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Best Propane Space Heater

Best Propane Space Heater

Whether you recently became a parent, are in an area experiencing winter, or even spending time in a secluded cabin – staying warm is always a priority.

That said, traditional heating solutions such as electric heaters or furnaces are sometimes not practical. And, so we have to look up different solutions for such moments.

So, we take a look at what are the best propane space heater brands in this guide. These compact appliances heat propane to produce heat for a given space. The space and amount of heat the given heater can produce depends on various factors.

So, it’s good to be cautious shopping for the best-rated propane space heater for your needs.

Best Propane Space Heater Reviews

Bluegrass Living B18TPIR-BB Propane Vent Free Infrared Gas Space Heater 

The Bluegrass Living B18TPIR-BB Propane Space Heater is an excellent way to keep your space warm. It can produce an exceptional 18,000 BTU of heat and is suitable for areas of up to 100 sq ft.

For temperature control, this unit has a heavy-duty thermostat. The thermostat makes it easy to regulate the burner functions and to keep track of the temperature levels. It’s the ideal solution for enhancing the temperature and flow of heat in any interior space.

Designed to be an economical addition to your space, this best propane infrared space heater is up to 99.99% efficient. The heater is available with a vent-free gas burner, so heating performance is on another level. 

For start-ups, the Bluegrass Living B18TPIR-BB has a push-button mechanism for easy start-ups.

The heavy-duty design of this unit means that you can be sure of years of longevity and convenient use. Equipped with a reliable oxygen depletion sensor, controlling the quality and consistency of fires is easy.

The Good

  • It can produce up to 18,000 BTU of heat and is suitable for 100 sq ft.
  • The thermostat control functions automatically and is easy to use.
  • Highly economical and efficient to use for space heating functions.
  • It has a piezo ignition button to make it convenient to use.

The Bad 

  • Slightly heavy than most other heaters.

Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy Portable Propane Radiant Heater 

Any savvy cook will know the Mr. Heater brand for making some of the best propane space heater for garage models. With the F232000 Heater, you have one such example – perfect for modern settings and kitchens.

The heater can produce up to 9,000 BTU of heat to make it suitable for spaces up to 225 square feet in size. Plus, such a unique design makes the heater ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.

With the exceptional auto shut-off mechanism, regulating the functions of this heater is a simple process. The BTU to size ratio of this unit relates to the augmented fold handle so that you can enjoy optimal heat output. 

You are sure of all these excellent features without leaving a significant footprint in your space. With the swivel regulator, you can enjoy a convenient feature that lets you customize this grill’s functions. Thanks to a conventional filter and hose, you can easily convert it from a disposable cylinder into a small gas supply.

To start this unit, you only have to customize a knob for the best results. Its also available with a Piezo Sparking Mechanism for easy start-ups each time. The Oxygen Depletion Sensor and accidental safety shut-off mechanism ensure years of safety in use.

The Good

  • It can deliver up to 9,000 BTU of heat and is suitable for 200 sq ft of space.
  • The auto shut-off mechanism guarantees safety.
  • The fold-down handle is ergonomic.
  • It shuts down when it detects low levels of oxygen.

The Bad 

  • The tip over sensor is excessively sensitive.

Gasland MHA18BN Propane Radiant heater, 18,000 BTU 

The Gasland MHA18BN Propane Radiant Heater is another excellent addition to your modern space. It has built-in safety features, so you can even sleep when it’s still functioning. Plus, the low oxygen shut-off mechanism ensures this unit can shut down easily for oxygen concerns.

The radiant heater also comes with a handy, space-saving design – perfect for various ventilated spaces. You can even take this heater from room to room without issues because it’s highly portable. Portability includes in-built rolling wheels, and an easy carry handle, making it highly convenient to use.

With as many as three heating modes, customizing the functions of the MHA18BN becomes a simple procedure. The space heater can provide up to an exceptional 18,000 BTU of heat and is ideal for up to 450 square inches of space.

Designed to be ultra-quiet and efficient, this heater is suitable for various applications. These include reading, working, sporting activities, factories, and more. The makers have included a tank inside the cabinet heater, which helps complement its appearance.

Propane Furnace for Cabin

The Good

  • Comes with inbuilt safety features for convenient use.
  • It has a mobile and space-saving design.
  • Available with three heating modes 
  • Equipped with a low oxygen sensor for safety.

The Bad

  • Exterior finish should be much more durable.

Patio Heater-Trustech Space Heater Infrared Heater 

Cut down your electricity bills by adding the Patio Trustech heater to your modern space. The heater comes with carbon fiber gold-coated tubes, which deliver reliable heating results. Furthermore, the heater comes with 3 heat settings, which ensure efficient warmth and energy results.

The heater is available with excellent features such as an auto shut-off, which helps stop overheating. While this unit is compact, it can produce high-quality heat and is suitable for large spaces.

The heater even has a convenient remote control, which you can use to customize the temperature levels. You will find it easy to select varying heating power levels without moving around significantly. 

The heater is also unique because it produces a fantastic amber light and high-quality heat. You will be pleased to know that it’s also silent in operation, and you can use it for the entire night safely. Thanks to the 24H timer, you can set the heater to shut down before you sleep for convenience.

This unit’s high-level power is suitable for warming up large spaces such as the garage or even the living room. So, you have a reliable unit for different applications, including the outdoors, restaurants, balconies, and more.

Best RV Propane Tank Gauge and Level Sensors

The Good

  • It comes with carbon fiber gold-coated tubes for optimal heat.
  • It has an auto shut-off function and timer for safety.
  • Available with remote control and a 24h timer.
  • The heavy-duty design ensures years of longevity.

The Bad 

  • The remote control could use a better range.

Mr. Heater Corporation F299730 Heater, One Size, White and Black

Life is easy when you have the right solutions, which is why the Mr.Heater Corporation F299730 is excellent for this purpose. It is a powerful 30,000 BTU heater, which you can use effectively in spaces of up to 750 square feet. 

The grill also provides an exceptional blue flame, which will ensure you get high-quality convection heat. It heats the air, and it won’t radiate temperature like an infrared heater would function. Besides that, the compact design means you can place this heater in small spaces because of its unique heating system.

With the automatic low oxygen shut-off system, you are sure of a safe heater. You can use this best indoor propane space heater safely in different rooms of your home.

The operating altitudes average at over 4,500 FT above sea level, making it perfect for different environments. The heater is also available with a thermostat and legs, making it suitable to use on different surfaces. 

Plus, its also available with mounting hardware, which you can use to make the installation process convenient.

The Good

  • It can provide over 30,000 BTU of high-quality heat.
  • The automatic low oxygen shut-off system offers safety.
  • The thermostat provides accurate temperature readings.
  • It comes with stable legs to suit different outdoor and indoor surfaces.

The Bad  

  • Replacing the propane tank is not an easy task.

How to Use a Propane Space Heater Safely

Since propane is a combustible gas, you must be careful when using any associated products or appliances. In this case, a few tips for using any of the best small space propane heater models include:

  • Ensure your space is well ventilated – if you plan on using the heater in your room, ensure it’s well ventilated to avoid issues such as lack of oxygen.
  • Check the heater safety features – most space heater brands today come with various safety features, including auto shutdowns and even low oxygen sensors.
  • Avoid leaving it around pets and children – pets and children are negligent people, so it’s not good to leave such products around them.

Overall, there are many solutions out there you can use to keep warm, and not many of them are reliable. We’ve offered you with the best propane space heater brands in this guide.

When you have one of these units, staying warm, especially indoors, is a simple process.

However, remember that propane is a combustible gas, and you must be cautious to ensure the best results.

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