes a universal coupler that’s compatible with all bikes
  • Steel frame folds down to a compact size for storage
  • The non-slip liner is easy to clear
  • Includes a top opening and rear door
  • Roomy interior for small, medium, and big dogs
  • Weighs only 27 pounds, so it’s easy to tow behind 


  • Can tip when you make quick turns
  • We wish it supported a load of more than 50 pounds


Now that you know what the best pull behind bike trailer for dogs are, the features that set them apart from one another, and the pros and cons of each,

it should be easy for you to find a suitable pick for your animal friend and enjoy the outdoors together.

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