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Best Power Inverters for Cars

7 Best Power Inverters for Cars: Automobile Inverters

It’s no secret – if you have ever taken long car rides without one of the best power inverters for cars, you know how pretty boring it can get. Things get tricky if you, your passengers or even your kids are stuck in the same spot for a long time.

Chances are it can lead to bickering, turning the otherwise good moment into a whirling episode of regret and fear. To turn the ride into an entertaining adventure, you need to bring in electronics and other appliances. However, most cars only come with a USB port and a cigarette lighter receptacle.

That means you will need an automobile inverter to convert the DC current in the battery to AC to keep your gadgets charged. If you have gone for a picnic and want to make some coffee, warm food – or even power up your gaming console, the inverters would be of great help.

In this review, we have rounded up 7 best power inverter for cars you might want to look at:

Best power inverters for cars reviews

 1. KRIËGER 1100W Power Inverters – Best car power inverter

The manufacturer KRIËGER produces one of the most comprehensive modified sine wave inverters out there. The inverter delivers 1100W of continuous power.

It comes complete with 3 feet of battery cable and an ANL fuse kit. If you love notifications, the LED digital display shows you battery level, output wattage and input wattage in real-time.

This KRIËGER model offers unmatched performance compared to other inverters with the same rating. Besides, the inverter comes with almost all the protections you need – temperatures, short-circuiting, and overload. Interestingly, protections are displayed on the LCD display for you.

One more plus point about it – it has been tested and approved by METLAB (under CSA std C22.2 and UL std 458) for safety.


  •  2 USB charging ports and 2 AC power output outlets.
  •  Wide range of power offerings.
  • Affordable compared to pure sine wave models with the same rating.
  • 3- year warranty. So you know you have nothing to lose.
  • Built-in protection features.


  • Unlike most car inverters, this model connects directly to the car battery which is a little inconvenient.  

Energizer 4000 Watts Power Inverter-best car inverter for laptop

Unlike BESTEK, this inverter is best suited for heavy-duty use. The brand has a comprehensive line-up of power inverters.

For this review, we have picked its 4000W, a heavy-duty inverter that delivers continuous 4000W output and an instantaneous peak of 8,000W. What qualifies this model for this list of the best car inverter for laptops? Unlike other inverters, this Energizer model connects directly to your car’s battery.

That means it can power up power-hungry appliances including TVs, power tools, gaming consoles, microwaves, laptops, and a host of other electronics – that you might have in your car.

The LCD display shows you the battery level, output wattage, and input wattage. The model comes with four AC outlets and 4 USB charging ports and a smooth-running thermal fan for cooling.


  • Highly powerful – and can power almost all electric appliances
  •  Comes with a top-notch build quality
  •  The metallic casing protects it from drops
  • Quiet yet delivers much power
  • Many AC power outlets and USB ports.


  • It’s a bit pricey

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Battery-Biz DRINVPS175 – Best cigarette lighter power inverter

If you are running low on cash, it doesn’t mean you can’t stick your fingers in the list of the best cigarette lighter power inverters out there.

There is still another beautiful option for you – the Duracell 175W inverter.

Well, the inverter isn’t designed to run powerful appliances. But it can easily charge mobile phones, tablets, and laptops in your car. The design includes a three-foot cord that plugs into the cigarette lighter receptacle and three-prong AC power outlets and 2 USB ports.

It also comes with a safety feature that protects it from output overload, over-voltage, short circuits, and over temperature. The cooling fan is ventilated for reliable, safe, and quiet performance.


  •  Friendly price
  • Compact design
  •  2 USB ports/ 2 AC outlets.
  •  Comes with built-in safety features.


  •  Limited use
  • Delivers only 175W power

Power TechON Pure Sine Wave Inverter-automotive power inverter reviews

 If you are looking for more power for your appliances, Power TechOn will offer you 600W of power- continuous and an instantaneous power surge of 1200W.

The inverter comes with a starter pack of cables so that you can get to connect your devices immediately after you get into your car.

To keep it safe, the pure sine wave comes with thermal protection and a voltage shutdown feature in cases of over and under voltage. Power TechON is fairly lightweight and compact and can power most appliances and electronics in your car.


  • Comes with a single USB port
  • Not pricey
  • Offers grounded AC outlet
  • Multiple built-in protection systems

Rally Cup Holder Power Inverter

This is another magic inverter from Rally, built for your convenience. The 200-Watt inverter can easily fit in your car cup holder.

It is designed to offer a continuous power output of 200 W and a peak power surge of 400 Watt.

While this inverter might not power heavy appliances, it is ideal for powering devices like mobile phones, and a laptop in your car. It comes with two AC power outlets and a single USB port. It is also fuse-protected so that you won’t have to worry about power overload, short-circuiting, and high and low voltage.

If you are not looking for a ton of power, this would make an ideal power inverter for your car.


  •  2- year warranty
  •  Carries a cup holder design for your convenience
  •    1 USB port
  •  2 AC outlets
  •  Easily attaches to the cigarette lighter receptacle


  • Delivers less power

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STANLEY FATMAX Power Inverter– small power inverter for cars

 This is the last in this list of the best power inverters for cars out there.

It’s a simple inverter, featuring simple, little features – and a tad cheap buy for lucky car owners. The 140-Watt inverter comes with a single AC outlet and two USB ports. It is designed to power small electronics.

If you are looking for performance and not chunks of power, this one is ideal for you. The inverter features a compact, silent and fan-free design that won’t drain your battery.

Besides, it comes with an auto-shutdown feature that takes care of any mess before it gets out of hand. Finally, you can conveniently connect it to your car’s cigarette lighter receptacle and power your home appliances


  • 1-year warranty
  • Extremely simple
  • 2 USB ports, single AC outlet.
  •  Auto shutoff
  • Friendly price


  • 140 – Watt of power is  limited

If you are used to making long car rides, you need to invest in the best power inverter for your car.

Well, the type of inverter you will go for depends on the amount of power and efficiency you are looking for. But the bottom line is, make sure you are getting value for your money.

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