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Best Power Inverters for Camping

5 Best Power Inverters for Camping

If you are a camping junkie, you probably are putting your house in order in preparation for the oncoming trip. The truth is, we all come packed in different brands.

However, whether you love to enjoy serene moments camping under the stars, or taking long trips on the road, you will need a source of AC for your laptop or to pump air into your mattress. 

You realize what makes camping juicier are juicing gadgets and devices like coffee machines, hair dryers, or DSLR cameras. However, without a reliable source of power, you will have no juice to squeeze out.

That is why you need to purchase the best power inverter for camping. The inverter will offer continuous AC power to run your appliances while you enjoy yourself. 

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Power Inverters for Camping Buyer guide

Understand that not every power inverter will work for you. Every inverter comes with different features and capabilities. Again, pricing can be an issue too. 

If you love camping, here are some of the factors you need to consider so that you can get the best car power inverter for your camping needs:

  • The power capacity of your inverter – Most inverters out there range from 150 W to 5000 W. But, if most of your appliances are rated 20W, 10W, etc, you have no business buying a 1000W inverter. Here is the quick math, if you want to charge low-powered gadgets or devices, go for inverters ranging from 150 W to 500W. But, if you want to iron your clothes occasionally or make some coffee out in the woods, then 700 W types will do.  Simply add up the wattages for all devices you need to plug in at the same time. Then add about 20%-30% allowance.
  • Consider the number of outlets –Some inverters come with a single AC outlet. Others have three or four. But the majority have AC outlets. The point is, the best car power inverter for camping should have at least one free outlet for backup.
  • Pure sine or modified sine wave – Most pure sine inverters are often expensive. They are designed for sensitive electronics. Modified sine waves inverters, on the other end, are cheaper and can handle most camping power needs. But, you have to be careful. They can destroy your devices.

In this review,  we will be looking at the best power inverter for camping that you might want to look at:

Best Power Inverters for Camping review

1. BESTEK  300W Power Inverter

This inverter is ideal for lighter, electrical appliances.

If you don’t need a lot of power and are looking for a smaller inverter for your camping power needs, you can’t go wrong choosing BESTEK.

The inverter offers 300W of continuous power and a peak power surge of 700W. Thus, it makes it a perfect option for you if you want to power up electric appliances in your tent including small TVs, laptops, tablets or smartphones.

Apart from the rave reviews on Amazon, here are other features that make this inverter one of the best power inverters for campers out there. BESTEK offers two AC power outlets, and two USB ports. 

What makes it even more convenient for use – it plugs to your cigarette lighter receptacle and can be easily stored in your glove box when you are not using it. For safety, the inverter comes with a built-in 40A fuse that offers protection against overheating, over and under voltage, and short circuit protection.


  • 18-month warranty
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • 2 AC power outlet, 2 USB ports
  • Delivers a good amount of power
  •  Comes with a built-in protection feature


  • Can’t sustain heavier appliances
  • The 40A in-built fuse isn’t replaceable.
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2. BAPDAS 150W Power Inverter

This power inverter has a design similar to the FOVAL 150W.

It comes with two USB ports and an AC outlet. The inverter is designed to power devices that don’t require much power including televisions, DVD players, or game consoles.

It is small in size – that means it can conveniently fit into your backpack. Besides, the aluminum body makes it more durable and resistant to weather-related damages.


  • The aluminum casing makes it strong and durable.
  • Highly portable


  • A single AC outlet isn’t enough
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3.  FOVAL 150W Power Inverter

It looks small, yet it is one of the best power inverters for camping out there.

This device delivers continuous 150W and comes with a single AC outlet and two USB ports. 

The inverter converts 12DC in your battery into 110V AC that your appliances will appreciate. FOVAL 150W can power air pumps, LED lights, DSLR cameras and can-openers.   

The built-in protection protects your devices and the inverter itself against power and temperature surges. Extremely lightweight, versatile and durable. That is why a lot of campers love it.

Just like any other inverter, be careful not to leave it plugged because it will drain your battery.


  • Can power most devices
  • Doesn’t make much noise while running.
  • Built-in protections
  • Extremely lightweight


  • 150 W might not run power hungry appliances like microwaves
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4. KRIEGER KR1100 Power Inverter

Many people love this inverter if the rave reviews on Amazon is anything to go by.

I would say, it still makes one of the top power inverters for camping out there.

The KRIEGER device comes with 2 USB ports and two AC output outlets. The simple, rectangular shapes make it a perfect device that you can use if you are always on the road. The KR1100 delivers a continuous power of 1100Watts. It can run different appliances including irons, microwaves and refrigerators. 

The inverter is easy to install – besides the installation cables ensure that you don’t have to keep repositioning your car when trying to reach the power strip.

Moreover, it is protected from temperatures and overload issues. The LCD display on the other hand displays information like battery level and voltage. 


  • Approved under CSA std C22.2 for safety and performance.
  • LCD display – displays battery level, input voltage, output wattage.
  • Kit comes with battery cables.


  • No major issues noted.
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5. Energizer 500 Watt Power Inverter

If you would love a modified sine wave output inverter, you can pick this one from Energizer.

What makes the 500 Watt inverter a good buy? 

Firstly, it comes with two connecting options – plugging into cigarette lighter and jumper cables. This ability to connect the inverter to the battery makes it ideal for campers.   

Besides, the high power output – 500 Watts – allows you to run a number of appliances including TVs, mini-refrigerators, microwaves, and iron at a go.

The inverter also comes with 4 USB ports that make sure your smaller electrical gadgets are charged. 


  • Built-in protections
  • High power output
  • 4 USB ports


  • Difficulty mounting tabs
  • Has odd shape – making it hard to adjust between car seats
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Yes, you can camp like a pro. Investing in the best power inverter for your camping needs will be a massive relief to your power issues.

But, make sure you pick the right capacity that works with your appliances. If your budget is low, try to get the cheaper models

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