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Best Power Inverters For Trucks and Recreational Vehicles

Best Power Inverters For Trucks and Recreational Vehicles (RVs)

Spending over 8 hours behind the wheel can be agonizing. Even for the strongest of drivers, driving long distances makes the truck seat feel a lot like a stack of newspapers.

That is why drivers are increasingly turning to  “over-the-road” conveniences to keep them busy while on the road. If you own a recreational vehicle, there are high chances you will be spending some time off-grid.

As such, one of the in-cab amenities that will frequently keep popping in this list are power inverters. The power inverters convert the DC in the truck batteries to AC power.

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The power can be used to power different appliances and electrical gadgets including microwaves, TVs, and pudding machines, among others that can’t be served by the usual USB port that’s why you need to invest in one of the best power inverters for trucks and recreational vehicles (RV) . 

Best Power Inverters For Trucks and Recreational Vehicles (RVs) Reviews

Different brands, different sizes, different game

Inverters are not built the same. And, not all inverters sufficiently power up every device you might have. Sometimes, you need the only one that is meant to power up specialized equipment in your truck.

In this review, we will be looking at some of the best power inverters out there for use in trucks and RVs under the following categories: 

  • Best power inverters for semi trucks and trucks
  • Best power inverters for RV
  • Best solar inverters for  trucks and RV

Best Power Inverters for Trucks 

If you are a truck owner or a truck driver, here are the best power inverters for trucks that will help inject an extra dose of convenience and fun into your otherwise boring driving routine. out there. 

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 1. Xantrex PROWatt 2000 SW Pure Sine Inverter 

Xantrex focuses on power consistency and efficiency. What makes Xanthrex’s inverters exceptional is the fact that the brand puts its products through different regulatory phases.

By ensuring they pass through different regulatory standards, it comes as no surprise why Xantrex PROWatt is one of the most popular and durable power inverters out there.

If you are looking for the best power inverter for your truck that is both efficient and consistent, Xanthrex does the trick. Unlike most inverters, Xanthrex not only offers you more reliable circuitry but also delivers 90% power conversion efficiency. 

Well, it might not withstand rough environments like Samlex. But, the circuitry will handle shorts and surges better than most inverters out there.


  • Highly efficient
  • Has a USB port
  • Highly durable


  •  Offers only 2 AC power outlets
  • At times, it may have low peak surge of about 3000 W
  • Can’t work optimally in bad weather conditions
Buy Xantrex PROWatt 2000 SW Pure Sine Inverter on Amazon

2. Samlex America PST-2000-12 PST Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter

One of the top power inverter brands out there. The pure sine wave inverter converts a 12DC power from the battery to continuous  2000-watt AC output.

The architecture is top-notch, while the metallic casing makes it highly durable. So you won’t worry about debris or exposing your power inverter to a dust-filled environment.

While most celebrated inverters convert DC to AC at a rate of 75%, Samlex inverter offers an amazing 85% efficiency. Besides, you can use it anywhere – in dusty desert and cooler conditions and high altitude areas without trouble. Amlex is ideal for powering high-end electronics like gaming consoles or DVD players than anything else.

However, Samlex is a bit pricey compared to other power inverters out there. But, we all know, at the end of the day, we get what we pay for. So make your choice.


  • Highly efficient
  • Runs quietly
  •  Highly durable, even in difficult environments


  •  It is a bit pricey
  • Offers  2 AC power outlets only.
  • Does not come with a USB port
Buy Samlex America PST-2000-12 PST Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter on Amazon

3. AIMS 2000 Watt 12V Pure Sine Power Inverter

This is one of the most durable pure sine wave power inverters out here. It can do well even in remote areas where the environment is not very friendly.

Expect to get overall quality and a great performance from AIMS. However, compared to kings like Xantrex, its performance is still below par. Although the inverter was specifically designed for solar power, it can also be put in use in other areas. The inverter is encased in an aluminum body.

Besides, the circuitry too is designed to handle different levels of humidity and a shift in temperatures and other contaminants. So you won’t have to worry about damage.


  •  Unlike Xantrex and Samlex, Aims offers 3 AC power outlets.
  •  Reasonably priced.
  •   Comes with a US port


  •  Its energy-hungry
  •  It is heavy and large.

 4. Tripp Lite Power Compact Inverter, 3000W, 12VDC, 120V, (2) 5-15R

For most trucks and semi-trucks, a continuous 2000 Watt power is more than enough.

But if you need more power in your truck, this modified square-wave inverter, Tripp Lite Power Compact Inverter will sort out your increased power needs.

The inverter offers 3000W of continuous output and a staggering 6000 Watt of instantaneous power.


  • Comes with 4 AC power outlets.
  • An automatic shut-down tool to avoid draining your battery.
  • 3000 W continuous power output.
  • Runs quietly delivering 94% power output.


  • A bit costly compared to other models.

5. Xantrex Technologies 851-0178 XPower 175-Watt Micro Inverter

If your budget is tight or you probably don’t need much power, then you won’t need to spend a lot of money on expensive power inverters.

You can always go for a simple inverter. One such inverter that makes it in our list of best power inverters for semi trucks is the micro-inverter  Xantrex Technologies 851-0178 XPower 175-Watt Micro Inverter.

This inverter will easily plug into the truck’s cigarette lighter receptacle, and delivers 175-Watt. While this wattage isn’t as big, it will not only provide the required power for your electronics.

Besides, the built-in protections auto-shuts the system to protect your electronics against overheating and overcharge.

Best Heavy-Duty Power Inverter for Trucks

These days semi-truckers and truckers are increasingly becoming ultra-modern. You will not be surprised to find daily use equipment like TV sets, min refrigerators, DVD players and more in trucks these days.

Whether you are a driver or a truck owner, you probably want one or a couple of these pieces of equipment inside your truck. However, you cannot plug in the USB outlet or cigarette lighter receptacle that comes with the trucks.

You will need to purchase the best heavy duty power inverter for the truck to power up the devices.

 If you are looking for the best heavy-duty power inverter for trucks,  here are some of the best heavy-duty inverters for trucks out there:  

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1. Giandel 5000W Heavy Duty Power Inverter

Manufactured by a leading Australian brand, this modified sine wave inverter has been a solution to many RV owners around the world.

It comes with four (4) AC power outlets, a single USB port, and a power rating of 5000W that peaks at 10,000W.

What makes Giandel one of the best heavy-duty power inverters for trucks out there? The inverter can achieve a high DC to AC power conversion efficiency while in use. Secondly, the inverter is ETL and UT certified. That means you can always expect a safe performance.

That includes all the inbuilt safety functions for protecting your inverter and appliances against overload, short-circuit, and over-temperature.

Lastly, the Giandel inverter has perfect physical properties that offer high load-bearing capacity and an increased ability to resist the effects of friction.


  • Price is friendlier compared to the output.
  • Slim design that can easily fit below the bunk of your RV.
  • Wide applications in RVs, trucks, cars, and even solar systems.
  • Durable housing (aluminum alloy)
  • Protections against overvoltage, low voltage, overload, polarity reversal, overheating.
  • 4 AC power outlets/ single USB port.


  • Installation cables are too short.

2. KRIËGER® 3000W 12V Power Inverter

Of all the 3000W monsters out there, KRIËGER® 3000W is the best heavy-duty power inverter for trucks if you are looking to get started right away.

The model unit comes with an external switch, cables, and a fuse.

You can use it to power a TV or refrigerator, gaming consoles, computers, or small electrical appliances in your truck. You can as well use it to power up a drip coffee maker without having to use a generator.

The unit comes with an LCD display that shows you battery level, input as well as output wattages. The two USB ports are good for charging your phone batteries or even Bluetooth speaker. The inverter delivers continuous power of 3000W and a peak surge of 4000W. This power can run anything in your truck.

However, the KRIEGER® 3000W is a modified sine wave. That means it might not work well with your sensitive gadgets. It may as well reduce the life expectancy of some of your appliances if you use them all the time.

KRIEGER® comes with a built-in feature that takes care of overload or overvoltage shutdown, over and under-voltage, and thermal shutdowns. The inverter is also certified and approved under UL std 458 and CSA std C22.2 for safe performance.


  • Highly efficient – 90%
  • Comes with maximum built-in safety features
  • Ultra-silent fan – no weird noises.
  • Features a great, compact design


  • Might not work well with sensitive devices

Best Power Inverters for RV

Thanks to RVs, you don’t have to rough it when you go camping. Recreational vehicles enable you to treat yourself and your family to a little glamping – of course with all amenities of home, and a good dish of suburban comforts. 

But here is the caveat – there are times when you will be living off the grid. And, that means you will be needing a good source of AC power for your domestic appliances and gadgets. 

Investing in the best power inverter for RV will help convert the DC power in your battery into AC power so that you can operate mobile gadgets, lights, and other tools.

Here are 7 best power inverters for RV you might want to look at:

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1. GoWISE Power PS1004 Inverter

 If you are looking for a pure sine wave inverter for your RV, you will not go wrong choosing the 3000 Watt GoWISE Power PS1004. 

The highly versatile inverter can run different electrical appliances and electronics in your RV.

That is why it makes one of the top picks by most RV owners.  The inverter delivers 3000W of continuous power output and a peak surge output of 6000W.

What makes it top the list of the best power inverters for RV? The inverter is designed to offer low harmonic distortion. As a result, it helps promote the top efficiency level that you need for your recreational vehicle. Besides, it comes with a LED display that will display any issues that might come up.


  • 2 cooling fans so that it won’t overheat along the way.
  • Lightweight, and compact in design.
  •  Comes with five protection systems – low voltage, overload, over-voltage, under voltage, and thermal protection
  • Can deliver steady 3000W of power.


  • Bulky remote control

 2. AIMS Power 3000 Watt 12V Pure Sine Inverter Charger

Just like the GoWise, AIMS is another versatile and highly reliable power inverter that RV owners use to power different electrical appliances and gadgets.

If you are a passionate camper or an RV owner, this inverter is for you. 

There are many reasons this model is still getting rave reviews out there as one of the best power inverters for cars. Unlike GoWise, AIMS costs much less. But, the friendly pricing isn’t a compromise for quality.

The inverter’s aluminum casing makes it withstand harsh environmental conditions and occasional drops. When it comes to power out, AIMS delivers up to 3000W of continuous power output and a power surge of up to 9000W.


  • Offers overheating and overloading protection.
  • Safe to use – UL certified for quality and safety.
  • Can supply 3000W continuous power output.
  • Built-in smart battery charger.


  • It is still pricey compared to most models out there. 

 3. Ampeak 2000W Power Inverter

The Ampeak is another promising inverter that can’t miss out on the list. 

This model delivers 2000W power output and a peak surge that runs up to 4000W. 

The inverter offers a USB port along with three AC power outlets. That way, it ensures that you can connect or power multiple devices at the same time wherever you are. 

In case of any issues, the auto-shut feature will shut the inverter down so you don’t have to keep worrying about over-voltage, overheating or short-circuiting, or even low voltage.

Finally, if you love updates and info, the digital display, will keep you informed about any issues or even the state of the battery. 


  • Comes with multiple protection systems
  • Automatically shuts down in case of any problems
  • Highly durable Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) case


  •  Unlike others, Ampeak delivers lower continuous power output.

 4. VertaMax Pure SINE Wave 1500 Watt Power Inverter

While there are many good sine wave inverters for RV, VertaMax is one of the best power inverters for RV you ever find.

While it might not deliver higher wattages like the others, the 1500W output is still enough to power most electrical appliances and other gadgets.

The VertaMax kits come with everything you need to set up your inverter system – that is, a remote switch, battery cables, 150 Amp ANL fuse and holder, and cable lug terminals.

Besides, the inverter features a smart design that not only makes it durable and also protects it against damage.


 Comes with multiple protection systems

  Smart LED display

 Comes with all you need for quick installation


Unlike other inverters, the warranty is too short

5. Magnum MS2812 2800W Inverter

If you have sensitive electronics – like plasma screens –  you cannot go wrong with Magnum MS2812.

This inverter is a go-to solution for most RV owners. It is especially popular for dry camping. 

The pure sine wave inverter comes with a complete, ready-to-install kit and a a125 amperes battery charger.  The inverter will replace both power inverter and power converter in your RV – and that makes the Magnum MS2812 a great choice for you. 

On the downside, this inverter will cost you serious money. But, you get what you pay for.


  •  It is ETL listed
  • Quick and easy installation – can be installed in four-quick steps
  •  Perfect bet for sensitive electronics


  •   It is expensive

6. WZRELB DC Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

This is still another good choice out there. It delivers 2500W of continuous power output and a peak power surge of 5000w.

The manufacturer, WZRELB, is known for its commitment to delivering quality products – and this model,  WZRELB DC, is no exception. 

Many people still regard it as one of the best power inverters for RVs. The inverter’s high-quality copper inductance ensures a perfect filter of the waveform. That is, it will ensure that the inverter is delivering a pure sine wave.

This one is also ideal for motor-trailer owners with sensitive electronics including but limited to laptops, plasma screens, and refrigerators. The model also comes with ‘just right PCB thickness’ That way, a stronger current will easily flow float on the circuit, and as a result, increase the load capacity.


  • Good for mobile homes and dry camping
  •  Multiple protections against damage
  •  Smart LED display
  •  Easy of use


  • If you are a first-timer, this inverter will be challenging to install. 

Yes, you might be wanting to get out there – declutter, make merry, and mess. However, the beauty of your camping or gramping depends on how prepared you will be.

If you have sensitive appliances and tech gadgets – remember to go for pure sine wave output inverters. Otherwise, you are free to choose one of the best power inverters for RV that we have discussed above. 

Best Solar Inverters for your RV

Solar inverters are the heart of your solar system. They are ideal for both in-house and outdoor use. However, there are models that can’t cope well in extreme temperatures.

If you get such for your RV, they will shamely derate or even go dead when you need them to power up your gadgets. 

Types of solar inverters 

There are three main types of inverters: 

  • Grid-tied inverters – simply put, these inverters convert solar power from the PV cells into solar panels and feed it directly to the grid. Some of the grid-tied inverters include Outback Power Skybox Grid-Tie Hybrid Inverter, SolarEdge HD-Wave Grid-Tied Inverter, Enphase IQ7+(micro-inverter),  Eco-worthy Auto Switch MPPT Solar Grid-Tie Inverter, SMA Sunny Boy 7.7-US Inverter(residential solar arrays), and iMeshbean 300W Microinverter, among others. 
  • Off-grid Inverters  – There are times you can’t access the grid.  Off-grid inverters work much like ordinary, home inverters. They store solar power in batteries in Dc form which is then converted to AC for use. They include KRIËGER 1100 Watt 12V (Modified Sine Wave), AIMS Power PWRI60012S Pure Sine Wave, Giandel 600W Power Inverter (Pure Sine Wave), GoWISE Power PS1002 (Pure SINE Wave), and VertaMax 3000Watt (Pure Sine Wave), among others. 
  • Grid interactive or Hybrid  Inverters – This is simply a combination of battery power and solar energy to supply AC power. That means when you use this system you will be enjoying the features of both battery and solar inverter.

Here are the 3 best solar inverters for RVs out there.

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1. WZRELB 3000W Pure Sine Wave Solar Power Inverter

The 3000W pure sine wave inverter features a reliable performance that is capable of safely running different appliances in your motorhome.

It is one of the best solar inverters for RV and also for home use.

The device comes with a temperature-sensitive cooling fan and two AC outlets. The integrated LED display shows the AC and DC voltage so that you can see how much power behaves during operation. 

Note though, that this is a high-end product and might not be perfect for you if you are working on a constrained budget.


  • Offers a reliable performance
  • High-quality LED display
  • In-built protections against voltage and temperature fluctuations
  • Power surge and overcurrent protection


  •  A bit pricey
  • Not as durable as most high-end inverters
  • Requires frequent resets

2. Edecoa 1500W Power Inverter

Edecoa is another great 12V 1500-watt,  pure sine wave output inverter out there.

It is perfectly suited for boating, camping, and off-setting emergency power needs. Thanks to the inverter, you can connect it to a 12-solar charged battery and end up with an amazing off-grid solar power system.

The inverter comes with three AC output outlets, LED display that shows you what’s happening in real-time, and a remote controller.

Like the other brands, the inverter is packed with all safety features that keep it and your appliances protected. Some of the features include automatic voltage regulation, a built-in fan control system, and a smart power management system. 

The aluminum casing on the other hand keeps it secure and safe in case of drops. 


  • Remote controller
  • 3 AC output outlets
  • Strong aluminum casing
  • LED display


  • Challenges when it comes to DIY troubleshooting 

Best open frame inverter generator

How to pick the best inverter for your RV / truck.

The size that you will need

Your truck’s size and power usage determine the size you will end up with. There are appliances you might want to use at one. And there are power-hungry gadgets you might want to use.

You have to work out your power arithmetic. Think about all your power requirements and add up the wattage. For example: If for your lighting you will need 50W,  for microwave 400W, TV 80W, gaming console 300W, coffee maker 200W, and laptop 50W, adding that figure up gives you a total power demand of 1030W. 


However, most appliances require a higher/peak starting power that doubles the inverters’ continuous power delivery. For you to take care of that, you will need an inverter that offers almost twice the power surge output compared to its continuous power output.

That means on top of the 1030W total, you will need to add an allowance of 20-30%. That means a 1500W inverter will meet your power needs.

Inverter power type :

sine or modified sine wave – Unlike modified sine wave counterparts, pure sine wave inverters deliver higher quality power output. Actually, most experts say that the output rivals or is even better than what we have on our power grids. But, they cost more.

Modified sine wave inverters, on the other hand,  are cheaper and characterized by poor power output. They are known to cause a number of issues including damage to motherboards(in computers).

They also cause compressors, motors, and pumps to run hotter resulting in rapid wear and tear. If you have sensitive electronics for example laptops, CPAP machines, pure sine wave inverters will be the preferred choice. 

Ease of installation – 

It should be easy to install. Your fleet crew should be able to install it. 

Efficiency –

Efficiency refers to a measure of the inverter’s output when working at its optimum conditions. A good inverter should post a peak efficiency of about 95%-96%.

No-load current draw or self-power consumption –

does your inverter consume power while just sitting there without any load? You want this kind of loss to be as low as possible.

Surge capacity –

Some appliances will require about 2X their normal operating power before they can start. Make sure you know the short-term overload your inverter can handle before it trips.

Out of the battery charger –

If you are operating your inverter off-grid, you will need a battery charger that will help charge your battery, especially during winter when solar energy is unreliable. A decent battery charger that will work well with your back-up generator should have a rating in the range of 50-100 Amps. 

Temperature range –

if you intend to install your system in a place that’s exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations, make sure your inverter can handle that.

Your inverter’s IP rating –

Short for Ingress Protection rating, IP plays a huge role when it comes to the performance and immunity of your device from unfavorable conditions. Your inverter should weather all kinds of harsh conditions out there.

Some of these conditions include fluctuating voltages, water, extremely high or low temperatures, and dust. Your inverters IP rating is an indication of how it can dodge or even bear these unfavorable conditions. 

Warranty –

Good inverters have warranties starting from 1 year. Most of them though typically range from 2- 5 years. There are companies that offer 10-plus years. 

Propane powered generators for home use

Make sure your inverter has UL certifications and listings – 

Most off-grid inverters, especially those from the US, have different certifications. 

For your RVs and boats – there is UL 458 certification.

Inverters for home use – TUL 1741 listed

Outside the US, other certifications include IEEE 1547 internationally and CSA 107.1 in Canada.

Finally, the price

Make sure you are comparing not only the price of the system but also the other components so that you won’t be staring at a massive dent in your pocket.

But, quality is everything. At the end of the day, you will get what you pay for. 

Your money matters. But, your convenience matters more. You don’t want to miss out on key updates just because you can’t power up your devices. Even when you are camping off-grid, investing in one of the best Power Inverters For Trucks and Recreational Vehicles will supply the much-needed AC power for your motorhome devices and appliances.

However, not every power inverter will work for your specific power needs. You will get what you pay for. Make sure you are getting value for your money.

Best power inverters for camping

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